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42. By Bastian Blank

* Remove superfluous directory specs. (closes: #794200)
* Set default pid directory to /run. (closes: #783120)
* Force activation of snapshots in initramfs. (closes: #555958)
* Cleanup initramfs-tools scripts.
* Set architecture to linux-any. (closes: #638255)

41. By Ben Hutchings

* Non-maintainer upload
* Add support for /dev/VG/LV naming in initramfs (Closes: #780319)

40. By Ben Hutchings

* Non-maintainer upload
* Add initramfs-tools boot script for preparing additional block
  devices (Closes: #775583)

39. By Bastian Blank

* Install additional man-pages. (closes: #587277, #760679)
* Remove re-start of non-existing systemd unit. (closes: #760682)
* Add dm-raid support to initramfs. (closes: #699804)
* Fix version in one symbols. (closes: #762705)

38. By Bastian Blank

* New upstream version.
* Install more systemd units:
  - Add dm-event.service and dm-event.socket to dmeventd.
  - Add lvm2-monitor.service to lvm2 and start it.
* Enable monitoring by default:
  - Add dependency on dmeventd to lvm2 and liblvm2cmd2.02.

37. By Bastian Blank

New upstream version.

36. By Bastian Blank

* Enable cache support. (closes: #749599)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.5:
  - Strip XC-prefix.

35. By Bastian Blank

* New upstream version.
* Break older thin-provisioning-tools.

34. By Bastian Blank

* Don't longer disable O_DIRECT.
* Install lvmetad systemd units:
  - Don't activate it always.
  - Set sbin dir.

33. By Bastian Blank

* New upstream version.
* Hard-code locations of thin utils.
* Move development stuff into multi-arch paths.
* Enable lvmetad. (closes: #704759)
* Re-use patched upstream udev rules.
  - Remove own copy.
  - Rename during installation.
  - Make compatible.
* Re-organize initramfs-tools installation.
* Install systemd units:
  - Add non-generator activation-services.
  - Alias to mask lvm2 init script.
  - Build-depend on dh-systemd.
* Add tmpfiles info.

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