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10. By Michael Vogt on 2009-04-02

backport fix from 0.8.18 to fix potential upgrade
failures (LP: #349725)

9. By Robert Luberda on 2007-12-02

* Introduce /var/lib/doc-base/documents and dynamic generation of files
  there in doc-base control file format. Interfaces like dhelp, dwww,
  or doc-central should use that dir instead of /usr/share/doc.
* Add support for merging control files to allow multiple binary packages
  provide the same documentation but in different formats.
* Try to standarize values of the Section: field.
* Add /etc/doc-base/documents in order to made it possible to register
  local documents with doc-base (closes: #213847).

* Dhelp.pm:
  + don't generate .dhelp files, since dhelp 0.6 no longer supports them.
  + add a code to register/unregister doc-base control files with dhelp,
    but not enable it yet.

* postinst: Remove all already generated .dhelp files and reregister
  installed documentation files.
* Documentation update.

8. By Robert Luberda on 2007-10-28

* Rewrite Dhelp.pm to improve performance and minimise number dhelp_parse
  calls, which after its reimplementation in Ruby started to be extremally
  slow (it took `install-docs -I' ages to finish). Now, dhelp_parse will
  be called at most two times in each install-docs invokation.
* Use 3-args open(), and also quote fields' values in our status file in
  order not to fail on control files containing spaces (closes: #444889).
* Implement more checks of doc-base files, like unknown fields, duplicated
  fields, fields in wrong sections (closes: #423120). Turn them into
  warnings, since if they are errors, too many packages will fail to
* Document.pm: try to minimise number of write_status_file() calls.
* Ignore SIGINT and some other signals while doing critical operations.
* Scrollkeeper.pm: scrollkeeper doesn't like `&' character (see bug#429847),
  replace it with `(and)'.
* More code refactoring, but still not finished: use prototypes, fix typos,
  standarize messages, etc.

7. By Robert Luberda on 2007-07-17

* DocBaseFile.pm: don't die() on invalid doc-base files (closes: #425686).
* Fix a typo in Dhelp.pm.
* Document the Author field (closes: #427794).

6. By Robert Luberda on 2007-05-06

* Split install-docs into modules to make the code more manageable.
* Try to avoid bugs like #278495: if our modules can't be loaded when
  (de)registering documentation files, create special flag file and
  reregister all the documents after install-docs is usable again.
* Add support for (de)registering multiple documents in one install-docs
  invokation (closes: #114692).
* Add --check/-c option to install-docs (closes: #35895), also add --rootdir
* Remove `Registered-to-XXX' statuses, remove *.list files, deprecate the
  -L/--listfiles option. Names of the generated files are now keep in
  the status file in `Scrollkeeper-omf-files' and `Dhelp-files' fields.
* Change semantics of -r/--remove option: its arguments should be the names
  of previously installed doc-base files, and not the documents IDs. Still
  support the old semantics for backward compatibility.
* Introduce -I/--install-all, -R/--remove-all, -d/--debug, -h/--help options.

* Change the build system, create Makefile and let it do all the work.

* doc-base.sgml:
  + Update outuput of --status, remove reference to --listfiles.
  + Add chapter about checking syntax of control files.
  + Update syntax of --remove option.

* Dhelp support:
  + Pass a list of all registered files to dhelp (closes: #128493).
  + Create dhelp files only in top-level documentation dirs
    (i.e. /usr/share/doc/$package instead of /u/s/d/$package/something).
    According to dhelp's documentation this is the right thing to do.
    Also this should avoid problems with symlinks like #21678.
  + Add a special `x-doc-base-id' tag to generated dhelp files to make it
    possible to distinguish items in the dhelp files. When installing new
    documents existing files are no longer overwritten (closes: #204195),
    but on the other hand on documents removal the dhelp files may not be
    removed, which possibly reintroduces bugs like #59850.
  + Don't call dhelp_parse {-d,-a} on files that weren't changed.

* Scrollkeeper support:
  + Fix broken non-empty directories check.
  + Save generated series id in `Scrollkeeper-sid' status field and use it
    for following registrations of the same document.
  + Call scrollkeeper-update only once in each invokation of install-docs.

* Dwww support:
  + skip running update-menus if dwww package doesn't seem to be installed.

5. By Martin Pitt on 2007-02-22

debian/control: Update maintainer fields according to debian-
maintainer-field spec.

4. By Colin Watson on 2006-07-10

* Resynchronise with Debian.
* Use the HTML-encoding function written for dhelp support rather than our
  own, which encoded < and > incorrectly.
* Encode characters outside ASCII as numeric character entities rather
  than outputting them as UTF-8; with a little care, this allows us to
  avoid the use of Unicode::String. (install-docs is used
  opportunistically by maintainer scripts without a dependency, so it must
  behave as if it were Essential and work correctly when unconfigured.)
* Write OMF files even if they already exist.
* Fix typo in scrollkeeper.map ("Appls/Graphics" -> "Apps/Graphics").

3. By Colin Watson on 2005-06-10

debian/postinst: Fix warning with new findutils.

2. By Thom May on 2005-03-15

Properly convert &

1. By Colin Watson on 2004-08-10

Discard output from scrollkeeper-update.

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