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20. By Michael Biebl on 2010-06-19

* New upstream release.
  - Mount /proc and /sys on initialisation. Closes: #577710
  - Since version 0.6.5 upstart no longer includes a internal copy of libnih
    but instead depends on it being installed system wide.
  - Provide a separate function to reconnect to the D-Bus system bus which
    can be triggered by the SIGUSR1 signal as a config reload has the
    negative side effect of losing state.
* debian/control
  - Add Build-Depends on libnih-dev (>= 1.0.2), libnih-dbus-dev (>= 1.0.2)
    and nih-dbus-tool.
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4. No further changes.
  - Add ${misc:Depends}.
* debian/conf/dbus-reconnect.conf
  - Use SIGUSR1 to tell upstart to reconnect to the D-Bus system bus.
* debian/upstart.docs
  - Remove ChangeLog.nih which is no longer included in the source.
* debian/conf/tty*.conf
  - Run getty in 8-bit clean mode to better handle UTF-8 environments.
* Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt).
  - Drop Build-Depends on quilt.
  - Remove quilt.make include and patch/unpatch targets from debian/rules.
  - Add debian/source/format.
* Add SELinux support. Closes: #543420
  - Add debian/patches/01-selinux.patch to make upstart load the policy if
    SELinux is enabled. Patch by Russell Coker with some minor changes and
    build system integration.
  - Add debian/patches/99-autoreconf.patch.
  - Add Build-Depends on libselinux-dev.

19. By Michael Biebl on 2009-08-05

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/10-ptrace_include_cleanup.patch
  - Removed, merged upstream.

18. By Michael Biebl on 2009-04-09

* debian/control
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.1. No further changes.
  - Update Vcs-* fields. Package is now managed with Git on git.debian.org.
  - Bump Build-Depends on debhelper to (>= 7).
* debian/compat
  - Bump debhelper compat level to 7.
* debian/rules
  - Use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k.
  - Depend on $(QUILT_STAMPFN) instead of patch; patch is a phony target and
    thus always out of date.
  - Move $(QUILT_STAMPFN) dependency to config.status to avoid potential
    issues with parallel make.
* debian/upstart-compat-sysv.preinst
  - Remove obsolete conffiles also on (re)install.
* debian/patches/01-limits.patch
  - Include limits.h to fix build failures with current glibc.
    Patch taken from Ubuntu.
* debian/patches/02-telinit-u.patch
  - Implement "telinit u" by sending Upstart SIGTERM.
    Patch taken from Ubuntu.
* debian/patches/03-static-convenience-libs.patch
  - Build libnih and libupstart as static convenience libraries.
    Patch taken from Ubuntu.
* Use set -e instead of #!/bin/sh -e for all maintainer scripts.

17. By Michael Biebl on 2007-10-22

* New upstream release.
* debian/watch
  - Find the latest tarball by parsing the download.html page.
* debian/upstart-compat-sysv.preinst
  - Do not parse /var/lib/dpkg/status directly but use dpkg-query instead.
* debian/control
  - Use the new "Homepage:" field to specify the upstream URL.
  - Drop versioned Build-Depends on dpkg-dev as the version in etch is
    recent enough.
  - Use quilt instead of dpatch for the patch management. Update the
    Build-Depends accordingly.
* debian/rules
  - Do not ignore "make clean" errors.
  - Include quilt.make which provides the patch and unpatch target.
* debian/README.Debian
  - Update the FAQ with regard to boot message logging. Closes: #426598
  - Add some notes that initramfs generators other than initramfs-tools can
    cause problems. Closes: #410836

16. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-21

* Ensure that the same version of upstart is installed as the version of
  upstart-compat-sysv and upstart-logd; as the IPC protocol may change
  between releases.

* Adjust the rcS-sulogin job so that if sulogin exits the default runlevel
  is entered; but if the job is stopped (e.g. by shutdown) it isn't. The
  solves the regression introduced in the previous release.

* Revert upstream logd/"quiet" change in favour of doing it in our
  lsb logging functions instead; seems to work better (fsvo better).

15. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-20

* New upstream release:
  - logd now writes to the console unless "quiet" is specified
  - runaway jobs caught when they start rather than respawn. Ubuntu: #59807

* Fix failure to shutdown while in single-user mode, however this means
  that for edgy you can't exit the sulogin shell to enter the default
  runlevel; explicitly say what works. Ubuntu: #60626.
* Drop unnecessary dependency on util-linux.
* Drop sulogin hack, instead depend on the version of sysvutils that
  includes the real one. Ubuntu: #60965.

14. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-13

* New upstream release:
  - fix infinite loop caused by bad waitid() call. Ubuntu: #59459.
  - halt now behaves as "shutdown -h now". Ubuntu: #59720.

13. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-09

* New upstream release:
  - no longer spins when no stalled event handler. Ubuntu: #59170.
  - shutdown works when under sysvinit. Ubuntu: #58523;
  - shutdown -k implemented. Ubuntu: #58723.
  - telinit sends shutdown event for 0, 1 and 6. Ubuntu: #58913.
  - basic manual pages included. Ubuntu: #58724.

* upstart-compat-sysv Replaces: sysvinit. Ubuntu: #59427.
* upstart Recommends: upstart-compat-sysv, startup-tasks & system-services.

* New upstart-logd package includes the logd daemon that can will log
  output of jobs with "console logged" (the default) in their description
  to /var/log/boot.

* Add /etc/event.d/rc0 that is run on the "halt" event (neither -H or -P
  given), and modify rc0-halt to run on "system-halt" (-H given) and
  rc0-poweroff to run on "power-off" (-P given). Ubuntu: #59134.
* Fix the control-alt-delete job to run on the "ctrlaltdel" event so
  that it's triggered properly. Ubuntu: #59398.
* Fix single-user mode.

12. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-07

Remove the Essential tags again, they didn't solve the problem we
hoped they would (dpkg/apt still won't remove sysvinit without
serious persuasion) and I don't think these packages should be.

11. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-06

* Make packages Essential, and change Depends to Pre-Depends so that the
  packages work when unconfigured (nothing interesting is performed in
  postinst). Ubuntu: #59005.
* Sync priority in debian/control with that in the archive (required)
* Drop warning of dire consequences if you install upstart, seeing as it's
  installed by default.

* Add new startup-tasks and system-services packages which will contain
  the /etc/event.d files themselves (other than the main ones).
* Move tty definitions into system-services.
* Modify tty definitions to start when the rcS task has finished. This
  puts them in the "right" place when compared to gdm. Ubuntu: #58630.

* Correct rcS compatibility script to ignore any information in utmp so
  that all scripts are always run. Ubuntu: #59203.
* Make rcS the console owner while it runs, temporary fix for
  Ubuntu: #58609, #58794, #58796
* Include default control-alt-delete handler that reboots the machine.

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