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8. By Salvatore Bonaccorso

* Non-maintainer upload by the Security Team.
* CVE-2012-0790: Fix cross-site scripting vulnerability allowing a
  remote attacker to inject arbitrary web script or html via the
  displaymode parameter. Initial patch prepared by Antoine Beaupré.
  Add an adjustment to the patterns to exclude more special
  characters. (Closes: #659899)

7. By Niko Tyni

debian/patches/20_html-parser.dpatch: fix an incompatibility with
recent versions of HTML::Parser. (Closes: #560562)

6. By Niko Tyni

* Depend on libconfig-grammar-perl instead of bundling it. (Closes: #531196)
* Install the perl code in /usr/share/smokeping/lib instead of
* Downgrade the exim4 | mail-transport agent dependency to a suggestion.
  (Closes: #520350)
* Remove the obsolete libnet-perl dependency.
* Depend on javascript libraries instead of bundling them. (Closes: #475285)
  + cpio not used anymore. (Closes: #537026)
* Move away from /var/www but add compatibility symlinks on upgrades.
  See NEWS.Debian. (Closes: #521333)
  + automatically enable the web server configuration on new installations
    where possible.
* Serve UTF-8 by default. Thanks to Elmar Hoffmann. (Closes: #506978)
* Don't ship /var/run/smokeping, it will be created at run time.
* Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.8.2.
  + add Homepage, Vcs-Git, and Vcs-Browser information to debian/control.
* Change the alternate web server recommendation to httpd-cgi as per policy.

5. By Niko Tyni

* Unset LC_ALL in the init script because the daemon needs to
  reset LC_NUMERIC. (Closes: #489766)
* Fix a bashism in the postinst script. Thanks, lintian.

4. By Niko Tyni

* debian/patches/15_clean_makefile.dpatch:
  + remove unneeded and potentially unsecure include paths.
* debian/patches: selected patches from the upstream SVN repository
  + 40_password.dpatch: skip reading the password file when running as a CGI.
  + 50_ldap.dpatch: Make the 'scope' option in the LDAP probe actually work.
  + 60_fping.dpatch:
    * Support the '-S' (set source address, see #198486) fping option.
    * Don't try to execute fping when running as a CGI.
  + 70_syslog.dpatch: Don't die silently if syslogd is unavailable.
    (Closes: #395056)
* Remove all the autogenerated documentation at clean time, to properly
  undo the effects of the 'build' target.
* Install example configuration files for documentation.

3. By Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

* Include missing matchers methods in binary package (Closes: #295354)
* Add missing suggests: libnet-dns-perl, ssh, libio-socket-ssl-perl,
  libnet-telnet-perl (Closes: #295372)

2. By Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

Changed /usr/bin/perl for /usr/bin/speedy in the smokeping binary and the
smokeping cgi. (Closes: #140384)

1. By Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

Import upstream version 1.6

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