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73. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-08-08

* New upstream version (lp: #255998):
  - Adjusted url to RSS feeds. Check if content is formatted properly
    before parsing it

72. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-07-01

* New upstream version (lp: #244588)
  - Set TomboyNotesModule.tomboy to None when module is stopped
  - Fixed bug #538425: local variable 'stream' referenced before assignment

71. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-05-28

* New upstream versions:
  - Fixed bug #534972: Exception in DeliciousHandler
  - When checking firefox version. Wait until the process terminated to
    avoid zombie processes. (lp: #209662)
  - Fixed bug #520278: Window in sticky mode too small
  - desklicious.py: Replace all whitespaces in query with spaces.
    Catch exception that might appear during parsing and cleanup correctly
    in any case.
  - yahoo.py: Catch exception that might appear during parsing and cleanup
    correctly in any case.
  - Adjust layout when applet is moved from one panel to another
  - Fixed crash when two modules with same name should be loaded.
    Warn instead.
  - Fixed bug #530057: Catch GError when making beagle call
  - Fixed bug #527023: KeyError in beagle-live, when only directories are
    returned by beagle
  - Fixed bug #522585: Crash when changing default browser
  - Added support for iceweasel browser. When the default browser is changed
    mozilla and iceweasel are supported, too. When Firefox is used and the
    command must contain firefox instead of being exactly firefox
  - Use subprocess module instead of os.popen.
    Catch OSError when retrieving version

70. By Sebastien Bacher on 2008-04-08

* New upstream version:
  - Fixed bug #522486: Use gtk.Tooltips to set tooltip
  - Only store window position when window UI is used
  - Catch dbus.DBusException in __is_nsm_available
  - Fixed: Forgot to set priority for matches in mozilla and tomboy modules
  - Fixed: Error dialog appears when installing a valid module after
    an invalid one has been installed.
  - When a command to open a file has arguments itsself move them over to
    the arguments list
  - Fixed exception when changing default browser while preferences
    window is open
  - load_icon returns None if fall back icon 'stock_unknown' is not present
    in the theme
  - Added check if SVG images are supported by gtk+

69. By Pedro Fragoso on 2008-03-11

* New upstream release (LP: #200998)
  - Fixed: Detect tomboy version correctly

68. By Pedro Fragoso on 2008-03-10

* New upstream release (LP: #200759)
  - Provided better fix for bug #510769: list index out of range in CuemiacModel
  - Fixed bug #513076: Entry doesn't get focus in sticky mode (LP: #187228)
  - Fixed bug #518941: 'bool' object has no attribute 'find'
  - When the default browser changes only stop those modules that have been enabled before. (fixes bug #513402)
  - Fixed bug #518984: Pressing reload button more than once causes an exception.
  - Updated translations

67. By Matthias Klose on 2008-03-02

Rebuild with updated python-central.

66. By Pedro Fragoso on 2008-02-25

* New upstream release (lp: #195565)
  - Check that Firefox is between 2.0.0 and 3.0.0 since FF 3.0 stores
    everything in an sqlite db we cannot read
  - Show lingering window when activating actions with the keyboard

65. By Pedro Fragoso on 2008-02-11

* New upstream release (LP: #191099)
  - Added section about new UI to documentation
  - Fixed bug #510769: list index out of range
    in CuemiacModel (LP: #187228)
  - Fixed bug #450960: Exception in epiphany module
  - Fixed bug #506927: Ignore applications that have None as command

64. By Pedro Fragoso on 2008-01-29

* New upstream release (LP: #187173)
  - Fixed AttributeError in remove_module method in ModuleList.

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