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25. By Achim Bohnet

[ Achim Bohnet ]
* Remove 'image artifacts on large zoom' fix
  debian/patches/digikam-svn-r649987.diff: It was not the the tile
  cache fix (digikam-svn-r649833.diff) that broke rendering.
  (Closes: LP#102912)
* debian/control: fix XS-Vcs-* header. Debian maintainer team moved 0.9.1
  debian/* files from branches/experimentail/ to trunk/

[ Anthony Mercatante ]
* add debian/patches/11-add-service-menu-translations.diff: fix UTF-8
  encoding in digikam/utilities/hotplug/digikam-*.desktop.in: Use KDE svn
  version of the file which contains turkish translation too. Fix the french

24. By Luka Renko

* Backport two fixes from upstream SVN
  * Editor tile cache mechanism does not work, making rendering slow
  * Editor shows image artifacts on large zoom due to calculation error

23. By Achim Bohnet

Depend on kdebase-kio-plugins. Pkg contains kio_trash and makes
'Move to Trash' working for e.g. Gnome sessions. (Closes malone

22. By Achim Bohnet

* All but one of the kubuntu changes are merged in debian.
  Remaining change is:
  + don't depend on libgphoto2-2-dev. Kubuntu's KDE
    finds the libgphoto plugins without the .la files.
* Add me as Maintainer:, Debian upstream in XSBC-Original-Maintainer

21. By Anthony Mercatante

debian/control: showfoto depends on digikam

20. By Achim Bohnet

* new upstream release

* debian/rules
  + build with --enable-final. Tested by upstream.
  + removed --disable-debug. Cdbs uses --disable-debug by default.

* Remove the hack that digkam depends on libgphoto2-2-dev. Dynamic
  loading of gphoto2 camera plugins works again (without changes in digikam)

* remove patches/10_kdesvn_613014-613015_gphoto2-media-fix.diff. It
  is now in 0.9.0 tarball.

19. By Achim Bohnet

* use cdbs' utils.mk class to easily check package split via
 make -f debian/rules list-missing

* add digikamdcraw and digitaglinktree to digikam pkg Closes
  Malone #75799

* manpages: remove DEB_INSTALL_MANPAGES_digikam from rules. Use
  instead {digikam,showfoto}.manpages files. Fixes:
  + showfoto.1 to showfoto not digikam pkg
  + digitaglinktree.1 to digikam pkg

* showfoto: add Replaces digikam << 1:0.9.0~rc2-0ubuntu3 due
  to move of showfoto.1 from digikam to showfoto pkg.

* Add versioned Conflict with digikam and digikamimageplugins <<
  0.9.0~rc2 due to libexiv2 0.10 -> 0.12 soname change.

* digikam.install:
  + add missing servicemenu desktop files
  + do not install /usr/share/doc(/kde) it only contains emtpy dirs
    (for the not generated API docs)

* Menu files:
  + split menu in digikam.menu and showfoto.menu. Check
  + for pkg showfoto in showfoto.menu not digikam

* Debian.TODO: added more notes about further refinements

* remove 12_kde_606923_fix_huge_memory_leak.diff. Is in rc2 tarball

* add patch debian/patches/10_kdesvn_613014-613015_gphoto2-media-fix.diff.
  Now download dialog pops up again when a ghoto2 supported camera
  is plugged in and digikam is choosen in the action selector

18. By Achim Bohnet

* digikam 0.9.0 rc2 required lib transition from libexiv2-0.10 -> 0.12:
  + digikam pkg: bump conflict up to digikamimageplugins << 0.9.0-rc2 because
    that is linked against 0.10.
  + showfoto pkg: add conflict with digikamimageplugins << 0.9.0-rc2
    for the same reason. Ditto for digikam.
* Showfoto pkg: as showfoto is more a simple foto editor than a viewer,
  add recommends for digikamimageplugins, kipi-plugins, kdeprint, konqueror
* digikam.install and showfoto.install: add missing final newline

17. By Anthony Mercatante

Changed digikam.install to install all header files.

16. By Anthony Mercatante

* New upstream release
* Sync packaging with debian
* Removed obsolete patches 10_kdesvn_606804_dcraw-return-code.diff
  and 11_kdesvn_606805_file-extention-parsing.diff

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