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26. By Reinhard Tartler on 2007-08-26

* New upstream release
* remove patch 11_erroneous_manpage_ref, applied upstream
* remove patch 25_wpas_dbus_unregister_iface_fix, applied upstream

[ Alexander Sack ]
* bumping upstream version to replace development version 0.6.0 with
  this package from stable release branch.
* attempt to fix wierd timeout and high latency issues by going
  back to stable upstream version (0.5.9) (LP: #140763,
  LP: #141233).

25. By Kel Modderman <email address hidden> on 2007-08-25

* Add debian/mk-madwifi-header-patch, a quick and dirty bash script for
  generating the madwifi header patch.
* Fix typo in README.modes, wpa-default-iface is really
  wpa-roam-default-iface. (Closes: #435718)
* Simplify debian/dot.config.mk.
* Confirm that the ifupdown scripts do set ssid when wpa-ssid is used with a
  value in /etc/network/interfaces. (Closes: #367655)
* Truncate default build .config. Make madwifi config option conditional on
  MADWIFI variable.
* Add 10_fix_non_wpa_zero_len_ssid.dpatch to fix regression inhibiting
  selection of non-WPA zero length ssid. (Closes: #431102)
* Fix debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error lintian error.

24. By Reinhard Tartler on 2007-06-17

[Kel Modderman]
* New upstream release.
  - restructured source layout
* Adjust debian/wpasupplicant.examples, debian/wpagui.install,
  debian/wpasupplicant.install, debian/wpasupplicant.manpages, and
  debian/wpasupplicant.docs for new layout.
* Redjust debian/patches/30_dbus_policy.dpatch and
  debian/patches/40_debian_doc_examples.dpatch to apply against new layout.
* Drop debian/patches/10_config.dpatch and
* Introduce makefile fragment for wpa_supplicant .config creation. Call it
  from debian/rules. It is named debian/dot.config.mk.
* Add WPADIR variable to debian/rules, adjust build and install targets to
  use WPADIR.
* Update madwifi_headers patch with code from current madwifi SVN trunk.
* Damage control: allow 'wpa-conf managed' to pass through without failure
  for those people who followed the poor example outlined in the hidden
  ssid's section of README.modes. Also remove the offending line from the
  documentaion. (Closes: #428137)

[Reinhard Tartler]
* Fix building wpagui.
* remove debian/wpasupplicant.preinst, since we don't support upgrades
  from oldstable. This way we don't need to look at /var/lib/dpkg/status
  anymore, which is unreliable anyway. Makes lintian happy.

23. By Kel Modderman <email address hidden> on 2007-04-22

Add netdev group if it does not exist, since we provide a dbus
configuration file that insists on using that group. (Closes: #418641)

22. By Kel Modderman <email address hidden> on 2007-04-09

[Kel Modderman]
* Update XS-Vcs fields of debian/control to reflect pkg-wpa archive change.
* Update debian/copyright with new upstream URL's and Jouni's new email
* Rename madwifi related dpatches to match that of hostapd source package.
* Update debian/watch with new upstream release URL.

[Reinhard Tartler]
* Remove the prerm script as discussed on pkg-wpa-devel@
* upload to unstable

21. By Reinhard Tartler on 2007-04-01

Apply patch from upstream after private email discussion:
Fixes LP: #98895, #98925

20. By Reinhard Tartler on 2007-03-29

* New upstream release
  * fixed dbus ctrl_iface to validate message interface before
    dispatching to avoid a possible segfault [Bug 190] / LP: #91676
    (UVF exception granted by Mithrandir)

19. By Kel Modderman <email address hidden> on 2006-12-10

Settings for wired networks are no longer ignored by functions.sh.
(Closes: #401413)

18. By Kel Modderman <email address hidden> on 2006-11-10

* Make needlessly global shell function variables local. Use local
  consistently. [debian/functions.sh]
* Enhance error message when wpa-conf or wpa-roam mode is requested, but the
  supplied configuration file is not readable or incorrect.
* Exchange bogus copyright holder information of functions.sh, ifupdown.sh
  and wpa_action.sh for information reflecting the _group_ behind them.
* Force ap_scan=0 for "wired" IEEE8021X type authentication.
* Add debian specific location for example wpa_supplicant.conf files to
  wpa_supplicant.conf(8). (Closes: #396005)
* Fix typo in wpa_supplicant(8) that referred to non-existant manpage.
  (Closes: #389948)
* Update madwifi private includes to latest (r1794).
* Add XS-X-Vcs-Svn field to debian/control file.
* Shunt env var IFACE to WPA_IFACE in the ifupdown.sh, wpa_action.sh and
  function.sh scripts. This allows further flexibility, such as the ability
  to start wpa_supplicant on an arbitary interface specified by a
  'wpa-iface' line in /etc/network/interfaces.

17. By Kel Modderman <email address hidden> on 2006-10-05

* Update madwifi headers to latest SVN. (Closes: #388316)
* Remove failed attempt at action locking. [debian/functions.sh,
* Add hysteresis checking functions, to avoid "event loops" while
  using wpa-roam. [debian/functions.sh, debian/wpa_action.sh]
* Change of co-maintainer email address.
* Add ishex() function to functions.sh to determine wpa-psk value type in
  plaintext or hex. This effectively eliminates the need for the bogus and
  somewhat confusing wpa-passphrase contruct specific to our scripts and
  allows wpa-psk to work with either a 8 to 63 character long plaintext
  string or 64 character long hex string.
* Adjust README.modes to not refer to the redundant wpa-passphrase stuff.
* Add big fat NOTE about acceptable wpa-psk's to top of example gallery.
* Strip surrounding quotes from wpa-ssid if present, instead of just whining
  about them.
* Update email address in copyright blurb of functions.sh, ifupdown.sh and

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