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30. By Moritz Muehlenhoff <email address hidden> on 2013-07-19

Correct target distribution

29. By Tony Mancill on 2012-01-31

* Upload to stable security for CVE-2011-4858, among others.
* Adjust d/control to more closely match squeeze:
  - remove tomcat6-extras binary package (would be NEW in squeeze)
  - remove JRE from tomcat6-common Depends
* Revert multi-arch patch in /etc/init.d/tomcat6.

28. By Tony Mancill on 2011-02-12

* Team upload.
* Update Vcs-* fields in debian/control to track security branch.
* Add patches for CVE-2011-0534, CVE-2010-3718, CVE-2011-0013
  Thanks to Moritz Muehlenhoff (Closes: #612257)

27. By Tony Mancill on 2010-12-09

* Team upload.
* Update URL for manager application in README.Debian
  Thanks to Ernesto Ongaro (Closes: #606170)
* Add patch for CVE-2010-4172. (Closes: #606388)

26. By Tony Mancill on 2010-12-04

* Team upload.

[ Thierry Carrez (ttx) ]
* Do not fail to purge if /etc/tomcat6 was manually removed (LP: #648619)
* Add missing -p option in start-stop-daemon when starting tomcat6 to avoid
  failing to start due to /bin/bash running (LP: #632554)
* Fix build failure (missing TraXLiaison class) by adding ant-nodeps
  to the classpath.

[ tony mancill ]
* Use debconf to determine tomcat6 user and group to delete upon purge.
  Thanks to Misha Koshelev. (Closes: #599458)
* Add tomcat-native to Suggests: for tomcat6 binary package.
  Thanks to Eddy Petrisor (Closes: #600590)
* Add Danish debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Joe Dalton (Closes: #605070)
* Actually add the Czech debconf template translation.
  Thanks this time to Christian PERRIER (Closes: #597863)

25. By Tony Mancill on 2010-10-06

* Team upload.
* Add Czech debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Michal Simunek. (Closes: #597863)
* Add Spanish debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Javier Fernández-Sanguino (Closes: #599230)
* Modify postinst to handle JAVA_OPTS strings containing the '/'
  character. This was causing upgrade failures for users.
  (Closes: #597814)

24. By Tony Mancill on 2010-09-17

* Team upload.
* Add Japanese debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Hideki Yamane. (Closes: #595460)
* Add Russian debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Yuri Kozlov. (Closes: #592627)
* Add Portuguese debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Américo Monteiro. (Closes: #592655)
* Add Swedish debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Martin Bagge. (Closes: #593676)
* Add German debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Holger Wansing. (Closes: #593200)

23. By Tony Mancill on 2010-09-02

* Team upload.

[Thierry Carrez (ttx)]
* Check for group existence to avoid postinst failure (LP: #611721)

[tony mancill]
* Add French debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Steve Petruzzello. (Closes: #594313)

22. By Torsten Werner on 2010-08-06

* Ignore most errors during purge. (Closes: #591867)
* Add po-debconf support.

21. By Thierry Carrez on 2010-07-20

* Add debconf questions for user, group and Java options.
* Use ucf to install /etc/default/tomcat6 from a template
* Drop CATALINA_BASE and CATALINA_HOME from /etc/default/tomcat6 since we
  shouldn't encourage users to change those anyway

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