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64. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - hpsa: Fix problem with MSA2xxx devices (Closes: #661057)
  - IB/core: Fix mismatch between locked and pinned pages
  - iommu: Fix off by one in dmar_get_fault_reason()
  - vfs: make AIO use the proper rw_verify_area() area helpers
  - HID: logitech: read all 32 bits of report type bitfield (Closes: #671292)
  - USB: Remove races in devio.c
  - ext{3,4}: Fix error handling on inode bitmap corruption
  - uvcvideo: Fix ENUMINPUT handling
  - dl2k: Clean up rio_ioctl (CVE-2012-2313)
  - [x86] MCE: Fix vm86 handling for 32bit mce handler
  - [x86] mce: Fix check for processor context when machine check was taken.
  - ethtool: Null-terminate filename passed to ethtool_ops::flash_device
  - NFSv4: Fix buffer overflows in ACL support (CVE-2012-2375)
    + Avoid reading past buffer when calling GETACL
    + Avoid beyond bounds copy while caching ACL

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* be2net: Backport most changes up to Linux 3.5-rc1, thanks to
  Sarveshwar Bandi (Closes: #673391)
  - Add support for Skyhawk cards
* net/sched: Add codel and fq_codel from Linux 3.5-rc1
* [x86] udeb: Add hyperv-modules containing Hyper-V paravirtualised drivers
* [x86] ata_piix: defer disks to the Hyper-V drivers by default
* [x86] drm/i915:: Disable FBC on SandyBridge (Closes: #675022)
* AppArmor: compatibility patch for v5 interface (Closes: #661151)
* hugepages: fix use after free bug in "quota" handling (CVE-2012-2133)
* [x86] mm: pmd_read_atomic: fix 32bit PAE pmd walk vs pmd_populate SMP race
  condition (CVE-2012-2373)
* hugetlb: fix resv_map leak in error path (CVE-2012-2390)
* [SCSI] fix scsi_wait_scan (Closes: #647436)

63. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - hugetlb: prevent BUG_ON in hugetlb_fault() -> hugetlb_cow()
  - net: l2tp: unlock socket lock before returning from l2tp_ip_sendmsg
  - [sparc] sparc64: Do not clobber %g2 in xcall_fetch_glob_regs().
  - ext4: avoid deadlock on sync-mounted FS w/o journal
  - brcm80211: smac: fix endless retry of A-MPDU transmissions
    (Closes: #672891)
  - target: Fix SPC-2 RELEASE bug for multi-session iSCSI client setups
  - ALSA: hda/idt - Fix power-map for speaker-pins with some HP laptops
    (Closes: #672582)
  - usbnet: fix skb traversing races during unlink(v2)
  - [arm] prevent VM_GROWSDOWN mmaps extending below FIRST_USER_ADDRESS

[ Jonathan Nieder ]
* wacom: Add support for various tablet models (Closes: #671801)
* rt2800usb: Add support for Ralink RT5392/RF5372 chipset (Closes: #673186)

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* test-patches: Fix -j option, broken since 3.1.0-1~experimental.1
* rt2800usb: Re-enable powersaving by default, as it should work better
  than in 2.6.38
* [sparc,sparc64] Build virtio-modules-udeb for use in qemu (Closes: #673320)
* KVM: mmu_notifier: Flush TLBs before releasing mmu_lock
* [x86] KVM: nVMX: Fix erroneous exception bitmap check
* [x86] KVM: VMX: vmx_set_cr0 expects kvm->srcu locked
* [s390] KVM: do store status after handling STOP_ON_STOP bit
* [s390] KVM: Sanitize fpc registers for KVM_SET_FPU
* ACPI battery: only refresh the sysfs files when pertinent information
  changes (Closes: #670958)

62. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - md: fix possible corruption of array metadata on shutdown.
  - ext4: fix endianness breakage in ext4_split_extent_at()
  - KVM: unmap pages from the iommu when slots are removed (CVE-2012-2121)
  - btrfs: btrfs_root_readonly() broken on big-endian
  - ocfs2: Fix various bugs affecting big-endian architectures
  - lockd: fix the endianness bug
  - phonet: Check input from user before allocating
  - netlink: fix races after skb queueing
  - net: fix a race in sock_queue_err_skb()
  - net/ethernet: ks8851_mll fix rx frame buffer overflow
  - x86, apic: APIC code touches invalid MSR on P5 class machines
  - drm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_execbuffer2()
  - drm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_do_execbuffer()
  - USB: cdc-wdm: fix race leading leading to memory corruption
  - autofs: make the autofsv5 packet file descriptor use a packetized pipe
    (Closes: #633423)
  - efi: Validate UEFI boot variables
  - efivars: Improve variable validation
  - fs/cifs: fix parsing of dfs referrals
  - hfsplus: Fix potential buffer overflows (CVE-2012-2319)
  - exit_signal: fix the "parent has changed security domain" logic

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* aufs: Enable AUFS_EXPORT
* ext4: Report max_batch_time option correctly (Closes: #654206)
* [i386/rt-686-pae] Enable HIGHMEM64G as intended for this configuration
* NFSv4: Revalidate uid/gid after open (Closes: #659111)
* sky2: propogate rx hash when packet is copied
* sky2: fix receive length error in mixed non-VLAN/VLAN traffic
  (Closes: #492853)
* KVM: Ensure all vcpus are consistent with in-kernel irqchip settings
* KVM: lock slots_lock around device assignment (CVE-2012-2121)
* [rt] bump version to 3.2.16-rt27

[ Bastian Blank ]
* [s390] Enable IUCV special message support. (closes: #671238)

[ Arnaud Patard ]
* [armhf] Add vexpress support from Vagrant Cascadian with a slightly
  modified kernel configuration (Closes: #670462)
* [armel] Introduce a new udeb module for leds and use it on kirkwoord
  kernel thanks to Simon Guinot (Closes: #671200)

61. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - drm/i915: properly compute dp dithering for user-created modes
    (Closes: #666360)
  - md/bitmap: prevent bitmap_daemon_work running while initialising bitmap
  - [ia64] Fix futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic() (Closes: #659485)
  - USB: serial: fix race between probe and open
  - fcaps: clear the same personality flags as suid when fcaps are used
  - ACPICA: Fix to allow region arguments to reference other scopes
    (Closes: #661581)
  - futex: Do not leak robust list to unprivileged process
  - drm/radeon/kms: fix the regression of DVI connector check
    (Closes: #670047)

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* rt2x00: Identify rt2800usb chipsets. (Closes: #658067)
* [x86] Add EFI boot stub support (Closes: #669033)
* brcmsmac: "INTERMEDIATE but not AMPDU" only when tracing
* NFSv4: Fix error handling and improve error reporting for file locking
  (Closes: #669270)
  - Rate limit the state manager for lock reclaim warning messages
  - Ensure that the LOCK code sets exception->inode
  - Ensure that we check lock exclusive/shared type against open modes
* [x86] i915: Fix integer overflows in i915_gem_{do_execbuffer,execbuffer2}
* Revert "autofs: work around unhappy compat problem on x86-64".
  Reopens #633423.

60. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - drm/radeon/kms: fix fans after resume (Closes: #596741)
  - sysctl: fix write access to dmesg_restrict/kptr_restrict
  - [x86] PCI: use host bridge _CRS info on MSI MS-7253 (Closes: #619034)
  - nfs: Fix length of buffer copied in __nfs4_get_acl_uncached
  - [x86] ioat: fix size of 'completion' for Xen (Closes: #660554)
  - cred: copy_process() should clear child->replacement_session_keyring

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* net: fix /proc/net/dev regression (Closes: #659499)
* [armel/orion5x] Fix GPIO enable bits for MPP9 (Closes: #667446)
* [x86] drm/i915: mask transcoder select bits before setting them on LVDS
* [armhf/mx5,mipsel/loongson-2f] input: Enable INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN
  (Closes: #668036)
* [x86] hv: Update all Hyper-V drivers to 3.4-rc1 (Closes: #661318)
* hugetlb: fix race condition in hugetlb_fault()

59. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - mm: thp: fix pmd_bad() triggering in code paths holding mmap_sem
    read mode (CVE-2012-1179)
  - hugetlbfs: avoid taking i_mutex from hugetlbfs_read()
  - md/bitmap: ensure to load bitmap when creating via sysfs
    (Closes: #661558)
  - md: dont set md arrays to readonly on shutdown
  - md/raid1,raid10: avoid deadlock during resync/recovery (Closes: #584881)
  - md: fix clearing of the changed flags for the bad blocks list
  - xfs: fix inode lookup race
  - sysctl: protect poll() in entries that may go away
  - NFSv4: Rate limit the state manager warning messages (Closes: #666121)
  - jbd2: clear BH_Delay & BH_Unwritten in journal_unmap_buffer
  - ext4: ignore EXT4_INODE_JOURNAL_DATA flag with delalloc
  - ext4: fix race between sync and completed io work
  - ext4: check for zero length extent
  - vfs: fix d_ancestor() case in d_materialize_unique
  - udf: Fix deadlock in udf_release_file()
  - dm crypt: add missing error handling
  - dm thin: fix stacked bi_next usage
  - xfs: Fix oops on IO error during xlog_recover_process_iunlinks()
  - NFSv4: Fix two infinite loops in the mount code
  - drm/i915: suspend fbdev device around suspend/hibernate
    (Closes: #645547)
  - net: fix a potential rcu_read_lock() imbalance in rt6_fill_node()
  - [x86] tls: Off by one limit check
  - PCI: ASPM: Fix pcie devices with non-pcie children (Closes: #665420)

[ Jonathan Nieder ]
* ata: Enable PATA_IT8213 as module (Closes: #666506)

58. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - aio: fix io_setup/io_destroy race
  - aio: fix the "too late munmap()" race
  - vfs: fix double put after complete_walk()
  - acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Lenovo machines (Closes: #655941)
  - tcp: fix false reordering signal in tcp_shifted_skb
  - r8169: corrupted IP fragments fix for large mtu
  - tcp: don't fragment SACKed skbs in tcp_mark_head_lost()
  - tcp: fix tcp_shift_skb_data() to not shift SACKed data below snd_una
  - block: Fix NULL pointer dereference in sd_revalidate_disk
    (Closes: #649735)
  - block: fix __blkdev_get and add_disk race condition

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [powerpc] Enable KVM_GUEST
* [s390] Ignore arch_pick_mmap_layout version change; it should not be
  needed by modules (fixes FTBFS)
* [x86] Disable POHMELFS; this version is obsolete
* epoll: Don't limit non-nested epoll paths
* CIFS: Fix a spurious error in cifs_push_posix_locks
* [rt] bump rt patch to version 3.2.11-rt20
* aufs: Update to aufs3.2-20120312
* tcp: fix syncookie regression
* ipv6: Don't dev_hold(dev) in ip6_mc_find_dev_rcu

[ Jonathan Nieder ]
* [x86] Enable RTS5139 as module (Closes: #663912)

57. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - [i386] i387: move TS_USEDFPU flag from thread_info to task_struct
  - [x86] additional refactoring of FPU/SSE state save and restore
  - vfs: fix d_inode_lookup() dentry ref leak
  - target: Allow control CDBs with data > 1 page
  - epoll: introduce POLLFREE to flush ->signalfd_wqh before kfree()
  - epoll: ep_unregister_pollwait() can use the freed pwq->whead
  - epoll: limit paths (CVE-2011-1083)
  - cdrom: use copy_to_user() without the underscores

[ Bastian Blank ]
* [mips,mipsel] Also remove ext4 modules from installer.

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Update debconf template translations:
  - Update Dutch (Willem Kuyn) (Closes: #658736)
  - Add Polish (Michał Kułach) (Closes: #658912)
* Bump ABI to 2
* fs: Introduce and enable security restrictions on links:
  - Do not follow symlinks in /tmp that are owned by other users
    (sysctl: fs.protected_symlinks)
  - Do not allow unprivileged users to create hard links to sensitive files
    (sysctl: fs.protected_hardlinks) (Closes: #609455)
    + This breaks the 'at' package in stable, which will be fixed shortly
      (see #597130)
  The precise restrictions are specified in Documentation/sysctl/fs.txt in
  the linux-doc-3.2 and linux-source-3.2 packages.
* iwlwifi: fix key removal (Closes: #651199)
* cgroups: Set CGROUP_PERF
* media/rc: Enable RC_ATI_REMOTE as module
* gspca: Enable USB_GSPCA_TOPRO as module
* dvb-usb: Enable DVB_USB_PCTV452E, DVB_USB_MXL111SF as modules

[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [x86] Update rt featureset to 3.2.9-rt15

56. By Ben Hutchings

* New upstream stable update:
  - ALSA: hda - Apply 0x0f-VREF fix to all ASUS laptops with ALC861/660
    (Closes: #657302)
  - [armhf] vfp: flush thread hwstate before restoring context from sigframe
  - proc: mem_release() should check mm != NULL
  - proc: make sure mem_open() doesnt pin the targets memory
  - [arm] sched/rt: Fix task stack corruption under
  - eCryptfs: Infinite loop due to overflow in ecryptfs_write()
  - iscsi-target: Fix reject release handling in iscsit_free_cmd()
  - iscsi-target: Fix double list_add with iscsit_alloc_buffs reject
  - pcmcia: fix socket refcount decrementing on each resume

[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* hwmon: backport IT8728F support for linux 3.3.

[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [amd64] Update rt featureset to 3.2.5-rt12
* [i386] enable rt featureset for 686-pae

[ Arnaud Patard ]
* Merge ixp4xx oops fix when probing mtd.

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Change linux-image dependencies to allow kmod as an alternative to
* relay: prevent integer overflow in relay_open()
* builddeb: Don't create files in /tmp with predictable names
* ath9k: fix a WEP crypto related regression (Closes: #659484)

55. By Bastian Blank

* New upstream stable update:
  - eCryptfs: Sanitize write counts of /dev/ecryptfs
  - eCryptfs: Make truncate path killable
  - eCryptfs: Check inode changes in setattr
  - drm/i915: paper over missed irq issues with force wake voodoo
  - tpm_tis: add delay after aborting command (Closes: #649033)
  - USB: ftdi_sio: fix initial baud rate (Closes: #658164)
  - USB: Realtek cr: fix autopm scheduling while atomic (Closes: #656724)

[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [armel] Add mv78xx0 flavour; thanks to Steve McIntyre for the config
* net: Disable FIXED_PHY; this driver only causes trouble
* PCI: Rework ASPM disable code (fixes power usage regression on some

[ Bastian Blank ]
* Remove unneeded scmversion workaround.

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