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16. By kelmo on 2006-08-10

* STDIN was not given to external mapping script correctly. Use the power of
  eval to fix the issue. [wpa_action.sh]
* Fix stupid debian/control error: duplicate Suggests fields.

15. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-07-31

Use the includes for the old madwifi drivers while madwifi-ng is
both broken and not the default in edgy (expect another upload this
week to revert this when lrm is uploaded)

14. By kelmo on 2006-07-05

[ Kel Modderman ]
* End testing period. The 0.5 branch of wpa_supplicant upstream has proven
  to be non disruptive to users' configurations over the past few weeks,
  lets now allow this to propogate to testing. (Closes: #374342)
* Clean up the LSB Init header block. Provide all fields as per LSB Init
  Script Comment Convention specification.
* Do not use /usr/bin/env to interrogate the environment for IF_WPA
  variables, /usr may not be mounted at time of invocation. Use `set'
  (shell built-in) instead. (Closes: #376243)
* Exit if IFSTATE_FILE or INTERFACES_FILE do not exist. Also, look for
  ifstate file in /var/run/network to remain compatible with Ubuntu's
  ifupdown divergence. (lp#51351)
* Add a similar IFSTATE_FILE test to wpa-ifupdown.init, to remain compatible
  with Ubuntu. (lp#51351)
* Update wpa_action.8 with the behaviour of wpa_action when IFSTATE_FILE or
  INTERFACES_FILE cannot be found, and the pathnames searched for their
* Mention wpa_cli(8) in Custom Action Script section of README.Debian, as it
  contains information about environment variables available to the script
  at runtime.
* Also clarify dhclient wpacli-action script usage, to avoid people
  mistakenly cp'ing the skeleton script.
* Add some info about howto revert installation of deprecated init script to
  NEWS file.
* Add 'wpa-verbosity' switch, so that setting 'wpa-verbosity 1' in an
  interfaces stanza will cause wpa_supplicant's ifupdown hook to be loud.
  This was overlooked when #361586 was closed some time ago.
* Remove return value hack in wpa_action, use set -e to exit on error
  instead. (Closes: #376553)
* Not only flush IFACE when iproute is installed, but also use /sbin/ip to
  set 'up' operstate as well.
* Default to wext without exception. Remove the check for wireless extensions
  via /proc/net/wireless, and prevent driver type of "wired" from being
  selected in the case that the iface may not be "prepared" yet.
  (Closes: #376651)
* Remove duplicating pidfile shell var's in wpa_action.sh by simply making
  them global.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Note that ap_scap=2 can help speeding up associations (Closes: #368770)
* wpa_action: flush the ip addr, if the package iproute is installed
* wpa_action: add action 'reload' to reload the wpa_supplicant configuration
* debian/control: add iproute to Recommends

13. By kelmo on 2006-06-27

* New upstream release.
* WPA_CRTL_DIR environment variable is now exported to action scripts, we
  will use it to print a status report after a CONNECTED event.
* Make logfile contents easier to read by adding a break between each ACTION
* Recommend dhcp3-client, it handles consecutive wpa_action events with more
  grace than dhcp-client by not starting multiple dhclient processes on the
  same interface.
* Don't remove wpa_action logfile on 'stop'.
* Enhance wpa_action(8) to better explain the concept of a LOGICAL
* Install wpa_passphrase to /bin. (Closes: #373948)
* Manpages have been slightly enhanced, and now briefly explain wpa_cli
  action environment variables and wpa_supplicant -C and -g options.
  (Closes: #372615)
* Rename wpa_cli daemon pidfile to wpa_action.IFACE.pid for wpa-roam.
* Further env variable testing cleanups to ifupdown.sh.
* Global rename of WPA_COMMON_CTRL_IFACE to WPA_CTRL_DIR, as this is used
  for the same purposes upstream.
* No longer penalise users for not having ctrl_interface explicitly
  contained within their wpa_supplicant.conf. (Closes: #375599)
* Move WPA_ACTION_SCRIPT sanity checking into init_wpa_supplicant() to avoid
  ifupdown.sh exiting when bringing down an interface when ifup previously
  failed due to a missing or non-executable action script.
* Add numerous code comments to ifupdown.sh.
* Move WPA_CLI_OPTIONS and WPA_SUP_OPTIONS into their respective init()
* wpa_action now logs 'stop' events to file, updated manpage.
* Split wpa_action logging into two parts, event and environment. Only
  wpa_cli events will echo env var's.
* wpa_action exits with retval of ifdown command on 'stop' event.
* Add workaround for sendsigs (initscripts) terminating wpa_supplicant
  processes before networking is shutdown gracefully. An init script
  wpa-ifupdown is called at sequence number 15 in runlevels 0 and 6 to bring
  down all interfaces that were started via ifupdown.sh.

12. By Reinhard Tartler on 2006-04-27

[ Kel Modderman ]
* Orphaned daemons that are spawned during an ifup process that is
  manually terminated are now checked for and killed.
* Don't make noise when we are not using the manual inet method and
  wpa-action is used.
* Warn about non-executable action script.
* Ensure wpa_cli actfile is destroyed before launching action script.
* Make start-stop-daemon verbose when VERBOSITY is set.
* Fix typo in Readme.Debian, that referred to a non-existant location.
  (Closes: #364829)
* Add upstream fix for static wep keys with wext interfaces.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* This is branched of revision 310 of debian/trunk
* tested snapshot fix https://launchpad.net/bugs/41480
* made ifupdown.sh quiet on success without --verbose

11. By Reinhard Tartler on 2006-03-31

fakesync from debian.

10. By Adam Conrad on 2006-03-29

Add 40_ctrl_iface_hide_keys.dpatch to hide passwords and PINs from
our logfiles, preventing an information disclosure vulnerability.

9. By Reinhard Tartler on 2006-03-27

[ Kel Modderman ] - done in debian experimental for version 0.5.2-1
* New upstream release.
* Add myself to Uploaders.
* Convert to cdbs.
  - rewrite debian/rules to take advantage of cdbs
  - update control file build-deps
* Update README.modes.
  - clarify that wext is used by default, when no driver is specified
  - fix exmaple of wpa-psk using a plaintext string
  - fix typo's
* Fold pre-up scripts into one, and symlink from
* Use VERBOSITY of ifupdown to assist debugging of wpa stanza's in
* Add support for wpa_cli action scripts.
* Use start-stop-daemon to initiate wpa_supplicant and wpa_cli background
* Daemons now create pidfiles.
* Quote tested var's in wpasupplicant.init.
* Quote all var's in wpsupplicant.default for uniformity.
* Move wpa_* to /sbin.
* Conffile for wpa_supplicant now installed to
  /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. That directory will hold any
  other files that we may require to use wpa_supplicant.
* Don't start wpasupplicant pre-up if the current kernel lacks support for
  "Packet Socket" (CONFIG_PACKET=y).
* Fix blunders in the init script.
  - typo, $PIFFILE should have been $PIDFILE
  - init script exited when a configuration file WAS found
* Force init daemon's pidfile to be the same as wpasupplicant.ifupdown uses,
  to avoid duplicate wpa_supplicant processes binding to the same interface.
* Remove the margin for error from the init daemon, by forcing the default
  variables to be set. Helpful and informative comments were placed in the
  default file. The init script will exit if these variables are not set
  correctly. (Closes: #357957)
* Add comment to defconf about ctrl_interface and wpa_cli.
* Add comments to previously uncommented dpatch's.
* Include proof-of-concept dhlcient wpa-action script. Suggest
* Thanks to Henrik Brix Andersen from gentoo for the ideas and inspriration
  for some of the above changes.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* install compatibility links from /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant ->
* /usr/sbin/wpa_cli -> /sbin/wpa_cli likewise
* compile wpa_gui with qt3 rather than qt4. (in order to faciliate
  backporting to sarge)
* revert to debhelper 4
* take the complete packaging from our experimental branch. The last upload
  did not document all changes properly (see the list above), and had still
  a lot of issues.
* fixing typo in the preinst

8. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-03-23

* New upstream release:
  - Various bug fixes
  - Support for EAP-FAST key derivation using other ciphers than
    RC4-128-SHA for authentication and AES128-SHA for provisioning.
  - UVF exception granted by Kamion.

* Packaging and configuration is based on Debian Experimental however,
  making this package something of a bastard love child of what's in
* Deliberately dropped support for wpasupplicant being run at startup to
  make it easier for Ubuntu to support. It's now run on a per-interface
  basis when the interface is brought up.
  Consult /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.Debian for documentation
  if upgrading from universe.
* Unlike Debian the wpa-conf /etc/network/interfaces is only needed for
  explicitly giving a configuration file; simply include any setting
  for wpa to be used.
* Binaries moved to /sbin for seb128.

7. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-03-23

Split the wpa_gui binary out into its own package, as done with 0.4.8,
to avoid dragging libqt into ubuntu-desktop.

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