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60. By Robert Millan

[ Colin Watson ]
* Backport from upstream:
  - Handle Xen split-partition disk image devices (closes: 601974).
  - Ensure uniqueness of RAID array numbers even if some elements have a
    name (closes: #609804).

[ Robert Millan ]
* Fix grub-probe detection for ATA devices using `ata' driver on kFreeBSD 9.
  - kfreebsd-9_ada_devices.patch
* Mark la_array as packed.
  - zfs_packed_la_array.patch

59. By Colin Watson

[ Updated translations ]
* Kazakh (Baurzhan Muftakhidinov / Timur Birsh). Closes: #609187

[ Alexander Kurtz ]
* 05_debian_theme:
  - If we find a background image and no colours were specified, use
    upstream defaults for color_normal and color_highlight rather than
    setting color_normal to black/black.
  - Don't try the other alternatives when $GRUB_BACKGROUND is set; you can
    now add GRUB_BACKGROUND= to /etc/default/grub to force no background
    image (closes: #608263).

58. By Colin Watson

* Backport from upstream:
  - Don't add spurious RAID array members (closes: #605357).

57. By Colin Watson

* Backport from upstream:
  - Support big ext2 files (closes: #543924).
  - Fix gettext quoting to work with bash as /bin/sh, and make echo
    UTF-8-clean so that (at least) Catalan boot messages are displayed
    properly (closes: #605615).
  - Initialise next pointer when creating multiboot module (closes:
  - Fix PCI probing hangs by skipping remaining functions on devices that
    do not implement function 0 (closes: #594967).
* Use semicolons rather than commas to separate size from model in debconf
  disk and partition descriptions; commas are too easily confused with the
  multiselect choice separator, and in particular make it impossible to
  answer questions properly in the editor frontend (closes: #608449).
  Unfuzzy all translations where possible.

56. By Colin Watson

* Exit silently from zz-update-grub kernel hook if update-grub does not
  exist (e.g. if grub-pc has been removed but not purged; closes:
* Apply debconf template review by debian-l10n-english and mark several
  more strings for translation, thanks to David Prévot and Justin B Rye
  (closes: #605748).
* Unfuzzy some translations that were not updated in this round (thanks,
  David Prévot; closes: #606921).
* Incorporate rewritten 05_debian_theme by Alexander Kurtz, which works
  when /usr is inaccessible by GRUB (closes: #605705).
* Backport from upstream:
  - Recognise DDF1 DM-RAID (closes: #603354).

[ Updated translations ]
* Chinese (YunQiang Su). Closes: #606426
* Indonesian (Arief S Fitrianto). Closes: #606431
* Slovenian (Vanja Cvelbar). Closes: #606445
* Swedish (Martin Bagge / brother). Closes: #606455
* Ukrainian (Yatsenko Alexandr). Closes: #606538
* Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio). Closes: #606644
* Slovak (Slavko). Closes: #606663
* Catalan (Jordi Mallach).
* Bulgarian (Damyan Ivanov). Closes: #606452
* Persian (Morteza Fakhraee). Closes: #606672
* Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #606753
* Dutch (Paul Gevers). Closes: #606807
* Japanese (Hideki Yamane). Closes: #606836
* French (Christian Perrier). Closes: #606842
* Czech (Miroslav Kure). Closes: #606854
* Spanish (Francisco Javier Cuadrado). Closes: #606903
* Portuguese (Tiago Fernandes / Miguel Figueiredo). Closes: #606908
* German (Martin Eberhard Schauer). Closes: #606896

55. By Robert Millan

fix_crash_condition_in_kfreebsd_loader.patch: Import from upstream.
Fixes crash condition in case kfreebsd_commands are used after
kfreebsd has (gracefully) failed.

54. By Robert Millan

[ Robert Millan ]
* Import from upstream:
  - refuse_embedingless_cross_disk.patch: Refuse to do a cross-disk
    embeddingless install rather than creating a broken install.
  - fix_grub_install_error_msg.patch: Replace useless recomendation to
    pass --modules with a recomendation to report a bug.
  - message_refresh.patch: Make error messages visible again. (Closes: #605485)

[ Jordi Mallach ]
* Update Catalan translation with latest file from the Translation Project.

[ Updated translations ]
* Slovenian (Vanja Cvelbar). Closes: #604003
* Dzongkha (dawa pemo via Tenzin Dendup). Closes: #604102

53. By Robert Millan

[ Robert Millan ]
* increase_disk_limit.patch: Increase SCSI/IDE disk limits to cope with
  Sun Fire X4500.
* linux_mdraid_1x.patch: Support for Linux MD RAID v1.x. (Closes: #593652)
* yeeloong_boot_info.patch: On Yeeloong, pass machine type information
  to Linux.

[ Updated translations ]
* Portuguese fixed by Christian Perrier (variable names
  were translated)

52. By Robert Millan

[ Robert Millan ]
* zfs_fix_mkrelpath.patch: Replace with proper fix from upstream Bazaar.
  (Closes: #601087)

[ Updated translations ]
* Vietnamese (Clytie Siddall). Closes: #598327
* Icelandic (Sveinn í Felli). Closes: #600126

51. By Robert Millan

[ Robert Millan ]
* zfs_v23.patch: Accept ZFS up to v23 (no changes required).
* fix_usb_boot.patch: Fix boot on USB devices, for BIOSes that
  expose them as floppies. (Closes: #600580)
* zfs_fix_mkrelpath.patch: Fix grub-mkrelpath for non-root ZFS.
  (Closes: #600578)

[ Updated translations ]
* Kazakh (kk.po) by Baurzhan Muftakhidinov via Timur Birsh (closes:
* Portuguese (pt.po) by Tiago Fernandes via Rui Branco (closes: #599767).
* Catalan (ca.po) by Jordi Mallach.

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