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34. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2008-11-04

* Backport fixes for booting degraded software RAID (LP: #290885).
* grub-installer: determine if installing to a /dev/md RAID device, and
  iteratively write grub to each disk in the array.

33. By Evan on 2008-05-02

Let grub automatically detect the boot device when using Wubi
(LP: #217348).

32. By Colin Watson on 2008-04-15

[ Colin Watson ]
* Backport from trunk:
  - Run grub in the chroot for password encryption.

[ James Westby ]
* Confirm the GRUB password after entry (LP: #42019). Note that
  grub-installer/password-again must now be preseeded in addition to
  grub-installer/password, and that grub-installer/password-crypted now
  takes an MD5-crypted password rather than a boolean.

31. By Evan on 2008-03-13

Added the grub-installer/make_active debconf question. When
preseeded false, this will skip the code that marks a partition as

30. By Luke Yelavich on 2008-02-13

grub-installer: Pass the correct number of arguments to db_input for

29. By Soren Hansen on 2008-02-13

Teach grub-installer about virtio devices (/dev/vd*).

28. By Evan on 2008-02-06

Generate a device.map when bootdev_directory is set (loop
installations) (LP: #188460). Thanks Agostino Russo.

27. By Evan on 2008-01-18

[ Colin Watson ]
* udev 117 merged all udev tools into a single binary called udevadm.
  Check for this and use it instead of udevinfo if available.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Handle cases where /boot is bindmounted (LP: #181658).

26. By Colin Watson on 2007-11-26

* Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
  - Show the grub menu and raise the menu timeout if other operating
    systems are installed.
  - Ask grub-installer/only_debian at medium priority.
  - Remove splash boot parameter unless debian-installer/framebuffer=true.
  - If / or /boot are on a removable device, install GRUB there by
  - Only mount /target/proc if it isn't already mounted.
  - Add user parameters to defoptions rather than kopt, so that they
    aren't used in the recovery mode option.
  - Support setting OVERRIDE_UNSUPPORTED_OS in the environment to force
    grub-installer to use its default MBR selection method despite there
    being unsupported operating systems on the disk.
  - Mark the partition to which GRUB is being installed as bootable, or
    failing that the first available primary partition on the disk to
    which GRUB is being installed.
  - Support grub-installer/bootdev_directory preseeding to make use of the
    relative path feature of grub4dos, so that we can point grub4dos at
    part of a disk for installation-from-windows. Setting this disables
    normal grub installation.
  - Only support grub-installer/grub2_instead_of_grub_legacy by preseeding
    for now.
* Adjust Vcs-* headers for Ubuntu.

25. By Colin Watson on 2007-09-07

Only support grub-installer/grub2_instead_of_grub_legacy by preseeding
for now, to avoid a prompt (albeit only in expert mode) that won't work
on our CDs (LP: #138035).

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