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Recent revisions

47. By Matthias Klose on 2007-10-05

Explicitely remove the doc directories on upgrade for the now symlinked
doc directories.

46. By Matthias Klose on 2007-10-04

Symlink doc directories to avoid duplicate files.

45. By Sebastien Bacher on 2007-09-19

* New upstream version:
  - prevent a crash on logout with metacity subsequently not being
    restored in future sessions
* debian/patches/02_fix_crash_on_session_saving.patch:
  - dropped, fixed with the new version

44. By Áron Sisak on 2007-08-07

* New upstream release:
  - Noninteger auto-raise delay is not assumed to be zero
  - Fix mangled window title in "Force Quit"
  - "Close" can appear at any point in the window menu, and now appears
    at the bottom
  - Windows which are always on top have "stick" insensitivek
  - All bitfields in window structure are together for optimisation
  - Use the correct directory when installing keybindings
  - Translations: bg, es, eu, fi, th
* debian/metacity-common.install:
  - fix keybindings installation path

43. By Áron Sisak on 2007-07-24

* New upstream release
  - Fix a bug where the window can be focused without being raised
    if the maximize is aborted.
  - Unset fullscreen is an allowed action where relevant.
  - Reverse window buttons and align them to the left for RTL locales.
  - Put all bitfields in window data together to help with optimisation.
  - Translations
    - es, fi, hu, ja, nb, nl, sv, th, vi

42. By Baptiste Mille-Mathias on 2007-06-19

* New upstream release:
  - bug fixes

41. By Baptiste Mille-Mathias on 2007-06-11

* New upstream release:
  - Updated the description of raise_on_click
  - Refactor queueing code in window.c
  - Added switch_group to the keybindings file
  - New window information accessor function

40. By Baptiste Mille-Mathias on 2007-06-04

* New upstream release:
  - Lots of fixups for various alignments in RTL locales
  - Add code to configure what happens on right or middle click
    of titlebar
  - Fix layout for titlebars with mixed LTR/RTL scripts
  - Fix window menu layout for RTL scripts

39. By Sebastien Bacher on 2007-05-03

* debian/metacity-common.install:
  - list new keybindings directory
* debian/metacity.prerm:
  - list upgrade|deconfigure to the case

38. By Daniel Holbach on 2007-05-01

* Resynchronized with Debian, remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - debian/control.in: Maintainer: Ubuntu Desktop Team
    <email address hidden>
  - debian/metacity-common.gconf-defaults: 2 workspaces.
  - debian/patches/001_strict_focus.patch: strict focus.
  - debian/patches/006_raise_on_click_for_click_mode.patch: use raise on
    click option.
  - debian/patches/003_workspaces_default_name.patch: use "Desk" instead of
    "Workspace" for default workspaces naming.
* New upstream release.
* debian/control.in: drop duplicate libxinerama-dev Build-Depends.
* debian/patches/01_session_tolerate_missing_file.patch: dropped, used
* debian/rules: bumped shlibs, new symbols.

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