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15. By Evgeni Golov on 2014-03-11

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix buffer overrun caused by not updating a string length after
  address expansion.
  Fixes: CVE-2014-0467
  Closes: #708731

14. By Jonathan Wiltshire on 2011-12-14

* Non-maintainer upload.
* 619216-gnutls-CN-validation.patch: backport from unstable
  Fixes the validation of the commonname in the gnutls code
  (Closes: #619216)

13. By Antonio Radici on 2011-01-14

upstream/537061-dont-recode-saved-attachments.patch: as the patch says,
see the patch for more info (Closes: 537061)

12. By Christoph Berg on 2010-06-12

* hurd-i386 fixes:
  + Use libgdbm-dev for this arch until libtokyocabinet-dev is available.
  + #define PATH_MAX _POSIX_PATH_MAX. (Fixed in upstream hg, though
* /usr/bin/mutt is an alternative now, instead of a diversion in

11. By Christoph Berg on 2010-06-01

* debian/control:
  + Flip Maintainer and Uploaders. I'm pretty inactive these days.
  + Nuke DM-Upload-Allowed.
* Explicitely use source format 1.0 due to the quilt magic we are using to
  built mutt-patched.
* Switch to tokyocabinet (Closes: #530670)
* Instead of trying to maintain the PATCHES file, put "quilt applied" output
* debian/patches:
  + Update upstream/228671-pipe-mime.patch: Fix segfaults with ssh tunnels.
    Thanks Nikolaus Schulz (Closes: #569279)
  + Update upstream/528233-readonly-open.patch: Only chmod saved
    attachments, not existing files. (Closes: #572203)
  + Add upstream/573823-imap_internal_date: Set internaldate of messages
    appended to IMAP mailboxes (Closes: #573823)
  + Add upstream/542344-dont_fold_From_: Do not wrap From_ header
    (Closes: #542344)
  + Update: features/compressed-folders: Remove redundant comment in
    /etc/Muttrc. (Closes: #578096)

10. By Antonio Radici on 2010-02-08

* debian/NEWS: backported a note about the new behavior with attachments
  on the command line (Closes: 539276)
* debian/patches:
  + upstream/548494-swedish-intl.patch: fixes to Swedish translation
    (Closes: 548494)
  + upstream/553238-german-intl.patch: small fix to the German translation
    (Closes: 553238)
  + upstream/553321-ansi-escape-segfault.patch: prevent mutt from segfaulting
    with large ASCII escape sequences (Closes: 553321)
  + upstream/557395-muttrc-crypto.patch: small fix to the muttrc man
    (Closes: 557395)
  + upstream/545316-header-color.patch: do not store the color in header cache
    (Closes: 545316)
  + upstream/568295-references.patch: preserve the References header if the
    In-Reply-To is not initially present (Closes: 568295)
  + upstream/547980-smime_keys-chaining.patch: support certificate chaining in
    smime_keys (Closes: 547980, 549006)
  + upstream/528233-readonly-open.patch: open attachments in read-only
    (Closes: 528233)
  + upstream/228671-pipe-mime.patch: don't mess up the terminal while piping
    attachments (Closes: 228671)
  + upstream/383769-score-match.patch: match full name with ~f, same as
    mutt-ng (Closes: 383769)
  + upstream/547739-manual-typos.patch: typos in manual.txt (Closes: 547739)
  + upstream/311296-rand-mktemp.patch: more random file creation in /tmp, see
    CVE CAN-2005-2351 (Closes: 311296)
  + debian-specific/Muttrc: set time_inc to be 250ms (Closes: 537746)
* debian/control:
  + bumping Standards-Version to 3.8.4, nothing to be done
  + adding ${misc:Depends} to make lintian happy
* debian/rules: adding a commented rule to enable tokyocabinet if we want

9. By Antonio Radici on 2010-01-19

* debian/patches:
  + debian-specific/467432-write_bcc.patch: do not write Bcc headers
    even if write_bcc is set (Closes: 467432, 546884, 467432)

8. By Antonio Radici on 2009-12-02

* debian/patches:
  + upstream/533370-pgp-inline.patch: fixing the patch from 1.5.20-3, now
    pgp.c is correctly included (Closes: 533370, 558813)
  + upstream/537694-segv-imap-headers.patch: fixing a segfault when the IMAP
    server sends additional headers and mutt segfaults (Closes: 537694)
  + upstream/393926-internal-viewer.patch: revert the patch and add the
    auto_view of text/x-diff (Closes: 546760, 549158)
  + upstream/548577-gpgme-1.2.patch: do not fail to open pgp signed message
    with libgpgme >= 1.2 (Closes: 548577)

7. By Antonio Radici on 2009-09-14

Backing out the broken mutt-patched/sidebar-newonly patch
(Closes: 546591, 546592)

6. By Antonio Radici on 2009-09-13

[ Adeodato Simó ]
* Remove myself from Uploaders.

[ Antonio Radici ]
* debian/patches:
  + features/ifdef: fixed a typo (Closes: 539974)
  + features/compressed-folders: removed any reference to DefaultMagic
    (Closes: 541360)
  + debian-specific/Muttrc: correctly state that exim4 does not strip Bcc:
    headers (Closes: 474194)
  + upstream/544180-italian-yesorno.patch: fixing a problem in the italian
    translation of a multichoice string (Closes: 544180)
  + upstream/543467-thread-segfault.patch: patch to prevent mutt from
    segfaulting when Ctrl+R is hit on malformed messages (Closes: 543467)
  + upstream/393926-internal-viewer.patch: display any text/* part with the
    internal viewer (Closes: 393926)
  + upstream/538128-mh-folder-access.patch: MH dirs are now correctly
    parsed (Closes: 538128)
  + upstream/537818-emptycharset.patch: handling empty charsets without
    segfaulting (Closes: 537818)
  + upstream/535096-pop-port.patch: allow a user to specify a port for a pop
    connection, as it was before 1.5.20 (Closes: 535096)
  + upstream/542910-search-segfault.patch: fixes a bug in search which caused
    a segfault (Closes: 542910)
  + upstream/533370-pgp-inline.patch: inline pgp messages now displayed
    correctly even if pgp_auto_decode is set (Closes: 533370)
  + upstream/533520-signature-highlight.patch: fixed a problem in signature
    hightlighting if text_flowed was set to 'yes' (Closes: 533520)
  + upstream/542817-smimekeys-tmpdir.patch: smime_keys.pl will skip tmpdir
    if it contains '=' (Closes: 542817)
  + upstream/544794-smtp-batch.patch: mutt won't ask for a password if
    smtp_user and smtp_pass are set in .muttrc (Closes: 544794)
  + mutt-patched/sidebar-newonly: integrating Steve Kemp's patch to optionally
    select folders with new mails only (Closes: 532510)
* debian/control:
  + Standards-Version bumped to 3.8.3
* debian/extra/lib/mailto-mutt: patch from madduck@ to correctly handle the
  way mutt is parsing the command line now (Closes: 545876)

[ Christoph Berg ]
* Recommend default-mta instead of exim4 (Closes: 533442)
* Remove redudant hard-coded libgpgme11 from Recommends.

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