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14. By Simon McVittie

* New upstream release 0.1.6, 0.1.7
  - fixes various compiler warnings that were mistakenly fatal in 0.1.5
    (Closes: #743232, #743233)
  - update symbols file for new API
* Explicitly disable -Werror, even if we package a non-release in future
* Don't run tests during the build. We were ignoring failures already,
  and they sometimes hang until the buildd terminates them.
  Upstream (Olivier CrĂȘte) says they are stable enough to be useful
  for developers, but not for integration testing.

13. By Simon McVittie

* New upstream release (Closes: #705101)
  - update debian/copyright
  - update symbols
* Fix some Lintian warnings
  - duplicate short description
  - non-canonical Vcs-Git
* Add dependency on autotools-dev so our old config.* get updated
* Use dh_autoreconf
* Get verbose output from tests
* Standards-Version: 3.9.4 (no further changes)
* Release to unstable

12. By Laurent Bigonville

* New upstream release.
  - Bump libglib2.0-dev build-dependency
* debian/control:
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no further changes)
  - Bump libgstreamer0.10-dev build-dependency to have multiarch support
* Install gstreamer0.10-nice into multiarch path

11. By Laurent Bigonville

* debian/control: Update Vcs-* URL
* debian/rules: Do not make tests fatal has they seems to fail when the
  machine is under load (Closes: #593023).

10. By Laurent Bigonville

* New upstream release.
* debian/control:
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no further changes)
  - Make libnice-dev Depends against libglib2.0-dev instead of just
    Recommending it
* Follow multi-arch specification

9. By Sjoerd Simons

Add a Breaks: libgstfarsight0.10-0 (<< 0.22) for the gstreamer plugin as
farsight uses one libnice ABI and the gstreamer element uses another
libnice ABI things tend to go horribly wrong.

8. By Sjoerd Simons

New upstream release

7. By Laurent Bigonville

Disable check on non-linux arch for now as they are buggy on these arch

6. By Laurent Bigonville

Re-enable gupnp-igd support

5. By Sjoerd Simons

[ Laurent Bigonville ]
* New upstream release
* Add libgupnp-igd-1.0-dev build-dep and pass --enable-gupnp to configure
* debian/control:
  - Add explicit libglib2.0-dev build-dep
* debian/copyright: Cleanup copyright file to please lintian
* debian/update-patches.mk: Fix script to work with last git version

[ Sjoerd Simons ]
* New Upstream release (0.0.8)
* Disable UPNP support until libgupnp-igd comes out of the NEW queue

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