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41. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-05-07

* New upstream version (lp: #230306):
  - new print dialog with preview, new print options (lp: #222307)
* debian/patches/fix_cms_linkage.dpatch,
  - dropped, those are fixed in the new version
* debian/patches/link_system_flickrnet.dpatch:
  - updated using the new debian version
* debian/patches/11_screensaver-path.dpatch:
  - dropped not required debian change
* debian/patches/90_from_svn_allow_multiple_view_selection.dpatch:
  - allow to select multiple files to view in nautilus (lp: #202717)
* debian/f-spot-import.desktop, debian/install:
  - dropped distribution changes, the new upstream version fixes the issue

40. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-04-14

* debian/control:
  - Depends on sqlite, sqlite3 rather than Recommends those they are required
    to migrate the database after upgrades
* debian/patches/no_extra_logging.dpatch:
  - don't write to much non debug informations

39. By Paul Schorfheide <email address hidden> on 2008-04-07

Fixed an issue regarding gnome-screensaver, thanks to Lorenzo Milesi
for the original code. LP: #208629

38. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-03-26

* Sync on Debian
* debian/control.in:
  - don't use beagle
  - updated maintainer information
* debian/patches/importer_targetdir_selector.dpatch:
  - Add a target directory selector to the camera import dialog, so that
    people can continue to use their customized directory layout.

[ James Westby ]
* Change the fix from 0.4.1-4ubuntu4 to use a separate
  f-spot-import.desktop, as f-spot.desktop will not start
  f-spot if you pass it a directory. This happens when you
  use the context bar in nautilus to open f-spot from e.g.
  a CF card full of photos. There is already an f-spot
  command provided in the path. To use that we will create
  a new .desktop that is associated with those mimetypes
  and leave the normal f-spot.desktop to provide the menu
  item. (LP: #191475)

37. By Sebastian Dröge on 2008-03-22

* debian/patches/gtkhtml-sharp-3.14_port.dpatch:
  + Fix configure script to check for gnome-sharp-2.0 instead of

36. By Sebastian Dröge on 2008-03-21

* debian/patches/gtkhtml-sharp-3.14_port.dpatch,
  + Build with gtkhtml-sharp-3.14. Patch taken from the Debian package.

35. By Maia Everett on 2008-02-18

* Added debian/patches/fix_cms_linkage.dpatch:
  - Fix build of Cms.dll with libfspot to get the
    "Automatically adjust the colors" button working again
    (fixed in upstream SVN 3690) (LP: #192933)

34. By Maia Everett on 2008-02-15

* New upstream release. (LP: #192041)
* Dropped patches originally from older upstream SVN:
  - 20_refresh-menus-on-extensions.dpatch
  - 25_delete-from-disk-throw-exception.dpatch
  - 30_fix-infinite-loop.dpatch
  - 35_validate-gallery-names.dpatch
  - 40_flickr-export-crash.dpatch
  - 45_about-dialog.dpatch
* Dropped detect_and_upgrade_sqlite2_database.dpatch, merged upstream.
* Dropped 50-fix-missing-G_GNUC_FUNCTION.dpatch, upstream has reworked
  the code to remove G_GNUC_FUNCTION.
* Deleted unused patches that have been since deleted in Debian SVN:
  - 01_build-system.dpatch
  - 10_cs-changes.dpatch
* Updated patches for this release:
  - forward_port_to_flickrnet_2.1.5.dpatch
  - link_system_libs.dpatch
  - unlink_nunit.dpatch
* Updated debian/update_src_to_use_system_libs.sh to correctly substitute
  FlickrNet paths.
* Added galleryexport_rm.dpatch:
  - Delete makefile command attempting to
    rm -f /usr/lib/f-spot/extensions/GalleryExport.addin.xml
* Added disable_bundled_flickrnet_build.dpatch:
  - Prevent bundled Mono.Addins and FlickrNet from building (separated from
    link_system_libs for ease of maintenance as that patch is autogenerated).

33. By Michael Vogt on 2008-02-14

[ Matvey Kozhev ]
* debian/patches/45_about-dialog.dpatch:
  - Cherry-picked migration to Gtk.AboutDialog from SVN 3568. (LP: #41825)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* debian/patches/50-fix-missing-G_GNUC_FUNCTION.diff:
  - fix ftbfs because of G_GNUC_FUNCTION
* debian/patches/55-add-mimetype.dpatch:
  Modify the patch by Matvey to register F-Spot in the Media tab
  in the file management preferences (LP: #191475)

32. By Martin Pitt on 2008-01-23

* Add debian/patches/importer_targetdir_selector.dpatch:
  - Add a target directory selector to the camera import dialog, so that
    people can continue to use their customized directory layout.
  - Forwarded to upstream in Gnome #511569
  - LP: #182858

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