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25. By David Paleino on 2012-11-10

Move user-adding code from debconf-config to wicd-daemon postinst
(Closes: #692916)

24. By David Paleino on 2012-05-04

* Fix comments inside /etc/default/wicd (Closes: #668327)
* Fixed sanitation bug (urgency=high)

23. By David Paleino on 2012-04-30

* New upstream version
  - really fix local privilege escalation, CVE-2012-2095 (Closes: #668397)
* Fixed typo in previous changelog entry

22. By David Paleino on 2012-04-22

* New upstram version
  - fix bug with wicd-curses and UTF-8 locales (Closes: #669602)

21. By David Paleino on 2012-04-12

* New upstream version
  - fix crash with wicd-curses (Closes: #668520)

20. By David Paleino on 2012-02-02

* New upstream release
* Patches refreshed to match 1.7.1's code

19. By David Paleino on 2011-10-22

Fix postinst: it breaks dh_python2's layout

18. By David Paleino on 2011-02-12

* debian/patches/:
  - 26-support_etc-network_scripts.patch refreshed, /etc/network/
    scripts should now be properly supported (Closes: #579497)
  - 31-dont_crash_on_notification_exceptions.patch added
    (Closes: #569755, #587303)
  - 32-prefer_gksu.patch added (Closes: #575403)
  - 33-deepcopy_python27_fixes.patch backported from Ubuntu,
    thanks to Matthieu Baerts (LP: #602825)
  - 34-dont_save_useless_config.patch added: don't save link quality,
    signal strength and bitrates in the configuration files.
    (Closes: #612918)
  - 35-restrict_netmode_characters.patch added, don't crash
    if the network mode is not what we expect. Thanks to Julien
    Blache for the patch (Closes: #550957)
* debian/control:
  - removed depedency on python-iniparse from wicd-daemon
  - removed Build-Depends on quilt
  - fixed typo in long description, thanks to Martin Eberhard Schauer
    (Closes: #611567)
  - bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1, no changes needed
  - use Breaks+Replaces instead of Conflicts+Replaces
* debian/rules:
  - don't use "--with quilt" anymore
* debian/po/pt_BR.po added: debconf translation for Brazilian
  Portuguese, thanks to Adriano Rafael Gomes (Closes: #594266)
* debian/wicd-daemon.config: don't ask if all users are already
  in the netdev group (Closes: #588078)
* debian/wicd-cli.8: explain -w/--save and -m/--name (Closes: #583586)
* debian/wicd-daemon.wicd.init, export $PATH, makes the daemon work
  in a clean environment. Thanks to Peter Palfrader (Closes: #604810)
* debian/wicd-curses.postrm: redirect stderr (Closes: #605338)

17. By David Paleino on 2010-05-29

* debian/patches/series:
  - 26-support_etc-network_scripts.patch disabled, needs more proper
    support (reopen #579497)

16. By David Paleino on 2010-05-25

* Urgency high because of RC #582980
* debian/patches:
  - 25-use_dhcpcd_also_in_Debian.patch refreshed, to make it work
    again with dhcpcd. Thanks to Brad Jorsch (Closes: #582980)
  - 30-make_connection_info_selectable.patch added (Closes: #571579)

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