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22. By Christoph Egger

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Don't fail if kernel major version number is not single-digit (like on
  kfreebsd-10) (Closes: 688904)

21. By Andreas Beckmann <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Do not fail if /lib/modules does not exist. (Closes: #666023)
* Remove the directory where the module was installed. (Closes: #657145)

20. By Mario Limonciello

* [e24a52f] Imported Upstream version
* [09da5c7] bump standards version
* [713ebfd] add missing debhelper token to preinst
* [8970435] add versioned build depends for debhelper
* [db4238c] switch to dh7
* [13a34c7] update lintian override for DKMS apport rule

19. By Mario Limonciello

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* [c5846b6] Imported Upstream version
  - Doesn't leave files in /tmp (Closes: #633802)
  - Autoinstall works on multiple kernels (Closes: #634979) (LP: #812979)
  - PRE_BUILD command working directory fix. (LP: #812088)
* [83b5f6e] Drop kfreebsd.patch. Merged upstream

[ Giuseppe Iuculano ]
* [a80ecc5] Updated VCS control field

18. By Giuseppe Iuculano

* [c9f7ed0] Fixed kFreeBSD subdirs check
* [57c5c9d] Removed improved-error-messages.patch
* [370ff7b] Remove debian-lsb.patch. Now Ubuntu can sync from Debian

17. By Giuseppe Iuculano

* [18353fe] Imported Upstream version
* [2a56b4e] Refreshed and removed patches merged upstream.
* [c552af9] Use linux-headers-686-pae and linux-headers-amd64 in Recommends
  (Closes: #628873)

16. By Giuseppe Iuculano

[ Michael Gilbert ]
* [430b97f] Fix logging for compound make statements (closes: #577972)
  - Thanks to Anders Kaseorg!
* [935ae61] Check for debhelper when using 'dkms mkdeb' (closes: #592863)
* [e739e8c] fixup logging patch

[ Giuseppe Iuculano ]
* [46cc01a] Merge from Ubuntu: Before using the current kernel we need to make
  sure that this kernel doesn't belong to the host of a chroot and we should
  also be more careful when adding kernels to the candidates list
  (LP: #602408). - Thanks to Alberto Milone
* [313d661] Merge from Ubuntu: depend on patch instead of recommending it, if
  its missing the "patches" feature of dkms will no longer work and that will
  cause build failures (LP: #653899) Thanks to Michael Vogt

15. By Giuseppe Iuculano

* [bd3b35d] Set DISTRIB_ID=Debian in case lsb_release is missing
* [2465627] Removed lsb-release from Pre-Depends
* [1732998] Do not use lsb_release to determine the distribution, add
  a static assignment (Closes: #547353)
* [d00ff09] Do not return error if /etc/dkms/framework.conf is missing
  (LP: #613407) - thanks to pasadrul
* [618efc8] Copy from the right directory with mkdsc and copy
  source.changes when building with mkdsc (LP: #611652) - thanks to
  David Henningsson
* [f23d6b0] Bump to standards-version 3.9.1, no changes needed

14. By Giuseppe Iuculano

* [f649aa1] Added coreutils >= 7.4 in Depends (Closes: #586356)
* [01c7c14] Remove old modules when removing a kernel (Closes: #586724)
  - thanks to Jan Muszynski
* [b6182ba] Bump to Standards-Version 3.9.0, no changes needed
* [eaeddb3] dkms_common.postinst: handle dkms build error gracefully
  by skipping build for the non matching kernels. (Closes: #588585) -
  thanks to Jan-Marek Glogowski
* [73533c2] Promote lsb-release to Pre-Depends (Closes: #589308)

13. By Giuseppe Iuculano

[ Michael Gilbert ]
* Update to source format 3 (quilt) for better patch management/handling.
* Improve the status info displayed during the kernel postinst, and
  provide informative/useful messages when things go awry.
* Fix bashism in dkms_common.postinst (closes: #581079).
* Document odd behavior of MAKE[#] (closes: #553625).
* Document package naming convention (closes: #571753).
* Use system TMPDIR setting in all scripts (closes: #581568).

[ Giuseppe Iuculano ]
* [208b229] Added a lintian override for python-script-but-no-python-
  dep, dkms.py is an apport hook

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