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8. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-01-30

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* debian/control:
  + Drop slocate from gnome-do-plugins Recommends: this package is only
    in oldstable (Closes: #565656).
  + Update build-depends for -cil-dev transition.
* debian/rules:
  + Pass fake MAUTIL=/bin/true to configure. mautil has moved to the
    mono-addins-utils package, so now isn't pulled in by
    libmono-addins-cil-dev. The build system doesn't actually *use* mautil,
    and hasn't for a couple of releases. Upstream's buildsystem maintainer
    should perhaps pay more attention ;).
* debian/patches/02_fix_firefox_icon.patch
  + Use the unversioned "firefox" icon name. Both Iceweasel in Sid and
    Firefox 3.6 in Lucid ship this icon. (Closes: #544075) (LP: #444171)

[ Jo Shields ]
* debian/control:
  + No-change bump to Standards 3.8.4
  + Update mono-devel build-dep to 2.4.3
  + Remove superfluous build-deps on individual mono libs

7. By Iain Lane on 2009-11-18

[ Iain Lane ]
* New upstream release
 - Correctly find Banshee indexer
 - Fix firefox leak on Mono < 2.4 (LP: #381064)
 - Close SSH hosts file after reading
 - Session plugin now works on devicekit-disks (LP: #410079)
* 02_fix_banshee_plugin.dpatch: Drop, no longer required. Errors will be
  shown on console if Banshee is not installed but these are non-fatal.
* rules, control: Use mono-csc
* debian/rules, debian/*.install: Update dh7isation to be more standard.
  install files no longer required as dh_auto_* takes care of this perfectly
* debian/rules, debian/control: Use quilt as patchsys - refresh patches to
  take this into account
* debian/control: Drop gnome-do-plugin-evolution as this cannot be built due
  to our evolution-sharp being uninstallable and unfixable. Sorry. It will
  be back as soon as possible.
* debian/control: Depend on libflickrnet -dev package as part of the new
  world order

[ Jo Shields ]
* debian/rules:
 - Make get-orig-source rule deterministic

6. By Iain Lane on 2009-09-08

* debian/control: Update libflickrnet build dependency for 2.2.0 transition
  (Closes: #543804)
* debian/control: Bump standards-version, no changes
* debian/control: Increase debhelper minimum version (thanks Lintian)

5. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2009-06-27

* New upstream release
  + Pidgin plugin now supports initial text for messages (LP: #338608)
  + Pidgin plugin opens conversations on the correct IM network (LP: #370965)
* debian/rules:
  + Update get-orig-source target. Upstream no longer ships gdata* binaries,
    so we no longer need to strip them
* debian/patches/00_use_system_gdata
  + Drop. Upstream now builds against system libgdata.
* debian/patches/04_fix_pidgin_dbus_ints
* debian/patches/10_fix_rhythmbox_file
* debian/patches/15_twitter_api
* debian/patches/20_twitter_overflow:
  + Drop. Included upstream.
* debian/patches/01_firefox_iceweasel_rename:
  + Refresh for new version
* debian/patches/02_fix_banshee_plugin:
  + Drop refernce to /usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.CollectionIndexer.dll.
    This is unnecessary, and causes errors when Banshee isn't installed.
* debian/patches/00_debian_default_plugins:
  + Enable a bunch of useful plugins that do not require configuration from
    the "Official" plugin set by default. Makes Do more useful out of the
* debian/control:
  + Bump versioned build-dep on gnome-do to 0.8.2
  + Split out gnome-do-plugin-evolution package, now that this is possible.
    libevolution5.0-cil has an annoyingly large dependency stack.
    (LP: #351535) (Closes: #524993).

4. By Iain Lane on 2009-05-07

* debian/patches/00_use_system_gdata.dpatch: Patch build system to use
  system copy of gdata libs, allowing Google plugins to be enabled.
* debian/patches/00_dfsg_autofoo.dpatch: Drop, now obsolete.
* debian/control: Add libgdata1.4-cil build-dep for above.
* debian/patches/10_fix_rhythmbox_file.dpatch: Add. Look in the correct place
  for the rhythmbox database (Closes: #526337).

3. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2009-03-06

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* New upstream version
* debian/control:
  + gnome-sharp2 transition (LP: #314516)
  + Add banshee build-dep
  + Drop monodevelop build-dep; upstream uses mautil rather than mdtool now
  + Bump required gnome-do version in Build-Dep & Depends.
  + Suggest Banshee
* debian/copyright:
  + Refresh for new upstream version; new plugins added.
* debian/rules:
  + Rework clean target to simply delete files generated by autoreconf,
    rather than trying to preserve them.
  + Remove XDG_CONFIG_DIR hack needed for mdtool
  + Make dfsg-stripping more precise. We now need the BundledLibraries dir
    to build properly
* debian/patches/00_dfsg_autofoo
  + Update. Don't remove BundledLibraries entirely, just all the binaries.
    It still needs to copy the system's BansheeCollectionIndexer.dll.
* debian/patches/01_firefox_iceweasel_rename:
  + Refresh for new upsteam changes.
  + Extend to also make the Firefox bookmark plugin index iceweasel bookmarks
* debian/patches/03_buildsystem_respect_mcs:
  + Dropped. Fixed upstream.

[ Iain Lane ]
* debian/control: Add ${misc:Depends} build-dep
* debian/rules: Do not fail if configure is missing (e.g. clean twice in a
* debian/patches/01_firefox_iceweasel_rename: The profiles file is called
  profiles.ini and not profile.ini. Update accordingly.
* debian/rules: Update repacking to work with +dfsgXX in case of errors with

[ Mirco Bauer ]
* Upload to unstable.
* debian/control:
  + Lowered GNOME# build-deps to 2.0 ABI as that transition didn't happen
    yet in unstable.
  + Bumped build-dep of Evolution# to 5.0 ABI.

2. By Colin Turner <email address hidden> on 2008-05-11

Initial Debian package (closes: #480673)

1. By Colin Turner <email address hidden> on 2008-05-11

Import upstream version 0.4.0

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