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11. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2007-11-07

* Turn fl_xfont into a smart pointer capable of on-demand
  (re)initialization so that future releases with improved core-font
  selection logic need not run it on every single font change.
* Correct debian/watch. (Closes: #449636.)

10. By xtknight on 2007-10-06

* debian/rules and debian/fluid.install: move usr/share/applnk/Development
  to usr/share/applications so shortcut appears in GNOME. (LP: #139980)
* debian/rules: run dh_icons so icon cache is updated.

9. By LaMont Jones on 2007-10-04

Trigger rebuild for hppa

8. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2007-04-22

* configure(.in), {src,test}/Makefile: drop unnecessary hardcoded
  dependencies on libXext, zlib, and libGLU, per Nathanael Nerode's
  patch; inaugurate libfltk1.1-dev's NEWS.Debian with a suitable entry.
  (Closes: #405233.)
* debian/po/es.po: new Spanish translation for libfltk1.1-dev, courtesy
  of César Gómez Martín <email address hidden> and Manuel Porras
  Peralta, unfortunately too late for etch. (Closes: #414453.)

7. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2006-04-16

* debian/po/it.po: new Italian Debconf translation for libfltk1.1-dev,
  thanks to Andrea Bolognani <email address hidden>. (Closes: #358191.)
* Merge in more fixes from the 1.1 branch, whose likelihood of seeing
  another upstream release is highly uncertain; bump shlibs requirement
  because these add two new public methods.
* (Build-)depend directly on libgl(u)1-mesa-dev by default (but keep
  the alternate [build-]dependencies on virtual packages, of course).
* Install fluid-32.xpm, and use it as fluid's menu icon.
* Move up to debhelper compatibility level 5, and make use of cdbs
  0.4.37's automatic -dbg package handling.

6. By Matthias Klose on 2006-02-16

Synchronize with Debian unstable.

5. By Fabio Massimo Di Nitto on 2005-11-29

Pure rebuild with no changes. Sparc did build in a dirty chroot
stalling openexr that stalls all of kde.

4. By Adam Conrad on 2005-08-18

Update {build-,}depends for the xorg -> mesa transition.

3. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2004-12-04

test/*.cxx: Apply patch from Andreas Jochens <email address hidden> to fix
bogus pointer->int casts, which GCC 4.0 rightly treats as errors on
64-bit systems. (Closes: #284168.)

2. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2004-04-14

* New upstream release candidate, incorporating the fix for #226014.
  Remaining patches ported forward (usually trivially).
* FL/Makefile.in: revert changes (now handled more cleanly).
* debian/libfltk1.1-dev.links: new, for the two header-related links we
  actually want.
* debian/rules:
  - don't let CDBS pass CFLAGS to configure; FLTK's build system is
    somewhat idiosyncratic and prefers such settings in OPTIM.
  - take advantage of configure's new --without-links option.

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