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15. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2013-07-19

[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* Add missing space in printed sentence after lintian checks.

[ Y Giridhar Appaji Nag ]
* dcut honours ssh_config_options, thanks Luca Falavigna (Closes: #656692)
* Allow quote in DEBFULLNAME, thanks Thomas Preud'homme (Closes: #578617)
* Fix HTTPS auth urllib2 failures, thanks Chow Loong Jin (Closes: #580505)
* Merge NUMs to git, thanks Thijs Kinkhorst and Alberto Á. Fuentes
* Remove jp server from dput.cf, thanks Hideki Yamane (Closes: #703858)
* Check for execute perms of /usr/bin/gpg instead of read, thanks Richard
  Laager (Closes: #595505)
* Add missing stdout flush between "Uploading" and "done." for ftp, thanks
  Thorsten Glaser (Closes: #664685)
* Apply patch from Jan Hauke Rahm to catch exception if there is no section
  in the config file for a given default_host (Closes: #621507)
* Apply Andrew Shadura's patch for various manpage fixes (Closes: #695175)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (add build-arch and build-indep etc.)

14. By Thijs Kinkhorst on 2013-03-31

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Update dput.cf to deal with backports.org being integrated into
  the main archive (Closes: #704228).

13. By Alberto Á. Fuentes <email address hidden> on 2012-10-14

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Discourage people to upload packages to the wrong archive (Closes: #561678)
* Deleted obsolete comment about gluck (Closes: #674585)
* Use case and example about dcut added to man page. Thanks
  Hideki Yamane <email address hidden> (Closes: #688871)

12. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2012-03-06

* volatile archive has been discontinued (Closes: #661374)
* Change Vcs-Browser to anonscm.d.o from git.d.o
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no changes required)

11. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2011-03-10

[ Gerfried Fuchs ]
* Remove .org from the backports target name.

[ Y Giridhar Appaji Nag ]
* Change the default backports configuration (Closes: #595726)
* Clarify the -m option in dcut.1 (Closes: #608634)
* Don't suggest yaclc, it is no longer in the archive
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no changes required)

10. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2010-07-08

* Use hashlib instead of md5/sha modules for Python 2.6 (Closes: #517831)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.0 (no changes required)

9. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2010-05-21

* Correct bash completion for --delayed
* Use %s to print HTTP response reason string (not a number)
* Compute md5sums to fix lintian I: no-md5sums-control-file, thanks
  Loïc Minier <email address hidden> (Closes: #564783)
* Mark self.closed = 1 to prevent messing up of display with setting
  progress_indicator=2, thanks Kan-Ru Chen <email address hidden> for
  the patch (Closes: #488316)
* Add allow_cut = 1 to security-master-* (Closes: #574506)
* Fix handling of version for multi-digit epochs (Closes: #577825)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no changes required)
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (native) format
* Don't warn about a DELAYED/0-day upload, just print (Closes: #553198)

8. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2009-08-31

* Fix lintian (pedantic) warnings and info messages
  + I: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign in dcut(1)
  + P: maintainer-script-without-set-e
  + P: copyright-refers-to-symlink-license
* set method = ftp as applicable in default dput.cf (Closes: #544360)
* Initialize options['changes'] in dcut, include the changes file itself
  when using dcut -i. Thanks gregor herrmann <email address hidden> for the
  report and fix (Closes: #544440)

7. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2009-03-28

* Don't display "Not running dinstall." message, thanks Mark Brown
  <email address hidden> for the suggestion (Closes: #520186)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.8.1 (no changes required)
* Don't mix tabs and spaces for indentation (Closes: #506433)
* dcut tries $EMAIL before using pwent from getpwuid if $DEBEMAIL is
  not available (Closes: #520694)
* Fix rsync upload method to dereference symlinks (Closes: #507634)
* Add -U option to prevent writing an upload log (Closes: #454289)

6. By Y Giridhar Appaji Nag on 2009-02-24

[ Thomas Viehmann ]
* debian/control: Remove Thomas from uploaders, he cannot upload

[ Y Giridhar Appaji Nag ]
* Integrate patch from Ansgar Burchardt to reduce memory usage while
  computing file checksum (Closes: #514388)
* Change version number format to x.y.x for dput and x.y for dcut

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