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31. By James McCoy

* dget:
  + Fix CVE-2012-2241 (arbitrary file deletion)
  + Fix CVE-2012-2242 (arbitrary code execution)
* dscverify: Fix CVE-2012-2240 (arbitrary code execution)
* debdiff: Fix regression in exit code, introduced in 2.10.69+squeeze2
  (Closes: 686247)

30. By Adam D. Barratt

[ Adam D. Barratt ]
* debdiff: Fix CVE-2012-0211 and CVE-2012-0212 (argument injection /

[ Raphael Geissert ]
* debdiff:
  + Fix CVE-2012-0210 (insufficient input sanitising reading .dsc
    and .changes files)
  + Remove undocumented feature treating extensionless files as if
    they were packages (Closes: #659559)

29. By James McCoy

* bts: Accept the "wheezy" and "wheezy-ignore" tags.
* debchange:
  + Set Squeeze as the default backports target.
  + Recognize "lenny-backports-squeeze" and "squeeze-backports"
  + Remove "etch-backports" and "etch-volatile" distributions.

28. By James McCoy

[ James Vega ]
* po4a: Add targets to transform translated POD/DocBook files into man
  pages. (Closes: #597782)
* Include command list in localized devscripts.1. (Closes: #597906)
* Fix a couple markup issues in source files for generated man pages.
* bts: Don't send an empty email when --no-action is given. (Closes:

[ David Prévot ]
* Update French translation. (Closes: #599234, #600033)

[ Patrick Schoenfeld ]
* Replace occurences of old FSF address with the FSF recommendation
  what should be written inside of source files.
  (Closes: #502512)

27. By James McCoy

[ James Vega ]
* dget: Fix parsing of apt-cache and sources.list when given only a package
  name. (Closes: #594904)
* debchange:
  + Remove EOL Ubuntu release Intrepid. Add new development release Natty.
    (Closes: #593659)
  + Remove Etch and add Squeeze as backports targets. Lenny is still the
    default bpo target.
* rmadison: Change Backports URL to backports.debian.org. (Closes: #595714)

[ Luk Claes ]
* Adjust rmadison documentation for move of accessible projectb mirror
  from merkel to ries.

26. By James McCoy

* debcommit: Use the first detected changelog instead of the last. (Closes:
* debsnap: Remove use of pure-perl specific functions from JSON module.
  (Closes: #591392)
* debchange: Clarify how the TZ environment variable affects debchange.
  Based on a patch by Rolf Leggewie. (LP: #330430)

25. By James McCoy

[ James Vega ]
* bts:
  + Fix ability to clear all tags on a bug. (Closes: #539688)
  + Detect invalid characters in usertags. (Closes: #590930)
  + Allow specifying multiple tag modifiers (+, -, =) in one usertag stanza.
* rc-alert: Add missing hyphens and correct formatting in the man page.
  Based on a patch by Salvatore Bonaccorso. (Closes: #589607)
* checkbashisms: Allow kill & trap XSI-isms unless --posix is given, as per
  Policy (Closes: #486823)
* debchange: Add --[no]multimaint-merge option, corresponding to the
  DEBCHANGE_MULTIMAINT_MERGE configuration variable. (Closes: #590842)
* licensecheck: Add .pas, .inc, .dtd., .xsl, and .mod files to the default
  check list. (Closes: #534988, #591305)
* build-rdeps: Escape regular expression metacharacters in package names.
  (Closes: #590832)
* Build-Depends on po4a (>= 0.40) so po4a recognizes .TQ macro.

[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* uscan: Get rid of extra quoting in dpkg --compare-versions calls.
  (Closes: #590178)

[ Carsten Hey ]
* debsign: Add options --re-sign and --no-re-sign to let the user choose
  whether an already signed file should be resigned. (Closes: #580821)

24. By James McCoy

* debc:
  + Call changelog_parse correctly. (Closes: #588947)
  + Update bash completion to complete *.changes files and package names.
    Thanks to Stefano Rivera for the patch. (Closes: #584703)

23. By James McCoy

[ James Vega ]
* Remove mergechanges from the set of commands which use completion of
  package names. (Closes: #578167)
* bts:
  + Use sendmail to send mails with extra headers when $(DEB)EMAIL aren't
    present. (Closes: #577564)
  + Document that $(DEB)EMAIL must be in the environment to send email using
    either --mutt or --smtp-host. (Closes: #578334)
  + Cleanup the help output and add some options which were only documented
    in the man page.
  + Allow specifying multiple tag modifiers (+, -, =) in one tag stanza.
    (Closes: #578118)
  + Document the valid values for the status key in the select command.
    (Closes: #583067)
* debsnap:
  + Iterate over the list of files listed for a hash until we find one that
    matches the requested package. (Closes: #584734)
  + Warn and move on to the next file if no files are present for a given
    hash or none match the requested package. (Closes: #587265)
  + Handle error responses from snapshot.debian.org. (Closes: #587217)
  + Use the basename of the file being downloaded as the name under which to
    save it. (Closes: #584735)
  + Do not remove the destination directory when --force is given. (Closes:
* Remove --ignore-dirname options (and deprecation notices) from all
  scripts. 6.5 years is long enough to stop using that option.
* diff2patches: Document the patch naming scheme and use of “debian/” as the
  destination directory when “debian/patches/” doesn't exist. (Closes:
* mk-build-deps:
  + Add options to build packages which depend on solely Build-Depends or
    Build-Depends-Indep. (Closes: #498898)
  + Include build-essential in Depends. (Closes: #565889)
* debi: Use “dpkg -O” instead of parsing dpkg-query's output to upgrade only
  packages which are already installed. (Closes: #563390)
* debcheckout: Specifically call out that Debian hosts are already handled
  in DEBCHECKOUT_AUTH_URLS' description. Thanks to martin f. krafft for the
  suggested wording. (Closes: #530581)
* debchange: When running “dch -r”, use <dist>-backports if a backports
  upload is detected. (Closes: #588502)
* uupdate: Use “0ubuntu1” for the Debian revision of the version number when
  running uupdate on Ubuntu systems. Based on a patch by Guillaume Martres.
  (Closes: #577998)
* Ship French man pages in UTF-8 now that #196762 is fixed.

[ Martin Zobel-Helas ]
* Remove svk from Recommends, it is no longer in the archive. (Closes:

[ Raphael Geissert ]
* checkbashisms:
  + Makefile handling:
    - Simplify make variables as shell variables. (Closes: #535368)
    - Convert all $$ to $.
    - Recognize SHELL setting in Makefile when being set as an override.
    - Ignore make's '-' for ignore errors.
    - Fix some false positives due to target names.
  + Detect incorrect use of ^ instead of ! for negation in pattern matching
    collections. (Closes: #497489)
  + Detect use of {post,pre}{increment,decrement} in arithmetic expansion.
    (Closes: #572006)
  + Detect use of Bash's “printf -v var ...” or the %b and %q format
  + Detect use of the Bash's “coproc” keyword.
  + Detect use of Bash's “;;&” and ”;&” operators.
  + Add support for handling line continuations. (Closes: #531327)
  + Fix a false positive with file redirection.
  + Fix handling of indented heredoc delimiters.
  + Fix some parsing of quoted strings.
  + Detect use of exponentiation.
  + Detect use of the 'jobs' built-in.
  + Detect use of command with options other than “-p”.
  + Fix a false positive with redirection to an fd specified via a variable.
  + Detect unexpected EOF for unclosed heredocs, quoted strings, and line

[ Simon McVittie ]
* mk-build-deps:
  + Build an Arch: any package if any of the Build-Depends have architecture
    requirements. (Closes: #580600)
  + Allow specifying for which architecture to build the package.

[ Charles Plessy ]
* debchange: Add “--team” support. (Closes: #588714)

22. By James McCoy

[ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
* devscripts.1: generic documentation for $DEBEMAIL and $DEBFULLNAME

[ James Vega ]
* Devscripts::Versort: Correct _versort so the lists it returns aren't
  shorter than the ones passed in to _versort. (Closes: #577654)
* debcheckout: Switch from using the Switch module to Perl 5.10's switch

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