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9. By Marc Deslauriers

* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service and possible code execution via
  certain large length values.
  - debian/patches/CVE-2012-1569.patch: return an error when the decoded
    length value plus @len would exceed @der_len in lib/decoding.c.
  - CVE-2012-1569

8. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

* New upstream version 1.1.
  - Uses GPLv3+ for self tests, tools /with their manpages) and build
  - The library itself continues to stay LGPLv2.1+
* Update debian/copyright.

7. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

* add texlive-latex-base | tetex-bin to build-depends to allow to run
  dpkg-build-package twice in the same extracted sourcecode. (According to
  my tests this is the minimal package for working pdf-generation from
  makeinfo.) Closes: #424540
* New upstream version 0.3.10. (Just updated gnulib files and minimal
  changes to configure.in.)

6. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

* New upstream version.
* Switch to debhelper v5 mode. Drop usr/share/doc/* from
  debian/libtasn1-3-dev.install. Bump build-depends.
* Downgrade libtasn1-3-bin priority to extra and drop Recomends on
  libtasn1-3-bin in libtasn1-3. (Closes: #416556)

5. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild for changes in the amd64 toolchain.

4. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

[ Andreas Metzler ]
* Add a watchfile.
* Add a copy of the FDL 1.2 to debian/copyright.

3. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

[ Andreas Metzler ]
* Ship pkg-config file libtasn1.pc.

[ James Westby ]
* New upstream revision.
  - Fixes creation of zero length buffers on 64 bit platforms.
    (closes: #375630)

2. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

[ Andreas Metzler ]
* Set maintainer to alioth mailinglist.
* Drop code for updating config.guess/config.sub from debian/rules, as cdbs
  handles this. Build-Depend on autotools-dev.
* Use cdbs' simple-patchsys.mk.
  - add debian/README.source_and_patches
  - add patches/20_asnparser.diff
* Do not gzip pdf documentation.
* Register library manual with doc-base.
* Standards version 3.7.2, no changes required.

[ James Westby ]
* Added debian/patches/30_man_hyphen* to fix a lintain warning about use of
  "-" as a minus sign.
* Added a man-page for libtasn1-config in libtasn1-3-dev.

1. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden>

Import upstream version 0.3.4

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