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26. By Norbert Preining on 2012-07-30

fix broken mf2pt1 info file that triggered broken info/dir file
under certain circumstances (Closes: #683201)

25. By Norbert Preining on 2012-06-11

new upstream checkout (TL2012 release)

24. By Norbert Preining on 2012-05-29

* new upstream checkout
* add transitional dummy texlive-latex3 package to upgrade to
  texlive-latex-recommended (Closes: #673797)
* don't ship STIX fonts, but link from fonts-stix and depend on it

23. By Norbert Preining on 2012-05-16

* new upstream snapshot based on TL2012 tlpretest
* switch to xz compression for orig and deb (Closes: #672428)

22. By Norbert Preining on 2012-04-25

* new upstream snapshot (Closes: #670336)
* texpower take over
  . ship the TL packages texpower and tpslifonts (formerly blacklisted)
  . provide a dummy transitional package texpower
  . add the necessary conflicts and depends
* fix wrong link in README.source (Closes: #671920)
* pdfjam take over (actually done already earlier)
  . ship the TL package pdfjam
  . provide a dummy transitional package pdfjam
  . add the necessary conflicts and depends

21. By Norbert Preining on 2012-04-24

* new upstream snapshot
  - includes updates ucs package (Closes: #635382)
* break against scalable-cyrfonts-tex as it ships fonts with the same
  names as in texlive-fonts-extra
* adjust links and blacklist for new libertine fonts location in TL

20. By Norbert Preining on 2012-03-23

* replace otf/ttf fonts with links to the files in the
  respective Debian package, depend on that package
* upload to unstable

[ Hilmar Preuße ]

List of fixed bugs in new TeX Live
* new version of pst-dbicons (Closes: #619615)
* flashcards does not fail with "Package geometry Error"
  (Closes: #501520)
* epstopdf --nogs writes to standard output (Closes: #568167)
* custom-bib made bibtex fail in specific cases (Closes: #580053)
* endless loop in font2afm when converting OTF files (Closes: #641460)
* revtex4-1 does handle multiple affiliations (Closes: #591927)
* footbib again compatible with LaTeX (Closes: #605960)
* ecv no longer clashes with ifpdf (Closes: #629448)
* new version of exam.cls (Closes: #639375)
* new version of Antykwa Półtawskiego font (Closes: #602437)
* new version of American Chemical Society (Closes: #632934)
* todo don't complain about bad space factor (Closes: #470141)
* Workaround added to pdfcrop for buggy ghostscript that
  print the BoundingBox data twice (Closes: #600684)

19. By Norbert Preining on 2010-09-07

add the forgotten epoch for musixtex dependency (Closes: #587746)

18. By Norbert Preining on 2010-07-01

make texlive-music *not* depend on musixlyr and musixtex-slurps
anymore, but tighten dep on new musixtex package that provides this
functionality (Closes: #587718)

17. By Norbert Preining on 2010-06-19

[ Norbert Preining ]
* install man page for pdfcrop (Closes: #574796)
* update epstopdf to latest version (--output fixes) (Closes: #573540)
* include revtex4 backward compatibility (Closes: #561836)

[ أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) ]
* Added fix-bashism patch to fix bashism in listings-ext.sh
  (Closes: #581138)

[ Hilmar Preusse ]
* [extra] add ghostscript to the list of recommends of
  texlive-font-utils (Closes: #584329)

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