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62. By Alexander Sack on 2007-10-08

* Reupload source tarball without binaries (LP: #121734) - sanitized using
* debian/remove.binonly.sh: add script to strip original tarball from
  binary only cruft.
* debian/debsearch.src: debsearch plugin now searches for gutsy packages
  (LP: #150503).

61. By Alexander Sack on 2007-09-19

* patch shaping: rename patches and include there bugzilla id
  where available; document bzXXX-dont-reset-user-prefs-on-upgrade and
  force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3 patches.
* debian/patches/bz389801-theme-crash-with-GtkOptionMenu-indicator_size-and-indicator_spacing.patch:
  prefetch latest patch from bugzilla 389801 to fix top-crasher
  (LP: #129007).
* debian/firefox-gnome-support.install: properly install gnome support files
  previously missing in firefox-gnome-support package (LP: #131743).

60. By Alexander Sack on 2007-08-27

* debian/rules, debian/control: use don't build lpia with gcc-4.1/g++-4.1 anymore, but
  use gcc-4.2/g++-4.2 for all archs now.
* debian/patches/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3, debian/patches/series:
  add patch to siable pragma visibility strategy to hide symbols. stick to
* debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch: rerun autoconf2.13 to make
  new force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3 effective.
* remove unused patches from debian/patches directory:
  - debian/patches/bz364093-thebes-system-cairo-fix
  - debian/patches/ftbfs-with-branding-dir
  - debian/patches/no-have-stdint-h-ftbfs.patch
  - debian/patches/submakefiles-fix
  - debian/patches/test
  - debian/patches/trunk-fsh

59. By Alexander Sack on 2007-08-10

* use gXX 4.1 on lpia for now:
  - debian/control: build-depend on gcc-4.1 and g++-4.1 on lpia
  - debian/rules: use CXX=g++-4.1 and CC=gcc-4.1 on lpia if those
    variables are not user defined

58. By Alexander Sack on 2007-07-31

New security/stability upstream release (v2.0.0.6)

* MFSA 2007-26 aka CVE-2007-3844
* MFSA 2007-27 aka CVE-2007-3845


LP: #126110 - [gutsy] menu item translations lost

 * resurrect feisty .desktop file
 * reapply sv translations


LP: #123045 - Launcher icon missing, red "X" displayed instead

* debian/changelog: document 'fix firefox-nspr.pc/firefox-nss.pc to
  use system provided libs' checkin.
* debian/changelog: bump version for next release, but keep NOTRELEASED


Fix firefox-nspr.pc/firefox-nss.pc to use system provided libs

 * debian/firefox-nspr.pc, debian/firefox-nss.pc: drop old .pc files
 * debian/firefox-dev.install: don't install those handcrafted .pc files anymore
 * debian/firefox-dev.links: in turn setup compatibility links
    /usr/lib/pkgconfig/firefox-nss.pc -> /usr/lib/pkgconfig/nss.pc
    /usr/lib/pkgconfig/firefox-nspr.pc -> /usr/lib/pkgconfig/nspr.pc
 (LP: #112818)


migrate ubuntu help menu entries to ubufox:
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-look-and-feel-report-a-bug-menuitem.patch,
    remove patch which completely lives in ubufox as of version 0.3
  * debian/patches/series: remove that patch from series accordingly
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-look-and-feel-patch.patch: drop menu entry modifications
    from main look-and-feel patch as they live in ubufox since 0.3

57. By Alexander Sack on 2007-07-20

* debian/patches/dont-reset-user-prefs-on-upgrade,
  debian/patches/series: patch to prevent user prefs being reset to
  default during upgrade
* debian/firefox.install, debian/firefox.links: install
  browserconfig.properties properly (LP: #123800)

56. By Alexander Sack on 2007-07-18

* New security/stability upstream release (v2.0.0.5)
* MFSA 2007-18 aka CVE-2007-3734 (browser), CVE-2007-3735 (Javascript)
* MFSA 2007-19 aka CVE-2007-3736
* MFSA 2007-20 aka CVE-2007-3089
* MFSA 2007-21 aka CVE-2007-3737
* MFSA 2007-22 aka CVE-2007-3285
* MFSA 2007-23 aka CVE-2007-3670
* MFSA 2007-24 aka CVE-2007-3656
* MFSA 2007-25 aka CVE-2007-3738

55. By Martin Pitt on 2007-07-18

debian/firefox.install: Resurrect /etc/firefox/profile/. Without it,
Firefox creates an empty profile as a file instead of a directory, which
both makes it break, and also would not have our Ubuntu specific
bookmarks, settings, etc. (LP: #123917)

54. By Alexander Sack on 2007-06-08

* drop more patches:
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-look-and-feel-patch.patch: drop patch removes
    File->Import dialog (LP: #28563)
  * debian/patches/series: drop ubuntu-look-and-feel-geometries.patch
    from patch series; remove that patch-file from debian/patches dir
* debian/control: firefox recommends ubufox - the ubuntu firefox extension
* drop config tweaks from patchset as they are now shipped in
  ubufox extension:
  * debian/patches/disable-default-setting-for-app.update.enabled-and-app.update.auto.patch,
    debian/patches/use-intl.properties.patch: drop property only
    patches from patchset
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-no-nss-chk-create.patch: drop useless patch
    as we are now using system nss.
  * debian/patches/series: remove property only patches above from
    series file as well.
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-disable-welcome-update-url.patch,
    debian/patches/ubuntu-printing-patch.patch: drop property parts
    and add TODO for patches that contain tweakings that can be
    moved to distro mods extension by overlays or other tricks.
  * debian/patches/no-have-stdint-h-ftbfs.patch: drop unused trunk
    patch from release branch package.
* debian/build-tools/obscure.c, debian/rules: provide C helper
  (obscure-tool) to obscure firefox.cfg; build this helper in rules on
  pre-build:: and clean up on clean::
* debian/firefox-dev.install: ship obscure-tool binary in pkglibdir of
  firefox-dev package.
* Obscure firefox.cfg:
  - debian/firefox.cfg renamed to debian/firefox.cfg.source
  - debian/rules: produce obscured debian/firefox.cfg in pre-build:: and
    remove it in clean::" debian/rules debian/firefox.cfg.source
  - debian/firefox.cfg.source: don't tweak obscure_value anymore
* debian/patches/bz270159-lp65164-empty-file-or-duplicate-extension-on-fat32-ntfs,
  debian/patches/series: added patch for bugzilla bug bz270159 "Download
  manager adds extension regardless of file's own extension" and bugzilla
  bug bz336113 "empty file saving on download (NTFS/FAT/SMB)" - patch
  submitted to bugzilla (LP: #65164).
* debian/firefox.links: install compatibility links for libnspr4 and
  libnss3 shared libraries. This is done because our libnss and libnspr libs
  don't have same library name as upstream ones (e.g. we use versioned soname);
  so now we install links with original filename to pkglibdir of each mozilla

[ Andrea Veri ]
* Added svedish translations support to firefox's .desktop file.
  (LP: #107683)

53. By Alexander Sack on 2007-06-25

Cherry pick release for tribe-2:
* debian/docs, debian/MPL: ship MPL (LP: #119814)
* debian/patches/bz384304_lp117575_linkrecursion_fix_in_startscript.patch,
  debian/patches/series: patch to fix symlink handling of startup-script
  by Hilario Montoliu <email address hidden> - (LP: #117575).
* debian/apport/firefox.py, debian/firefox.install: new apport hook for
  firefox by Hilario J. Montoliu <email address hidden>; install hook to
  /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/ (LP: #88506)

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