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4. By Zak B. Elep on 2006-05-16

* debian/control
  Remove dependency to build PDF and html files.
* debian/emacsen-startup:
  Change back to (require 'ecb-autoloads) for quick loading.
* Drop pdf file installation by default.
* Depend on cogre and cedet-contrib.
* Drop jde as suggests

Cai Qian <email address hidden> Sat, 3 Jue 2006 23:33:00 +0100

* New upstream release. (Closes: #289090, #269793, #292356)
* New maintainer (Closes: #321808).
* Change build system to use CDBS + debhelper.
* debian/rules:
  - Remove extraneous .cvsignore files and bash scripts.
    (Closes: #301939)
  - dh_link now placed in debian/links .
  - Handle doc installation via DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_ALL , remove
    debian/docs .
* debian/patches:
  - Add 10_Makefile_adjust.patch (old fixes)
* debian/control:
  - Bump Standards-Version.
  - Adjust debhelper dependency to (>= 5.0.7).
  - Add homepage to long description.
  - Add cdbs and debhelper to Build-Depends.
  - Rewrite description synopsis.
* debian/copyright:
  - Add notice from ecb.el . Must ping upstream to update FSF
* debian/emacsen-install:
  - Get ecb to find its images by properly linking to
    /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ecb/ecb-images (Closes: #272506)
* debian/emacsen-startup:
  - Use (require 'ecb) instead of (require 'ecb-autoloads) so we
    can call ECB from the Tools menu (Closes: #296794)

3. By Joerg Jaspert <email address hidden> on 2004-09-01

And include latest Upstream too...

2. By Joerg Jaspert <email address hidden> on 2004-02-16

* New Upstream Version (Closes: #231773).
* Bug fix: "ecb: source dir on load path", thanks to Ian Zimmerman
  (Closes: #223811).

1. By Joerg Jaspert <email address hidden> on 2004-02-16

Import upstream version 2.21

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