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14. By Iustin Pop

Add patch from Steven Chamberlain fixing build failures of the
embedded gtest copy on kFreeBSD (Closes: #675837)

13. By Iustin Pop

[ Matthias Klose ]
* Work around build failure with GCC 4.7. Closes: #672094.

[ Jakub Adam ]
* Install libprotobuf-java without reference to parent POM
  (Closes: #648672)

[ Iustin Pop ]
* libprotobuf-java:
  - remove dependency on default-jre (Closes: #653115)
  - revert the jar name change introduced in 2.4.1, due to the use of
    maven helper (Closes: #648850)
* Bump priority of packages from extra to optional (Closes: #664744)
* Enable hardening flags (Closes: #673675)

12. By Iustin Pop

[ Thomas Koch ]
* remove ant-wrapper, which worked around #491074
* patch: revert_upstream_issue_388_about_rpath
* publish maven artifacts (Closes: #644263)

[ Iustin Pop ]
* Fix (again) the pkg-test script
* Update section based on override disparities
* Imported Upstream version 2.4.1
* Modify debian/rules directly not via patches
* Drop .la files per ReleaseGoals/LAFileRemoval

11. By Iustin Pop

Re-upload to unstable

10. By Iustin Pop

* Thanks to Peter Palfrader for finding the two bugs below:
* Disable setuptools auto-download in case of wrong dependencies, and
  fix the current dependency version (Closes: #593269)
* Fix the python cleanup rule, by always running the individual steps
  (Closes: #593268)

9. By Iustin Pop

* Acknowledge NMU (thanks Giuseppe!)
* Update packaging to comply with policy 3.9.1 (.la files are still
  shipped though)
* Updated watch file to account for code.google.com brokeness

8. By Giuseppe Iuculano

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Build-depends on on default-jdk and set JAVA_HOME to
  /usr/lib/jvm/default-java (Closes: #587732)

7. By Iustin Pop

* Fix "FTBFS on armel (test-suite failure)" by disabling optimizations
  of a troublesome function (idea taken from #580334) (Closes: #572923)
* Standards version 3.8.4 (no changes needed)
* Update my address to the @debian.org one

6. By Robert Edmonds

* New upstream version.
* Split out libprotobuf-lite from the libprotobuf package.
* Add CFLAGS specific to sh4; closes: #560322.

5. By Dirk Eddelbuettel

* Non-maintainer upload
* New upstream release made this evening correction major SONAME
* debian/control: Updated major version to 5 (Closes: #556563)
* debian/rules: Updated two links to use libproto*5
* debian/libprotobuf5.shlibs: Added
* debian/libprotoc5.shlibs: Added

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