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19. By Thorsten Glaser on 2012-05-31

Apply upstream patch to fix validation of certificates when more than
one with the same short hash exists in the CA bundle (LP: #1003841).

18. By Jamie Strandboge on 2009-02-20

* Fix for certificate chain regressions introduced by fixes for
* debian/patches/91_CVE-2008-4989.diff: updated to upstream's final
  2.4.2 - 2.4.3 patchset for lib/x509/verify.c to fix CVE-2008-4989 and
  address all known regressions. To summarize from upstream:
  - Fix X.509 certificate chain validation error (CVE-2008-4989)
  - Fix chain verification for chains that end with RSA-MD2 CAs (LP: #305264)
  - Deprecate X.509 validation chains using MD5 and MD2 signatures
  - Accept chains where intermediary certs are trusted (LP: #305264)

17. By Kees Cook on 2009-01-13

Bump up maximum handshake packet size. Some clients needs this,
especially when talking to some Intrepid services (LP: #292604).

16. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-12-05

* Fix for regression where some valid certificate chains would be untrusted
  - Update debian/patches/91_CVE-2008-4989.diff to check if last certificate
    is self-signed and prevent verifying self-signed certificates against
    themselves. Patch from upstream.
  - http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gnutls-devel/2008-12/msg00008.html
  - LP: #305264

15. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-11-25

* SECURITY UPDATE: Fix for man-in-the-middle attack in certificate
  - debian/patches/91_CVE-2008-4989.diff: don't remove the last certificate
    if it is self-signed in lib/x509/verify.c
  - http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.encryption.gpg.gnutls.devel/3215
  - http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.encryption.gpg.gnutls.devel/3248
  - CVE-2008-4989

14. By Kees Cook on 2008-05-20

* SECURITY UPDATE: multiple remote denial of service.
* debian/patches/90_GNUTLS-SA-2008-1.diff: upstream fixes, thanks to Debian.
* References
  CVE-2008-1948, CVE-2008-1949, CVE-2008-1950

13. By Steve Langasek on 2008-02-22

* Pulled from upstream, by way of Debian:
  + debian/patches/20_nulltermfix_465197.diff
    Corrected the behaviour of gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name()
    et al. to not null terminate binary strings and return the proper
  + debian/patches/21_nulltermfix_465197_part2.diff
    corrected string handling in parse_general_name.

12. By Martin Pitt on 2007-12-03

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - debian/rules: Use clean-la.mk.

11. By Martin Pitt on 2007-11-06

Use clean-la.mk to remove the dependencies from the .la files.

10. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden> on 2007-09-29

* New upstream version.
* Remove doc/*.info* on clean to allow building thrice in a row.
  (Closes: #441740)

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