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14. By Modestas Vainius <email address hidden> on 2010-12-18

* Non-maintainer upload.
* dmraid-active: properly handle the case when DDF1 virtual drive has a name.
  (Closes: #603319)

13. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2010-11-22

[ Modestas Vainius ]
[7b2bf79] Make dmraid-activate work with DDF1 arrays by special-
casing their handling. Similar to ISW case, there do not seem to be
a way for getting raid subsets for the physical drive except parsing
native log. (Closes: #603319)

12. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-12-28

* [3bea125] debian/patches/20_fix_isw_sectors_calculation.patch: Fix
  isw raid0 incorrect sectors calculation (Closes: #561866) - thanks
  to Valentin Pavlyuchenko
* [239630a] Added ${misc:Depends} in Depends

11. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-11-26

* [0819a82] debian/patches/18_pdc_raid10_failure..patch: fix pdc
  metadata format handler to report the proper number of devices in a
* [8418d6b] debian/patches/19_ddf1_lsi_persistent_name.patch: Because the
  LSI bios changes the timestamp in the metadata on every boot, neutralize
  it in order to allow for persistent names.

10. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-08-23

* [ce4e2dc] 15_activate_multiple_raid_sets.patch: Continue onto all
  raid sets instead of returning after processing the first. (LP: #401713)
* [58a1426] debian/initramfs/dmraid.initramfs-local-top/dmraid: Check
  the exit code before parsing output, thanks to Tormod Volden.
  (Closes: #542256) (LP: #415280, #376792)
* [91d2b67] Updated to standards version 3.8.3 (No changes needed)

9. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-05-22

* [68f05e2] Fixed some typos in dmraid man page, Thanks A. Costa.
  (Closes: #525252)
* [c72bf51] Added grep in initrd, dmraid-activate needs it. (Closes: #528998)

8. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-04-22

* [c617e81] debian/dmraid.postinst: Do not run update-initramfs if it
  is not installed (Closes: #522799)
* [3011c19] debian/patches/16_fix_isw_sectors_calculation.patch: Fix
  isw raid0 incorrect sectors calculation, thanks to Valentin
  Pavlyuchenko (Closes: #524637) (LP: #337284)
* [9cf5ed5] debian/patches/14_isw-serial-fix.patch: Use Hans de Goede
* [18ece89] debian/dmraid-activate: grep also for "formats discovered"
  when assigns Raid_Name, and do not use "cut" to assign
  Isw_Group_Name. In this way dmraid-activate works also for user
  having multiple metadata signatures and/or not using initramfs.
  (Closes: #523660)

7. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-03-25

[6af052c] Remove 15_isw_incorrect_status_fix.patch, it causes a
segfault. (Closes: #521104)

6. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2009-01-23

* [506dd59] Fixed command-with-path-in-maintainer-script lintian
  warning (update-initramfs in postinst/postrm)
* [9762976] debian/control: Made the long description for the udeb
* [cbde138] debian/control: Added DM-Upload-Allowed and VCS control
* [543a90a] debian/dmraid.postinst: call udevadm trigger with --action=change
  (Closes: #512771), (LP: #320482)
* [fcc082d] debian/patches/04_generate-uuids.dpatch: Do not call
  dm_task_run() only for DM_DEVICE_CREATE, but also for
  DM_DEVICE_REMOVE. (LP: #306275)
* [7f379ae] debian/control: Remove priority and section fields in the
  binary package

5. By Giuseppe Iuculano on 2008-11-06

* debian/rules: Added execution rights to
* debian/patches/02_raid45_toraid456.dpatch: Remove, this not fix #411172
  and the new dm-raid45 (not yet in Debian) is using the target that the
  dmraid code originally expected.

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