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11. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-06-23

* Set priority to medium to fix RC bug.
* debian/control:
 - Add Conlicts/Replaces between libawn0-dbg and libawn1-dbg.
   (Closes: #586031)
* debian/NEWS
 - Mention some incompatible changes with previous version.

10. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-06-07

* New upstream release.
 - Fix icons placed outside the panel. Closes: #471661
 - Add an option to go under the panel. Closes: #474228
 - Fix autohide behavior. LP: #130235
 - Allow only 1 instance of Awn. LP: #258675
 - Ensure the autostart exist before trying to delete it. LP: #334454
 - Fix position with multiple screen. LP: #248769
 - Fix crash when event is NULL. LP: #550541
 - Fix crash in awn-setting when adding applet. LP: #557778
* debian/patches:
 - 10_correct_exception.patch: Dropped, problem fixed in the new version.
 - 00-wm-behavior.patch and 01-tasks-have-arrow.patch: Merged upstream.
 - 02-ftbfs-python-2.6.patch: Refresh.
 - 03-python-import.patch: Refresh.
 - 01-bad-pointer-init.patch: From upstream, bad unitialized pointer.
* Bump libawn SONAME
* debian/control:
 - Add minimum requirement for libwnck-dev libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev and
 - Drop build-depends on libgnome2-dev, libgnome-desktop-dev, libglade2-dev.
 - Bump build-depends for debhelper to (>= 7.0.50~) for overrides.
 - Build-depends on libgtop2-dev.
 - Replace build-depends on python-gnome2-dev by python-gtk2-dev (>= 2.12).
 - Build-depends on gconf2, libdesktop-agnostic-dev, libdesktop-agnostic-bin,
   python-desktop-agnostic, vala-desktop-agnostic for desktop-agnostic
 - Demote the composite manager to Recommends, Awn works without it.
 - Depends on libdesktop-agnostic-* and dbus.
 - Bump libawn SONAME.
 - Rename awn-manager to awn-settings.
 - libawn-dev : drop libgnome*-dev and add libdesktop-agnostic-dev depends.
 - Demote depends on awn-manager by a recommends on awn-settings for
 - Add depends on avant-window-navigator, python-desktop-agnostic, bzr and
   python-dbus for awn-settings.
 - Remove depends on python-galde2 for awn-settings.
 - Replace vala depends by vala-desktop-agnostic for vala-awn.
 - Add Conflicts/Replaces to replace separator applets which is in core now.
 - Add mutter as another composite manager.
 - Use space instead of tabulation.
 - Add Conflicts/Replaces on awn-manager for awn-settings.
   (LP: #507822, #512411)
 - Add depends on python-desktop-agnostic for python-awn.
 - Add mention of Awn in the description.
* debian/rules:
 - Rewrite with overrides.
 - Remove awn.wrapper.
 - Bump libawn SONAME.
 - Use dh_install --fail-missing.
 - Remove .la, .a, .pyo and pyc before installing.
* debian/avant-window-navigator{,-data}.install:
 - Update installed files in core.
 - Install core applets
* debian/awn.wrapper & debian/avant-window-navigator.links:
 - Dropped, previous configuration is incompatible.
* debian/awn-manager.install
 - Rename to awn-settings.install.
 - Update installed files.
* debian/awn-applet*.1 && debian/avant-window-navigator.manpages
 - Update manpages.
* debian/awn-manager.*
 - Rename awn-manager to awn-settings and update the content.
 - Remove unused manpages.
* debian/python-awn:
 - Update to the new location.
* debian/README.Debian:
 - Mention that real transparency is not needed.
 - Add mutter in the list of composite managers.
* debian/copyright:
 - Update copyright and licenses.
* debian/libawn1.symbols:
 - Add missing symbol.

9. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-03-02

debian/patches/02-ftbfs-python-2.6.patch: Remove LOCALMODLIBS in configure
and m4 to avoid unnecessary linking with -lssl. (Closes: #571150)

8. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-02-07

* Urgency set to medium to fix RC bug (#566995).
* debian/patches/10_correct_execption.patch
 - Don't crash when raising exception. (Closes: #562549)
* debian/control:
 - Add depends on python-glade2 for awn-manager, as it used glade for the UI.
   (Closes: #568253).
 - Remove python-elementtree from Build-Depends, only depend on
   python-all-dev as elementtree is already part of stdlib (Closes: #566995).
   Thanks Luca Falavigna for the patch.
 - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no change needed).
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format
 - Remove build-depends on quilt.
 - Remove README.source for the usage of quilt.
 - Remove usage of quilt in debian/rules.

7. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-06-17

debian/rules: Build python-awn for only 1 version of python.
(Closes: #531176)

6. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-01-19

* New upstream release (Closes : #514681) (LP: #327443)
 - Add a script to delay the start of awn when using the autostart.
   (Closes: #493640)
 - Fix awn-manager permission when trying to edit some desktop file
  (LP: #260987)
 - Update position on screen resolution changes (LP: #276734)
* debian/awn.wrapper
 - A script to update applets path using awn-applets-migration script.
* debian/*.install:
 - Add the themes directory to avant-window-navigator-data.install.
 - Add awn-autostart to avant-window-navigator.install.
 - Add awn-applets-migration to awn-manager.install.
 - Remove usr/bin/avant-window-navigator, handle by debian/rules.
 - Install python bindings in *-packages instead of site-packages only,
   needed for the python migration in squeeze (LP: #335785).
* debian/control:
 - Add missing ${misc:Depends}.
 - Bump Build-Depends and Depends for vala to (>= 0.5.4).
 - Set awn-manager as Depends rather than Recommends, needed by the
   awn-applets-migration script.
 - Remove unnecessary "Section: gnome"
 - Note that the libawn0-dbg contains debuggins symbols.
 - Set Build-Depends on python (>= 2.5) instead of hardcoding the python
* debian/awn-autostart.1 & debian/awn-applets-migrations:
 - Add new man pages.
* debian/avant-window-navigator.links
 - Symlink awn.1 with avant-window-navigator.1
* debian/rules:
 - Move avant-window-navigator to awn, and copy awn.wrapper to
 - Add new man pages.
* debian/patches/
 - 00-wm-behavior.patch : Don't bring the windows to the current workspace
   when the icon of the bar is clicked. Keep the same behavior that the
   gnome-panel applet.
 - 01-tasks-have-arrow.patch: Set the option "Tasks have arrow" by default.
 - 03-python-import.path : Update.
* debian/copyright
 - Replace (C) by ¬©.

5. By Julien Lavergne on 2008-06-06

* debian/control
 - Set a dependency on a composite manager rather than just suggest it.
   (Closes: #483673). Urgency set to medium as it's a RC bug.
* debian/README.debian
 - Document how to enable composite manager for each application.
* debian/patches/90_null_awn_cairo.patch
 - From upstream, fix a possible crash when a applet return wrong

4. By Julien Lavergne on 2008-05-24

* debian/patches/04-fix-colormap.patch
 - Fix crash in awn-manager if colormap == None. Thanks Emme for the
   patch. (Closes: #482030)

3. By Julien Lavergne on 2008-01-26

* debian/watch : Fix the URL.
* debian/control
 - Promote Recommends to Depends to force installation of awn-manager as
Ubuntu doesn't install Recommends by default.
 - Add gnome-menus and librsvg2-common to awn-manager depends to fix
crash on startup and adding new launcher.
 - Convert Maintainer field to respect Maintainer field specification.
 - Wrap Build-Depends, Depends and Suggests.
 - Add metacity (>= 2.21.5) which have compositor support to Suggests.
 - Add version >= 4.2 to xfwm4, the first version with compositor support.
 - Bump to 3.7.3 Standards-Version (no changes needed).

2. By Julien Lavergne on 2007-11-04

* Initial release version (LP: #118589)
* 01-Fix-desktop-exec-path.patch : Fix lintian warning in applets/taskman.desktop.in.in
* 02-Fix-encode-in-desktop.patch : Remove Encoding in the *.desktop files

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