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11. By Roger Leigh

* Backport needed changes from unstable. All changes are
  cherry-picked from git master.
* dpkg-source v3 support:
  - ba54dd62: Sbuild::Build: Remove DSC filename assumptions breaking
              new source formats.
    Improve dpkg-source v3 source format handling. Don't hard-code
    assumptions about how the source files are named
    (Closes: #559533).
  - 7594a18c: Sbuild::Build: Don't use '-sn' with
              'dpkg-buildpackage -x'.
    '-sn' is not supported by new source formats (Closes: #583337).
* schroot 1.4 support:
  - 3426a619: Sbuild::ChrootInfoSchroot: Add find function which
              copes with chroot namespaces
  - bf2873f3: Sbuild::ChrootInfoSchroot: Parse chroot namespaces
  - 6daaf332: Sbuild::ChrootInfo: Add support for namespaces
  - 88f049b8: Sbuild::ChrootInfo: Support namespaces properly with
  - 3531b5f6: Fix regression when passing source:<distribution> as
              CHROOT for sbuild-update and friends
  These changes add support for schroot 1.4 namespaces ('chroot',
  'source' and 'session').
* 25nssdatabases comment handling from unstable:
  - 860529f8: etc/25nssdatabases: Update from schroot 20nssdatabases
  This allows the setup scripts to work with schroot 1.4 nssdatabases
  files containing comments.
* sbuild-createchroot schroot 1.4 compatibility:
  - d61a6551: sbuild-createchroot: Fix abs_path and remove deprecated
  - fcfea251: sbuild-createchroot: Document need for abs_path
  - e0583348: bin/sbuild-createchroot: fix the schroot template
  - 61deae6f: sbuild-createchroot: Fix permissions of chroot and
  These changes allow sbuild-createchroot to create schroot
  configurations compatible with schroot 1.4, and with correct
  permissions on the chroot directory and schroot configuration.

10. By Michael Banck

* sbuild:
  - disregard text after urgency field in the changelog, as further comments
    are allowed by policy (Closes: #588550).

9. By Roger Leigh

* debian/control:
  - Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.8.4.
  - Use ${misc:Depends} as required by debhelper.
* sbuild:
  - Only run "schroot --info" once on startup, to speed up the startup
    time when many chroots exist (Closes: #546624). Thanks to
    Nelson Elhage for finding this issue and suggesting a suitable
    approach for fixing it.
  - Don't append binNMU or extra version to version number for use
    in the DSC filename (Closes: #546647). Thanks to Nelson Elhage
    for finding this issue.
  - Distinguish between failed/attempted builds (Closes: #538083).
  - Build directory cleaned under all failure conditions
    (Closes: #538085).
  - Flush stdout explicitly in logger to avoid "choppy" output when
    monitoring interactively. Autoflushing stdout appears to be
    broken in Perl 5.10 so flush explicitly in addition to
    enabling autoflush. Thanks to Ryan Niebur for spotting this.
  - Print a list of all installed packages and versions, in addition
    to toolchain packages (Closes: #553301). Thanks to Felipe
    Sateler for this suggestion.
  - Don't default distribution to unstable (Closes: #559659).
    Defaulting to unstable can result in unintentional uploads of
    packages targetted at other distributions, such as experimental,
    which can potentially cause serious breakage. As a result, it is
    safer to require manually specifying the distribution, or
    explicitly setting it in the configuration file.
  - Set the man-db man-db/auto-update parameter to false to disable
    unnecessary work in a build environment.
  - Don't give back packages failing the arch check (Closes: #561936).
    Thanks to Philipp Kern for reporting this.
  - Add command-line and configuration options to enable running
    apt-get clean, upgrade and dist-upgrade prior to building. These
    complement the existing option to update the chroot, which is now
    also fixed (Closes: #521096).
  - Add $build_source variable to sbuild.conf to complement the
    --source command-line options (Closes: #564528). Thanks to
    David Bremner for this suggestion.
  - Allow setting of $build_dir in sbuild.conf (Closes: #535911).
    Thanks to Andres Mejia for this patch.
  - Add $check_space option to allow free space checking to be
    disabled (Closes: #551917). Thanks to Bruno Kleinert for this
  - --apt-update both updates and upgrades the chroot
    (Closes: #521096). Thanks to Gustavo Noronha Silva for this
    patch. Note the original bug report 'get_apt_command' error
    was fixed on the 17th March 2009.
  - Allow the use of -C as well as --check-depends-algorithm as
    documented (Closes: #546673). Thanks to Nelson Elhage for this
* Add sbuild-clean script (Closes: #551310). Thanks to Andres Mejia
  for this patch.
* sbuild-createchroot: Compute an absolute path for the chroot
  location. Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for this patch.
* wanna-build:
  - Depend on postgresql-8.4-debversion in place of
    postgresql-8.3-debversion (Closes: #559607). Thanks to Martin Pitt
    for reporting this.
  - wanna-build now reads its system configuration from the correct
    location (/etc/buildd/wanna-build.conf, not
  - Remove extra parenthesis from wanna-build-merge-packages
    (Closes: #553364). Thanks to Felipe Sateler for this patch.
* Remove absent -t option for --top from sbuild-stats.1
  (Closes: #566320). Thanks to Kurt Roeckx.
* buildd:
  - Don't bind-mount /home into the schroot. (Closes: #566315)
  - Extract architecture for .changes filename from the .changes file
    instead of just using the system arch. (Closes: #566398)
  - Fix NO_WARN_PATTERN default to not warn about sbuilds build/current-*
    symlinks. (Closes: #566722)
  - Do all w-b interaction, leave nothing of it to sbuild. (Closes: #567646,

8. By Roger Leigh

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release.
* Use version comparison functions in WannaBuild::Database
  (Closes: #521486). Thanks to Florian Weimer.
* WannaBuild::Database: Allow whitespace in Architecture field
  (Closes: #535415). Thanks to John Wright for this patch.
* Sbuild::Build, WannaBuild::Database: Add support for architecture
  aliases/wildcards (Closes: #501230). Thanks to Andres Mejia for
  these patches.
* Sbuild::Conf doesn't require STATS_DIR to exist, and
  Sbuild::Build::write_stats only uses STATS_DIR in batch mode
  (Closes: #539570).

7. By Roger Leigh

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release.
* debian/control: Update package descriptions to use correct
  English in full sentences (Closes: #531022). Thanks to
  Gerfried Fuchs for pointing this out.
* Don't include Epoch in DSC filename (Closes: #529786). Thanks
  to Gustavo Noronha Silva for spotting this.

6. By Roger Leigh

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release.
* etc/50sbuild: Don't create user home directory inside the build
  chroot. Home directories are not required for building.
* lib/Sbuild/ChrootInfoSchroot.pm: Run schroot in a C locale, to
  avoid localisation of the output which breaks parsing
  (Closes: #520755). This was preventing the detection of chroots
  in some locales.
* debian/buildd.cron.d: Move example crontab here, with entries
  commented out for now.
* debian/rules: Use dh_installcrontab to install crontabs.
* Remove buildd package for this release, because it's not yet
  ready for use.

5. By Roger Leigh

[ Roger Leigh ]
* debian/rules: Run configure setting DCMD, SUDO and SCHROOT.
  (Closes: #519097). It's not possible to install sudo as a
  build-dependency due to it not allowing automatic removal, and
  none of the commands are actually needed for the build, just
  setting the default path.
* sbuild: Don't erase default chroot environment (Closes: #519276).
  This removed APT_CONFIG, preventing sbuild from working correctly.
  Thanks to Francois-Denis Gonthier.

4. By Roger Leigh

* New release.
* sbuild-checkpackages handles --list and --set options correctly
  (Closes: #495490).
* sbuild-createchroot: Correctly parse --arch option (Closes: #495517).
  Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for this patch.
* sbuild-setup.7.in: Change permissions of /build to 02775
  (Closes: #494076). Thanks to Lucas Nussbaum for finding this missing

3. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream release.
* sbuild: Remove incorrect WannaBuild:: prefix from version_compare.

2. By Michael Banck

Michael Banck:

* bin/abort-current-build: Remove the `-B' from the grep line as
  `sbuild -s' does not pass that option to dpkg-configure and abort-
  current-build fails in that case.
* sbuild: Set the locale to `POSIX' to make debconf and debhelper calls in
  the chroot not spew out locale warnings all the time.
  (closes: #287672)
* sbuild: Removed check for specific distributions. Instead, fail if
  build/chroot-$dist is not there.
* sbuild: Only override Distribution in .changes if specified as option on
  the command-line.
  (closes: #300145)
* sbuild: Specify full path for Dir::Etc::main and Dir::Etc::parts.
* example.sbuildrc: Clarify that $maintainer_name is not mandatory and
  overrides Maintainer: field, whereas $uploader_name overrides
  the Changed-By: field in changes.
* Applied patch by Santiago Vila:
  - Moves scripts from /usr/lib/sbuild to /usr/share/sbuild and modifies
    all callers accordingly.
  - Add -n option to tail to comply with POSIX.
  - Call /usr/sbin/sendmail instead of /usr/lib/sendmail.
  (closes: #292717)
* sbuild: Tolerate '0' as version number, thanks Santiago Vila.
  (closes: #300205)

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