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14. By Youhei SASAKI

[Youhei SASAKI]
* New upstream release: TeXLive 2011(2012/dev) with t1lib + e-pTeX patches
* Build with internal t1lib provided by TeXLive upstream sources
  - As t1lib is going to dissappear in Wheezy (Closes: #638764).
    There are no alternatives for CJKV DVI, and replacement to freetype 2 is
    still in progress.
  - I know, we should be avoided. libfreetype2 should be use instead.

13. By Youhei SASAKI

[Youhei SASAKI]
* New upstream release: TeXLive 2011(2012/dev) + apply e-pTeX patches
* Bump Standard-Version: 3.9.3
* Change debian/rules: use dh instead of CDBS
* Update, rename patches:
  - 0001-tl11supp-pxdvi-120120.patch: e-pTeX patch, modified for Debian
  - 0002-Fix-Werror-format-security.patch
  - 0003-Fix-manpage-error.patch
  - 0004-Fix-Freetype-Invalid-Outline.patch
* Drop obsolete patches:
  - 51_ld_as-needed.diff: use dh_autoreconf --as-needed
  - 10gcc.diff, 30common.mk, 40Makefile.in.diff, 50libtool-tag.diff:
    These patches obsolete because of upstream changes.

12. By Youhei SASAKI

[Youhei SASAKI]
* Add DM-Upload-Allowed: yes
* Bump Standard-Version: 3.9.2
* Update Depends: Font name changed.
  Thanks to Hideki Yamane (Closes: #642121, #642210)
* Fix FTBFS with ld --as--needed.
  Thanks to Matthias Klose (Closes: #641292, LP: #832899)
* Fix FTBFS: dpkg-buildflags
  Thanks to Hideki Yamane, Daniel T Chen (Closes: #644048)

11. By Youhei SASAKI

[Youhei SASAKI]
* Add me to Uploaders, thanks to Tsuchiya-san, Kohda-san.
* Bump Standard-version: 3.8.4
* Change source format: 3.0 (quilt)
* Fix invalid outline from freetype (Closes: #583874).
* Fix some lintian warnings:
  - Add copyright notice about original xdvik, localization patches
  - fix manpages error
* Fix description in update-vfontmap: remove defoma entry.

10. By Atsuhito KOHDA <email address hidden>

* NMU. Fix debian/xdvik-ja.prerm to close serious bug, so urgency is high.
  Thanks to Yamane-san <henrich AT debian.or.jp> for his help.
  (Closes: #574194)
* debian/xdvik-ja.preinst
  - call defoma-app to remove unnecessary defoma entry.

9. By Atsuhito KOHDA <email address hidden>

* NMU. In fact this is a co-operation with a maintainer and an uploader.
[TSUCHIYA Masatoshi]
* Removed defoma from depends and build-dep - closes: #458863
* Call libtool with `--tag=cc' option - closes: #511908
[Atsuhito Kohda]
* Fixed to work under TeXLive2009 (kpathsea5). (Closes: #527526, #560964)
* Changed sponsor and uploader.
* Fixed control, compat, rules and prerm files to erase lintian warnings.
 - added ${misc:Depends} and ttf-sazanami-mincho, ttf-vlgothic in control.
 - changed from 4 to 7 in compat file.
 - so replaced "dh_clean -k" with "dh_prep" in rules file.
 - removed prepended path in prerm.

8. By James Westby

Add debian/patches/50-libtool-tag.patch that adds --tag=cc option to
libtool call. Without this libtool can get tricked in to thinking it is
working with a different languange and do the wrong thing, in this case
failing to link.

7. By Masayuki Hatta

Removed libwww-dev build-dep - closes: #458863

6. By TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <email address hidden>

* New upstream release. - closes: #336783
* Remove libkpathsea4-dev from Build-Depends. - closes: #429679
* Workaround patches (debian/patches/60kpse_enc_file.diff,
  debian/patches/80wideprototype.diff) are removed.

5. By Barry deFreese

Remove build-dep for libkpathsea4-dev

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