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39. By intrigeri on 2014-06-02

* Non-maintainer upload.

[Martin Pitt]
* misc-utils/wipefs.c: In --all mode, wipe several times until no further
  signatures are found. This is required for file systems like VFAT which
  can be detected in multiple different ways. This is fixed properly in 2.21
  (see LP #1012081), but does not backport well, so use this local hack for
  now. (LP: #1046665, Closes: #695473)

38. By Wookey on 2014-03-28

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Add arm64/aarch64 support (closes: #689607)

37. By Helmut Grohne on 2014-01-25

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix m4 looping in configure.ac's _UTIL_CHECK_SYSCALL.
  m4_shiftn(2, sequence of two elements) infloops. (Closes: #724255)
* mount should not strip MS_REC for --make-r* options. (Closes: #731574)

36. By Michael Gilbert <email address hidden> on 2013-07-03

* Non-maintainer upload by the Security Team.
* Fix cve-2013-0157: mount discloses information about the existence of
  folders (closes: #697464)

35. By Roger Leigh on 2013-05-12

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Rebuild against new eglibc; no source changes. libblkid.a uses the
  symbol __secure_getenv which is no longer present (it provides
  secure_getenv). Closes: #707996

34. By David Prévot <email address hidden> on 2012-12-09

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Ship the /var/lib/libuuid/ directory in the package instead of creating it
  in postinst. Closes: #694898

33. By David Prévot <email address hidden> on 2012-09-09

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Drop the /etc/default/rcS update from postinst. (Closes: #676454)

[ Translation update ]
* French, David Prévot. Closes: #684225, #270584
* Vietnamese, Trần Ngọc Quân.
* Dutch, Benno Schulenberg.
* Polish, Michał Kułach. Closes: #685785

32. By Hilko Bengen on 2012-06-22

* Non-maintainer upload.
* agetty: don't use log_err() for non-fatal errors
* agetty: Eliminate another log_err() call. Closes: #675569
* Fix watch file

31. By LaMont Jones on 2012-05-17

[Petr Uzel]

* sfdisk: fix calculation due to type mismatch (ix86) Closes: #670127

[Eduard Bloch]

* Make sure we have non-null mount options. Closes: #632118

[Francesco Del Degan]

* tries to umount /proc when told to umount /some/dir/proc without an
  /etc/mtab entry. Closes: #634107

[Pino Toscano]

* Deliver {c,}fdisk-udeb on hurd. Closes: #672551

[Roger Leigh]

* Improve handling of the hardware clock
  - Remove redundant hwclockfirst.sh and hwclock.sh. The reason for
    this redundant script existing (/etc/localtime not being present
    until after /usr was mounted AFAICT) no longer exists. The
    hwclock script has been adjusted to run before checkroot.
    Closes: #660365
  - Migrate existing
    UTC= setting in /etc/default/rcS to UTC/LOCAL in /etc/adjtime.
    This removes needless duplication of the setting, and prevents the
    behaviour of hwclock being overridden, and its configuration
    overwritten every shutdown. Closes: #554345
  - The hwclock init scripts now use /etc/adjtime instead of the
    --utc and --localtime options (based on the UTC setting).
  - Add /etc/default/hwclock and hwclock(5) which permit
    configuration without editing the initscript, and also document
    all the undocumented variables used by the scripts.
    Closes: #481357, #659654
  - The udev hwclock-set script runs hwclock --tzset unconditionally
    in all cases (it's a no-op for UTC).
  - The user running "hwclock --systohc (--utc|--localtime)" is now
    handled correctly. The clock state is recorded in /etc/adjtime
    and correctly handled on system restart. This means the UTC
    setting in /etc/default/rcS doesn't create problems by requiring
    two separate changes (changing the UTC setting and running
    hwclock) to do the same thing.
  - Comment out the now-obsolete UTC= setting in /etc/default/rcS,
    with a reference to /etc/adjtime and hwclock(8).
  - systemd uses /etc/adjtime as for hwclock to store the hardware
    clock UTC/LOCAL configuration. This change means there's a
    single place to store the hardware clock configuration for all
    init systems.

30. By LaMont Jones on 2012-02-27

[Michał Kułach]

* Polish Debconf Translation. Closes: #658507

[LaMont Jones]

* fix lintian error
* Drop broken Pre-Depends: multiarch-support on udeb. Closes: #661562

[Roger Leigh]

* Support /etc/default/hwclock. Closes: #659654

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