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22. By Jonathan Wiltshire on 2011-08-10

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Backport of 0009-fix-symlink-attack:
  Fix a potential symlink attack that could occur if a user
  with no home directory edited and saved the package hierarchy
  definitions. (Closes: #612034)

21. By Tim Retout on 2010-10-12

* Non-maintainer upload.
* 0007-preferences-dir.patch: Patch to support /etc/apt/preferences.d/
  directory. (Closes: #557580)
* debian/rules: Fix clean rule. Patch by St├ęphane Glondu.
  (Closes: #594505)

20. By Julien Cristau on 2010-08-26

* Non-maintainer upload to fix FTBFS (closes: 594199).
* Add patch by Michael Vogt to use sigc::mem_fun0 instead of sigc::mem_fun,
  fixing an error with apt 0.8.
* Comment out our operator<< for pkgCache::DepIterator, libapt-pkg has one
  now and this caused conflicts. Build-Depend on new libapt-pkg-dev
* Don't build with -Werror to avoid more FTBFS.

19. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-07-10

* Apply patch from Nobuhiro Iwamatsu to fix compilation on sh, which
  has the same problem as s390. (Closes: #586861)

* Apply patch from Michael Vogt to update Vcs links in debian/control.

* Cherry-pick an Ubuntu patch that was merged upstream to fix the
  progress code on large terminals. (Closes: #586470)

18. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-06-20

Cherry-pick an upstream patch that fixes the Makefiles so that files
named using $(wildcard) get installed. (Closes: #586508, #586511)

17. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-03-12

Backport changes from head to increase how long the resolver is
permitted to run. Fixes problems with some large upgrades where
the resolver would time out and fail to find a solution. The new
limit is much larger than any reasonable upgrade should require (it
was increased by a factor of 100, from a value that was just barely
too small).

16. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-01-30

* Ignore failures in the Boost unit test everywhere; it's just too flaky
  (Closes: #566780).

* Backport patch from head to make sure the changelog progress bar is
  safely destroyed after it downloads (Closes: #566205).

* Backport patch from head to fix crashes when changing the settings of
  the command-line resolver (Closes: #567242).

15. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-01-20

* New upstream release.

  - Make the resolver significantly less conservative, so major
    upgrades get computed better. (Closes: #565867)

  - Explicitly explain the implications of how the Linux command-line
    works in the aptitude manpage entry for "search" to reduce
    the confusion it causes. (Closes: #566003)

14. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-01-19

Don't abort the build if the Boost unit test fails on kfreebsd; it
looks like the Boost test framework is flaky there. (Closes: #565736)

13. By Daniel Burrows on 2010-01-17

* New upstream release.

  - Fixes for multiple compile bugs (see NEWS for details);
    Closes: #531687, #560517, #559980, #555120

* Add ${misc:Depends} to each binary package.

* Build-depend on elinks instead of html2text since that's what the
  upstream Makefiles use.

* Add a NEWS entry warning about the syntax break with "full-upgrade" to
  make its behavior saner and consistent with safe-upgrade.

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