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77. By Colin Watson on 2007-03-19

Upload mount point validation fix to edgy-updates following testing by
Michael Vogt (LP: #67130).

76. By Colin Watson on 2007-01-08

* Fix mount point validation to avoid accidentally skipping a number of
  checks on pre-existing partitions, including the "is there a root file
  system?" check (LP: #67130).
* Re-upload as 1.2.6 rather than 1.2.6~prop1 since the latter breaks when
  substituted into package relationship fields with ${source:Version}.

75. By Colin Watson on 2007-01-02

Fix mount point validation to avoid accidentally skipping a number of
checks on pre-existing partitions, including the "is there a root file
system?" check (LP: #67130).

74. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-20

Automatic update of included source packages: apt-setup 1:0.11ubuntu5,
console-setup 1.7ubuntu19, partman-base 90ubuntu9, yaboot-installer

73. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-17

* Use update-initramfs -c -k "$(uname -r)" rather than update-initramfs
  -u, as the latter gets very confused if we need to remove kernels, as on
  powerpc (really closes: Malone #66406).
* Automatic update of included source packages: localechooser 1.20ubuntu8.

72. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-16

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix incorrect loop variable reuse in do_remove, and attempt multiple
  broken package resolution passes while removing packages (closes: Malone
* Detect existing HFS bootstrap partitions during automatic partitioning
  and take account of them while validating mountpoints (closes: Malone
* Fix crash on keyboard page if you select a layout with no variants.
* Remove kernels before running update-initramfs so that we update the
  correct initramfs on powerpc. Make sure to fix up kernel/initrd symlinks
  after running update-initramfs, so that we have something to which to
  point the initrd symlink.

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Run fontconfig-voodoo to tweak fontconfig configuration for the selected

71. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-15

* Make sure supplied GRUB device names are either GRUB-style (e.g.
  "(hd0)") or start with "/dev/" (closes: Malone #62479).
* Exclude Dzongkha and Khmer from the language list for now, as we don't
  ship fonts for them and we don't have enough installer translations yet
  to make it worth rushing those fonts in for Edgy.
* GTK frontend: Weaken assertion in set_summary_device and make this
  generally more robust (closes: Malone #66100).

70. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-14

* Back out orca change from 1.2.0: it doesn't work properly because the
  orca process running as the calling user needs to be killed first. At
  this stage, we feel that it's better to document the workaround than to
  try to fix it.
* KDE frontend: Enable the forward button at the right times on the
  timezone page (closes: Malone #66022).

69. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-12

* If /proc/cmdline contains access=v3, run 'orca -n' and sleep for a bit
  before starting the installer UI.

* Update .desktop file translations from Rosetta: Georgian.
* Update translations from Rosetta: Bengali, Czech, German, Greek,
  Spanish, Finnish, French, Galician, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian,
  Georgian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
  (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese (China).
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.63ubuntu6, choose-mirror 2.04ubuntu2, console-setup 1.7ubuntu18,
  partman-base 90ubuntu8.

68. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-09

* Add /usr/lib/ubiquity/console-setup/locale wrapper that overrides the
  output of locale with the value of debian-installer/locale if set; this
  encourages console-setup to select an appropriate keyboard layout
  (closes: Malone #60067).
* Don't set PARTMAN_UPDATE_BEFORE_COMMIT for automatic partitioning.
* Run partman-commit while generating the installation summary to make
  sure that we have a partitioning summary even for manual partitioning
  (closes: Malone #61572). Take care to stop partman-commit proceeding
  past the confirmation question.
* Don't reset the locale or run localechooser again if the country
  selected on the timezone page isn't one for which we have a locale in
  the current language (closes: Malone #61387).

* Add/update .desktop file translations from Rosetta: Arabic, Belarusian,
  Czech, Kashubian, Spanish, Estonian, French, Frisian, Irish,
  Luxembourgish, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Portuguese (Brazil),
  Slovak, Swedish, Tajik, Ukrainian, Chinese (Taiwan).
* Add/update translations from Rosetta: Afrikaans, Amharic, Bulgarian,
  Bengali, Breton, Catalan, Czech, Kashubian, Welsh, Danish, German,
  Divehi, Dzongkha, Greek, Esperanto, Spanish, Basque, Persian, Finnish,
  French, Irish, Galician, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian,
  Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Khmer, Kurdish, Kirghiz,
  Lithuanian, Latvian, Malagasy, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian BokmÃ¥l,
  Dutch, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian,
  Russian, Northern Sami, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Tamil,
  Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong).
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.63ubuntu5, localechooser 1.20ubuntu7, partman-base 90ubuntu6.

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