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17. By Fabian Greffrath <email address hidden> on 2015-06-11

* Change Build-Dependency on the deprecated appdata-tools to appstream-util
  (Closes: #788205), thanks Andreas Henriksson.
* Fix crashes if XDG_MUSIC_DIR is unset (Closes: #750194),
  thanks Paul Slootman.
* Demote gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad from Depends to Recommends, it has Priority
* Demote gnome-codec-install to Suggests, as there aren't many more codecs
  left to install, and remove non-existent gstreamer-codec-install

16. By Fabian Greffrath <email address hidden> on 2015-05-19

* Upload to unstable.
* Change Uploaders field to my DD address.
* Bump debhelper compat to 9.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.

15. By Fabian Greffrath <email address hidden> on 2014-10-23

* Team upload.
* Imported Upstream version 1.4

14. By Fabian Greffrath <email address hidden> on 2014-07-07

* Team upload.
* Imported Upstream version 1.3
* Add Build-Depends: appdata-tools.

13. By Alessio Treglia on 2014-04-29

Depends on gir1.2-gudev-1.0. (Closes: #744107)

12. By Fabian Greffrath <email address hidden> on 2014-04-22

* Team upload.
* Imported Upstream version 1.1
  - Output filenames now embed sensible datestamps (Closes: #602944).
  - The Xvid codec is now at least called "MPEG-4 Video" instead of
    the ambigious "MPEG Video" (Closes: #707254).

11. By Alessio Treglia on 2014-04-09

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for setting language of stream
  - Added support for handling multiple audio streams
  - Added support for DVD ripping
  - Switched to new icon designed by Jakub Steiner
  - Added appdata for GNOME Software and similar
  - Add VP9 support
* Update copyright holders information.
* Move my name to Uploaders, set pkg-gstreamer-maintainers as
  Maintainer of this.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.

10. By Alessio Treglia on 2013-10-06

* Set priority to extra (as per Debian Policy 2.5).
* Create m4 directory if it doesn't exist before calling dh_autoreconf.
  (Closes: #713205)

9. By Alessio Treglia on 2012-11-03

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed critical bug for remuxing
  - Switched to Python 3
  - Improved handling of missing codecs
  - Switched to GTK3
  - Switched to GStreamer 1.0
  - Added notifications once file is finished
  - Re-enabled support for multipass encoding
* Switch to Python3.
* Workaround buildsystem issues related to Python3, it is not
  properly supported yet.
* debian/control:
  - Refresh build-dependencies:
    + Python2 -> Python3
    + GStreamer 0.10 -> GStreamer 1.0
    + GTK+ 2.0 -> GTK+ 3.0
    + Add gir1.2-notify-0.7
    + Add gstreamer1.0-libav
  - Remove suggest on gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg.

8. By Alessio Treglia on 2012-08-04

* New upstream release:
  - Fix MPEG4 profiles to work with new caps in GStreamer
  - Move preset directory to be Transmageddon specific (LP: #945987)
  - Stop using XDG python library and just use glib
  - Fix bug with repeated remuxings of same file
  - Added or updated Brazilian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish and
    Serbian translation
* Transmageddon actually requires python-gst0.10 (>= 0.10.22).
  Thanks to Martin Owens for having reported this.
* Fix watch file.
* Update debian/copyright.
* Bump Standards.

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