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20. By Colin Watson on 2007-08-07

* Backport from trunk, fixing a race leading to occasional hangs during
  installation (LP: #62986):
  - Make sure that apt status commands and debconf protocol commands under
    debconf-apt-progress are properly interleaved. Closes: #425397

19. By Colin Watson on 2006-05-15

* Backport from trunk (closes: Malone #42187):
  - Stop the Gnome and Kde frontends from displaying select questions with
    zero or one choices, or multiselect questions with zero choices; this
    was broken due to an error in multiple inheritance (thanks, Gary
    Coady; closes: https://launchpad.net/bugs/42187).

18. By Matthias Klose on 2006-05-14

* Merge r2040.
[ Joey Hess ]
* In the gnome and kde frontends, exit 1 not 0 when cancel is hit.

17. By Colin Watson on 2006-05-12

* Backport from trunk (closes: Malone #43907):
  - Handle escaped commas ("\,") and escaped spaces ("\ ") in Choices and
    Value fields in questions, matching cdebconf. I've grepped the archive
    for backslashes in Choices fields in templates and in db_set and
    db_subst commands and found nothing that this change would break,
    while it lets us use more code from d-i in the installed system.

16. By Colin Watson on 2006-05-10

* Backport from trunk, to help with live CD memory use:
  - Add a --no-reload option to dpkg-reconfigure, to allow you to prevent
    it from reloading templates before running confmodules. This may be
    useful for performance if you know that the templates database is
    already correct.

15. By Colin Watson on 2006-05-04

* Backport from trunk (see Malone #42868):
  - Add cloexec keyword argument to Python DebconfCommunicator class,
    defaulting to False; if True, the file descriptors connected to
    debconf-communicate will be marked close-on-exec.

14. By Colin Watson on 2006-05-02

* Backport from trunk (closes: Malone #41921):
  - Retry readline() in the Python confmodule if it's interrupted by a

13. By Colin Watson on 2006-04-28

* Backport from trunk (closes: Malone #37934):
  - Strip only trailing newlines from replies in the Python confmodule,
    rather than all leading and trailing whitespace.

12. By Colin Watson on 2006-04-13

* Backport from trunk:
  - Notice and error out on write errors (such as ENOSPC) when saving
    databases. Should help with a lot of database corruption bugs.

11. By Colin Watson on 2006-03-15

Resynchronise with Debian.

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