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22. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with upstream on 2012-05-22
  - Support <meta charset>
* debian/patches/050_entity-h-clean.patch: Removed (meged upstream)
* debian/patches/110_form-input-text.patch:
  - Assume "text" if an input type is unknown (closes: #615843)
* debian/patches/100_use-cppflags.patch: Use $(CPPFLAGS) with $(CPP)
* debian/rules:
  - Fix CPPFLAGS hardening flags missing (closes: #665491)
  - Accept linux-gnueabi for w3m-img (closes: #673123)
* debian/mime: Use charset for mailcap (closes: #282784)

21. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

Add the configure option --with-imagelib=imlib2 (closes: #672121)

20. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

[ Tatsuya Kinoshita ]
* debian/patches/070_glibc2.14.patch:
  Patch from Ubuntu to unbreak compilation with eglibc 2.14 (LP: #935540)
* debian/patches/080_gc72.patch:
  Patch from Gentoo to support Boehm GC 7.2
* debian/patches/090_parallel-make.patch:
  Patch from Gentoo to fix parallel make issue
* Update copyright-format version to 1.0
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3

[ HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai) ]
* debian/control: update my email address
* debian/changelog: fix typo

19. By HIGUCHI Daisuke <email address hidden>

* debian/control
  - Mark w3m Multi-Arch: foreign.
    Patch from 0.5.3-4ubuntu1, provided by Steve Langasek.
  - update Vcs-* fields to use anonscm.debian.org.
  - update Uploaders name-addr.
* debian/rules: enable hardening options
* debian/patches/050_entity-h-clean.patch
  do not remove entity.h. because generated file is a little deferent
  than original, so it is unable to unapply.

18. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/060_format-security.patch: Patch from 0.5.3-3ubuntu1 to
  appease gcc -Werror=format-security, provided by Colin Watson.
  (closes: #646321)
* debian/control: Use linux-any to depend on a Linux-specific package.
  (closes: #634340)
* debian/copyright: Appease missing-license-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright.

17. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/control:
  - Add Vcs-* fields. (closes: #625532)
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.2.
* debian/rules: Add the targets build-arch and build-indep.
* debian/copyright: Switch to the DEP-5 format.

16. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/control: Add Uploaders and DM-Upload-Allowed for the co-maintainer
  HIGUCHI Daisuke.
* debian/rules, debian/*docs: To add doc/README.cookie, install doc/README*
  and then remove doc/README.cygwin.

15. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with the upstream development
  snapshot on 2011-01-17, just a typo fix for ChangeLog.
* debian/patches/040_link_gcc45.patch: Patch from 0.5.2-10ubuntu1 to
  explicitly link w3mimgdisplay with -lX11 to build with gcc 4.5,
  provided by Martin Pitt. (closes: #605761)
* debian/patches/050_entity-h-clean.patch: Patch to remove entity.h when
  `make clean'.
* debian/copyright: Updated.

14. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with the upstream development
  snapshot on 2010-10-11.
  - Better non-ascii handling. (closes: #138891, #313365)
  - Introduce mailto_options. (closes: #473780)
  - All elements have the id attribute. (closes: #573789)
  - Define ATTR_ROWSPAN_MAX to check rowspan. (LP: #131993, LP: #619500)
  - Update the man page. (closes: #595534)
  - Add a FILES section to the man page. (closes: #403634)
  - Mention the -I option in the man page. (closes: #398260, #530515)
* debian/patches/020_button.patch: Patch from upstream to support the
  button element. It is discussed upstream and incomplete, but enough to
  login Launchpad. (LP: #628755, closes: #136810)
* debian/patches/040_maximum-cols.patch: Removed. (merged upstream)
* debian/control, debian/rules: Use autotools-dev (>= 20100122) to update
  config.guess and config.sub.
* debian/patches/020_config-guess.patch: Removed.

13. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with the upstream development
  snapshot on 2010-08-04.
  - Check width, rows and cols to prevent a large memory allocation.
    (Closes: #491400, #492290)
* debian/patches/040_maximum-cols.patch: Patch from upstream to define
  MAXIMUM_COLS to check COLS. (Closes: #387751)
* debian/patches/030_pager-s-option.patch: Change the -s option from
  "display charset Shift_JIS" to "squeeze multiple blank lines" to work
  as /usr/bin/pager. (rejected upstream)
* debian/README.Debian: Mention the -s option difference.
* debian/rules: Set INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY to not use install -s.
  (Closes: #438260)
* debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.files, debian/w3m-img.postinst,
  debian/w3m-img.prerm: Don't use dpkg-statoverride. (Closes: #562824)
* debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.lintian-overrides: Install lintian override
  to ignore the setgid-binary warning.
* debian/postrm: Removed.
* debian/dirs, debian/rules: Install the Bonus directory.
* debian/docs: Add doc/README.passwd.

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