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115. By Colin Watson on 2015-10-13

[ Linn Crosetto ]
* Clean up docs, mpi, and other files (closes: #798607).

[ dann frazier ]
* progress: avoid NULL dereference for net files. (LP: #1459872)

114. By Colin Watson on 2015-09-06

Reduce the CFLAGS -O3 default on Ubuntu ppc64el to -O2; it introduces
various -Werror failures and isn't worth it here.

113. By Colin Watson on 2015-06-14

[ William Grant ]
* Fix linuxefi module to be included on x86_64-efi rather than amd64-efi.
  amd64-efi isn't a thing. (LP: #1464959)

[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Recognise Xen xbd and KVM virtio disks on kFreeBSD (closes: #786621).

112. By Colin Watson on 2015-05-14

[ Debconf translations ]
* [da] Danish (Joe Dalton; closes: #781333).

[ Felix Zielcke ]
* Run the tests with LC_MESSAGES=C.UTF-8. Some tests fail with non
  english locale. (Closes: #782580)

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Backport from upstream:
  - arp, icmp: Fix handling in case of oversized or invalid packets.
    (LP: #1428005)

[ Robie Basak ]
* Change the default GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT to 30, so interactive users
  still get the opporunity to intervene after a real boot failure, but
  headless users will not end up stuck after boot failures that were
  really power failures (closes: #782552, LP: #1443735).

111. By Colin Watson on 2015-03-23

* Make grub-common's Suggests on grub-emu architecture-specific, to
  quieten debcheck.
* Remove unnecessary feature test macros from hostfs, to fix building with
  glibc 2.20.
* Backport from upstream:
  - Fix UEFI boot failure with some firmware that returns incorrect paths
    (closes: #735960).

110. By Colin Watson on 2015-01-27

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Fix overlap check in check_blocklists for load_env (backported patch
  from upstream commit 1f6af2a9; LP: #1311247).

[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Add support for running a 64-bit Linux kernel on a 32-bit EFI (closes:

[ Colin Watson ]
* Use mtmsr rather than mtmsrd in ppc64el-disable-vsx.patch, since the
  "VSX Available" bit is in the lower half of the MSR anyway, and mtmsrd
  faults on 32-bit systems (closes: #776400).

109. By Colin Watson on 2015-01-03

[ Colin Watson ]
* Generate alternative init entries in advanced menu (closes: #757298,
* When configuring grub-pc, copy unicode.pf2 to /boot/grub/ even if
  /boot/grub/grub.cfg does not exist yet; this matches the behaviour of
  grub-efi-* (thanks, Luca Capello; closes: #617196).

[ Debconf translations ]
* [fi] Finnish (Timo Jyrinki; closes: #774060).
* [mr] Marathi (sampada nakhare; closes: #773901).

108. By Ian Campbell <email address hidden> on 2014-12-22

[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Handle case insensitivity of VFAT filesystem on /boot/EFI when installing
  extra cpoy of grub-efi to the removable media path
  /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOT$ARCH.EFI (Closes: #773092)
* Make the force_efi_extra_removable debconf prompt only show up when
  configuring grub-*efi*. Closes: #773004

[ Ian Campbell ]
* Improvements to English wording of new debconf template from Justin B Rye.
* Add debian/README.source.

[ Debconf translations ]
* [eu] Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio, Closes: #772946)
* [be] Belarusian (Viktar Siarheichyk, Closes: #773054)
* [pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese (Adriano Rafael Gomes, Closes: #773682)
* [bg] Bulgarian (Damyan Ivanov, Closes: #772878)
* [cs] Czech (Miroslav Kure, Closes: #772924)
* [nl] Dutch (Frans Spiesschaert, Closes: 773637)
* [eo] Esperanto (Felipe Castro, Closes: #773096)
* [fi] Finish (Timo Jyrinki, Closes: #772921)
* [fr] French (Christian PERRIER, Closes: #772771)
* [de] German (Martin Eberhard Schauer, Closes: #773664)
* [el] Greek (Panagiotis Georgakopoulos, Closes: #773068)
* [he] Hebrew (Omer Zak, Closes: #773377)
* [is] Icelandic (Sveinn í Felli, Closes: #772922)
* [it] Italian (Luca Monducci, Closes: #773553)
* [kk] Kazakh (Baurzhan Muftakhidinov, Closes: #772916)
* [lt] Lithuanian (Rimas Kudelis, Closes: #773060)
* [pl] Polish (Łukasz Dulny, Closes: #772930)
* [ro] Romanian (Andrei POPESCU, Closes: #773349)
* [ru] Russian (Yuri Kozlov, Closes: #773211)
* [sl] Slovenian (Vanja Cvelbar, Closes: #773508)
* [es] Spanish (Manuel "Venturi" Porras Peralta, Closes: #773222)
* [sv] Swedish (Martin Bagge & Anders Jonsson, Closes: 773208)
* [th] Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Closes: #773160)
* [zh_TW] Traditional Chinese (Vincent W. Chen, Closes: #773418)
* [tr] Turkish (Mert Dirik, Closes: #773666)

107. By Ian Campbell <email address hidden> on 2014-12-08

[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Add support for forcing an extra copy of grub-efi to the removable
  media path /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOT$ARCH.EFI (#767037)

[ Ian Campbell ]
* Add myself to Uploaders.

106. By Ian Campbell <email address hidden> on 2014-11-30

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix up some pointer-to-integer casts in linuxefi so that it can build on
* Backport from upstream:
  - Fix typo (gettext_print instead of gettext_printf) (LP: #1390766).

[ Ian Campbell ]
* Correct syntax error in grub-xen-host bootstrap configuration file.
* Log failure when grub-install fails in postinst, rather than failing the
  entire postinst. (Closes: #770412)
* Arrange to insmod xzio and lzopio when booting a kernel as a Xen guest.
  (Closes: #755256)

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