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9. By Stephan RĂ¼gamer on 2006-05-14

* Merged new (debian) upstream
* Re-Added fixed from Martin Pitt (0.88.1-1ubuntu1)
  and Chuck Short (0.88.1-1ubuntu2)

8. By Chuck Short on 2006-05-04

* debian/clamav-daemon.init.
  + Fixed init script. (Closes: Malone #39263)

7. By Martin Pitt on 2006-04-11

* Synchronize to Debian to get new upstream microrelease (UVF exception
  approved by Daniel Holbach). This fixes the following vulnerabilities:
  - CVE-2006-1614: integer overflow in the PE header parser
  - CVE-2006-1615: format string vulnerabilities in logging code
  - CVE-2006-1630: DoS due to invalid memory access in cli_bitset_set()
* debian/clamav-base.init-stub: Protect 'x && y' with '|| true' to not break
  init script if it's run under set -e.

6. By Adam Conrad on 2006-02-24

* Ship a new file, /etc/clamav/clamav-base.init, which is a stub
  containing common setup functions required for each of the other
  three init scripts. Currently, all it does is create the /var/run
  directory that we need if /var/run is on tmpfs.
* Make all three of our init scripts source the above file.

5. By Stephen Gran on 2006-01-10

Actually rebuild ./configure with the magic to make pass_all work

4. By Stephen Gran on 2005-11-03

* New upstream release
  - Upstream fix for possible infinite loop
    libclamav/tnef.c: IDEF1169]
  - Upstream fix for possible infinite loop
    libclamav/mspack/cabd.c: IDEF1180]
  - Upstream fix for buffer size calculation
    libclamav/fsg.c: ZDI-CAN-004]
  - Upstream fix for possible infinite loop
    libclamav/others.c,h, libclamav/ole2_extract.c: CAN-2005-3239]
    (closes: #333566)
  - Upstream fix for boundary checks
  - Upstream fix to scan attachments that have no file names
* Some more lsb changes to init scripts
* New Translations:
  - it (Thanks Cristian Rigamonti <email address hidden>)(closes: #330240)
  - sv (Thanks Daniel Nylander <email address hidden>)(closes: #333400)
* Move to dpatch for patch management, and add build-dependencies (dpatch
  and cpp)
* Apply patch for bus error on sparc in zzip routines (closes: #322396)

3. By Stephen Gran on 2005-09-19

* New upstream version
  - Fixes CAN-2005-2920 and CAN-2005-2919 (closes: #328660)
* New logcheck line for clamav-daemon (closes: #323132)
* relibtoolize and apply kfreebsd patch (closes: #327707)
* Make sure init.d script starts freshclam up again after upgrade when run
  from if-up.d (closes: #328912)

2. By Stephen Gran on 2004-06-21

* Change dependency versioning for clamav-milter
* Fix up overthought ucf call in clamav-base that ended up making ucf think
  manually managed conf file was unmodified and safe to overwrite.
  (closes: #255428)
* Stop cleaning up after the daemons (clamd, freshclam, milter) in init
  scripts. It seems they all (with the exception of the milter) do a decent
  job cleaning up after themselves now. The milter leaves behind a pidfile,
  which is sloppy, but doesn't seem to harm anything. This should fix the
  problems on upgrade. (closes: #255437, #255436)
* Remove unnecessary depends/recommends from clamav-testfiles - these
  testfiles could be used for any A/V suite, and have nothing specific to
  do with clamav. (closes: #255370)

1. By Stephen Gran on 2004-06-21

Import upstream version 0.73

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