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29. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-10-26

* Actually added updated cs.po. Thx Miroslav Kure for the mail.
* Added vi.po. Thx Clytie Siddall. Closes: #599153

28. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-09-21

* Made requested changes from the Release Team (Adam) to ampache.config
  postinst, and postrm to fix symlink creation. Closes: #593759
* Made the requested spacing changes from the Release Team (Adam) in the
* Added updated it.po. Thx Luca Monducci Closes: #593959
* Added updated ta.po. Thx Dr.T.Vasudevan
* Added updated cs.po. Thx Miroslav Kure Closes: #595512
* Added zh_TW.po. Thx Kan-Ru Chen
* Added da.po. Thx Joe Dalton Closes: #595197

27. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-08-17

* Adjusted symlink creation in debian/postinst so it now works.
  Closes: #593181
* Upstream neglected to comment out the "require once" for
  /modules/pearxmlrpc/rpc.php which causes the inital login after the
  completion of the web installer to fail due to php not being able to find
  /modules/pearxmlrpc/rpc.php. Closes: #593182

26. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-08-12

* Setting urgency to high as this fixes an RC bug.
* Upstream has decided to remove pearxmlrpc and make the package
  depend on php5-xmlrpc. Closes: #591984
* debian/control
  - added php5-xmlrpc to Depends field.
* debian/rules
  - added -X option to remove /modules/pearxmlrpc

25. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-08-01

* Setting urgency to medium as this fixes an RC bug.
* debian/rules
  - After discussing with upstream it was decided to remove
    xspf_jukebox.fla and xspf_jukebox.swf. Added -X option to dh_install to
    remove xspf_jukebox.fla and xspf_jukebox.swf. Closes: #591202
* debian/README.Debian
  - Added a note regarding the current state of the xspf_jukebox
    flash player.
* Added updated ja.po, thx Hideki Yamane Closes: #591074
* debian/control
  - Bumped Standards Version to 3.9.1, no changes needed.

24. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-07-15

* Updated README.Debian to account for changes in mysql and phpmyadmin.
  Closes: #589078
* Force removal of /etc/cron.daily/ampache on remove and purge.
  Closes: #586647
* Added new ru.po. Thx Yuri Kozlov Closes: #585694
* Corrected formatting of previous log entry.
* Bumped Standards Version to 3.9.0 no changes needed.

23. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-06-06

* Added new sv.po. Thx Martin Bagge. Closes: #582701
* Added new es.po. Thx Francisco Javier Cuadrado. Closes: #581870
* Added new fr.po. Thx Filippo Rusconi. Closes: #581654
* Added new de.po. Thx Helge Kreutzmann. Closes: #580737
* Added new pt.po. Thx Américo Monteiro. Closes: #580440
* Removed superfluous spaces in ampache.templates. Closes: #580738
* Added ampache.cron.daily this will run add and clean on all available
  catalogs once a day (usually early mourning).
* debian/postinst made use of variable for /usr/sbin/lighty-enable-mod to
   satisfy lintian.
* debian/postinst added remove statement to remove lighty_ampache.conf if
   apache2 is installed and vic versa.
* debian/postrm made use of variable for /usr/sbin/lighty-disable-mod to
   satisfy lintian.
* debian/postrm added rm statement to remove ampache.cron.daily on purge.
* Removed find rule from debian/rules, lintian was complaining of
   unrepresentable changes to the source.
* debian/links added symlink creation for ampache.cron.daily to /etc/ampache.

22. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-05-01

 * Added support for lighttpd servers. What this means is that the default
 behavior is for apache2 to be installed on new installs. However if
 lighttpd is installed and configured correctly the maintainer scripts
 should pickup on this and install ampache into the proper locations,
 create the need sym links, and enable the needed lighttpd modules.
 Closes: #549009
 * Made package depend on nusoap. Closes: #579829
 * debian/control:
   - Recommends, package should recommend the mysql-server meta-package so
   the default mysql-server is installed. This will eleminate the need for
   additional uploads to increase mysql-server version number.
   - added additional depends for lighttpd support.
   - moved apache2 | lighttpd to the Recommends field.
   - added dependency on libnusoap-php
 * debian/ampache.postrm:
   - added purge statement to webserver restart so webserver reloads on
   remove and purge.
   - added conditional removal statements to ampache.postrm so all user
   modified config files are removed on purge.
   - added lighttpd support
 * debian/ampache.postinst:
   - correted incorrect ampache.conf symlink creation. (LP: #533989)
   - added lighttpd support
 * debian/ampache.preinst:
   - added ampache.preinst to correct sym link naming mismatch on upgrades.
   (LP: #558697)
   - added ampache.cfg.php backup to ampache.preinst, this way we make a
   backup copy of ampache.cfg.php before upgrade begins.
 * debian/postinst:
   - removed ampache.cfg.php backup and migration, this was only need until
   Ubuntu Hardy reached EOL.
   - added lighttpd support.
 * debian/ampache.templates:
   - added webserver types question for lighttpd support.
   - combined webserver configuration and webserver restart into one
   question (webserver_restart).
   - reworded webserver_restart to be more generic in scope.
 * debian/ampache.config:
   - remove webserver-configure bits, this question is no longer needed.
 * debian/amp-lighty.conf:
   - added to create the lighttpd alias.
 * debian/ampache.install:
   - added amp-lighty.conf to be installed into /etc/ampache.
 * debian/conf:
   - added the directory debian/conf and moved debian/ampache.conf and
   debian/lighttpd_ampache.conf into it.
 * debian/README.Debian:
   - updated outdated links. Made document 80 characters wide.
 * debian/rules:
   - added -Xnusoap to remove upstream copy of nusoap.
 * debian/links:
   - added nusoap sym links.

21. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2010-04-24

* made ampache.preinst check for /etc/apache2/conf.d/ampache and if present
  remove it and then regenerate symlink. (LP: #558697)
* corrected spacing issues in postinst, postrm.

20. By Chuck Short on 2010-04-07

debian/control: Suggest mysql-server-5.1.

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