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52. By James Westby on 2008-04-17

drop debian/patches/108_cc-randr12-capplet-font-layout.patch as it
increases the size of the font, and we don't want that. The cairo
calls are commented, and seem unnecessary now. This should only
have an affect on the appearance. (LP: #224179)

51. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-04-15

* debian/patches/118_cc-randr12-translate-extra-strings.patch:
  - translate some extra strings in the new xrandr capplet

50. By James Westby on 2008-04-14

* Handle the case when the screen info can't be retrieved from
  XRandR. If this happens there is little we can do except inform
  the user and close. It may indicate a bug in the driver, or in
  this case Xgl, as it reports that it is XRandR 1.2 capable, but
  it fails to provide the necessary information. (LP: #215396)
  This is debian/patches/114_cc-randr12-handle_rw_screen_new_failure.patch
* Handle the case where clone mode is detected, but no screens
  are reported as connected. This would cause uninitalised memory
  to be used. (LP: #216676)
  This is debian/patches/115_cc-randr12-fix-rebuild-gui.patch
* Handle failure to get a new screen configuration when the screen has
  changed. (LP: #215396)
  This is
* Remove the "Help" button from the display capplet, as it is not
  functional currently, and there is no help to provide at the moment.
  (LP: #210383)
  This is debian/patches/117_cc-randr12-disable-help-button.patch
* Rename debian/patches/01_debian_ubuntu.patch to
  debian/patches/01_remove_debian_default_applications.patch and change
  it to remove the entries, rather than changing the names.
* Make the firefox entry in default applications use the firefox-3.0 icon.

49. By James Westby on 2008-04-09

* Merge latest display capplet patch from Redhat.
  - debian/patches/103_cc-glade-changes.patch
    - Drop as it is now included in Redhat's.
  - debian/patches/104_cc-randr12-enable-i18n.patch
    - No longer change the case of the "Refresh Rate" label,
      keep it as uppercase to match the others.
    - Don't patch a debian/patches/ patch in the patch.
  - debian/patches/111_cc-randr12-dont-disable-active-monitor.patch
    - Drop as it is now included in Redhat's
* Add debian/patches/112_cc-randr12-potfiles.patch to
  make translated strings show up in the new display capplet.
  Thanks to Timo Jyrinki for the fix. (LP: #213134)

48. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-04-08

* New upstream version:
  - Don't resize the font samples vertically when the window is resized
  - Fix warning when trying to drag an unselected item (lp: #201728)
  - Don't try to unref URIs if the theme package is invalid (lp: #205469)
  - Fix a crash when schemas are not properly installed
  - Fix error handling in the thumbnailer
  - Actually check the cursor size before changing it in GConf
  - Remove debugging output
  - Stop widget accelerators from activating while the user is entering
    a new shortcut
  - Fix category headers not appearing properly in the treeview when using
    a non-UTF-8 locale
  - Don't crash when called for a drag with no selected items (lp: #200168)
  - Don't show the typing break tab if the typing monitor is not available
  - Use new tango icon
  - Don't show modems in the device chooser
  - Handle failed thumbnailing attempts properly
  - New Tango-style icons
  - Replace custom stop icon with gtk-stop stock icon
  updated translations

47. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-04-07

* debian/control.in:
  - rebuild using the new libgnome-destkop version

46. By Bryce Harrington on 2008-04-05

* debian/patches/104_cc-randr12-enable-i18n.patch:
  - Regenerate to apply to the tree instead of to the patches
* debian/patches/110_cc-randr12-revert-dialog.patch,
  - Fix directory

45. By Bryce Harrington on 2008-04-04

[Bryce Harrington]
* debian/patches/110_cc-randr12-revert-dialog.patch:
  - Adds a revert dialog to confirm changes before applying them
    permanently (LP: #197673)
* debian/control:
  - Update Build-Depends for gnome-desktop

[Gabor Szeder]
* debian/patches/111_cc-randr12-dont-disable-active-monitor.patch
  - Don't allow switching off the only active monitor (LP: #208535)

44. By Bryce Harrington on 2008-03-25

* debian/patches/109_cc-randr12-gui-shrinkage.patch:
  - Shrink GUI layout to fit better in smaller screens (LP: #203897, 204447)
* debian/patches/108_cc-randr12-capplet-font-layout.patch:
  - Regen patch (path issue in original 108 caused FTBS. My bad.)

43. By Bryce Harrington on 2008-03-17

* debian/patches/104_cc-randr12-enable-i18n.patch:
  - Fixes the 101 patch to make the dialog translatable, from Timo Jyrinki
* debian/patches/105_cc-randr12-ubuntu-colors.patch:
  - Adjust color scheme to better match Ubuntu Hardy color theme
* debian/patches/106_cc-randr12-capplet-icon.patch:
  - Hook up icon and window name (using ones from Screen Resolution)
* debian/patches/107_cc-randr12-check-version.patch:
  - Check that xrandr 1.2 is available, else error out (LP: #198951, #199549)
* debian/patches/108_cc-randr12-capplet-font-layout.patch:
  - Centers text horizontally and vertically and reduces font slightly
    to better fit in window (LP: #201589)

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