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113. By Evan

* Backports from trunk to fix persistence:
  - Do not use mode= when mounting /cow using persistent mode (LP: #219192).
  - Skip remounting read-only in try_mount as it's unnecessary and breaks
    persistence. Thanks James Westby (LP: #274076).

112. By Agostino Russo

* Test if livemedia is a directory before trying to mount it as a
* Reverted changes to casper-helpers as requested by Mithrandir since
  replaying the journal on a hibernated system would lead to file system
  corruption (LP: #230703).

111. By Agostino Russo

* Do not scan only vfat volumes when looking for cow devices (LP: #230703)
* Allow casper to use a squashfs filesystem within an arbitrary path (LP:
  #230716, #207137)

110. By Colin Watson

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* scripts/casper-bottom/30accessibility: Set gconf and orca config values as
  root in automatic-ubiquity, only-ubiquity, and debug-ubiquity modes.
* ubiquity-hooks/30accessibility: Remove unneeded gconf call to disable esd.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Ensure that the live CD user's Desktop directory is owned by them, not
  by root (LP: #218576).
* Duplicate a chunk of console-setup logic into the keyboard script so
  that we can deal with non-Latin keymaps and the like without having to
  have gfxboot-theme-ubuntu help us; the previous approach broke other
  uses of console-setup, and thus the alternate install CD (LP: #218754).
  This should later be replaced by just running console-setup, and I'll
  open another bug for this.

109. By Colin Watson

Handle use of debian-installer/language for locale selection
(LP: #213930).

108. By Colin Watson

* Add COPYING file with GPL text (LP: #211923).
* Add casper-new-uuid script to simplify UUID regeneration process,
  contributed by Mario Limonciello of Dell (LP: #209847).
* Update casper-snapshot for genext2fs --reserved-blocks =>
  --reserved-percentage option change (LP: #202048). Add a Breaks as the
  most lightweight available method of documenting that we need genext2fs
  >= 1.4.1 for this.

107. By Colin Watson

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* scripts/casper-bottom/30accessibility &
  - Update gconf keys to ensure onboard actually gets loaded.
  - Change ownership of created orca settings files to the user.
  - Add extra bits to make orca settings actually work.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Add mode=755 to the tmpfs mount that becomes / in the unionfs mount
  so that / in the live filesystem does not end up with 777 permissions
  (LP: #206030).

[ Colin Watson ]
* Make scripts/casper-bottom/38disable_restricted_manager executable
* Depend on uuid-runtime for uuidgen.

106. By Evan

Leave spawning the noninteractive ubiquity frontend to its initscript.

105. By Jonathan Riddell

scripts/casper-bottom/10adduser: Test for konqueror not kdesktop,
stops putting a broken icon on the Kubuntu KDE 4 desktop

104. By Jonathan Riddell

[ Colin Watson ]
* Stop quoting Exec arguments in .desktop files. Apparently this used to
  work but now the system conforms more strictly to the desktop entry
  specification (LP: #204185).

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* scripts/casper-bottom/15autologin: Enable auto-login for KDM-KDE4

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