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39. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Add xdg-utils to the recommends (Closes: #791375)
* Fix bulding with apt from experimental
* Fix missing _parentWindow setup in RGUserDialog::RGUserDialog(parent*)
* Set all dialog_*.ui to "visible=False" so that
  gtk_window_set_transient_for() works
* Set all window_*.ui top-level windows to "visible=False" s that
  gtk_window_set_transient_for() works

[ HumanG33k ]
* Upgrade deprecated gtk elements in:
  dialog_auth[...].ui, dialog_changelog.ui,
  dialog_change_version, dialog_columns.ui,
  dialog_conffile.ui, dialog_disc_label.ui,
  dialog_download_error.ui, dialog_example.ui,
  dialog_new_repositroy.ui, dialog_quit.ui,
  dialog_task_descr.ui, dialog_unmet.ui,
  dialog_update_failed.ui, dialog_update_outdated.ui,
  dialog_upgrade.ui, dialog_welcome.ui

38. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* gtk/gtkbuilder/window_setopt.ui, gtk/gtkbuilder/dialog_download_error.ui:
  - fix crash in internal dialog because gtk decided to not load the file
    when it encounters the previously valid property "has_separator"
    (closes: #774056)
* move code to git

[ Gianni Lerro ]
* Add to "Quick filter" text entry a button to clean it (Closes: #791749)

37. By Michael Vogt

[ Alex Henrie ]
* lp:~alexhenrie24/synaptic/synaptic:
   - fix expand in the properties window

[ Gabor Kelemen ]
* lp:~kelemeng/synaptic/bug1327956:
  - fix proxy auth config (LP: #1327956)

[ lp:~rohangarg/synaptic/bug1375786 ]
- use the synaptic-pkexec in kde as well (LP: #1375786)

36. By Michael Vogt

* po/fr.po:
  - string fix (closes: #743771), thanks to Ghent
* gtk/rgmainwindow.cc:
  - fix rendering corruption after quick filter search (closes: #747566)

35. By Michael Vogt

* do not crash when xapian search is triggered by view is not
  fully ready (closes: #741154)
* add iceweasel as fallback if xdg-open fails (closes: #742166)
* po/pl.po:
  - updated, thanks to Emil Nowak
* gtk/rgrepositorywin.cc:
  - do not crash when a sources.list entry is removed (closes: #720605)
* gtk/rgfiltermanager.cc:
  - do not change topmost filter when reopening filter settings
    (closes: #724709)
  - fix copy constructor to avoid incorrect reading of the
    and/or mode value (closes: #724709)
  - fix memory leak in filter copy/restore

34. By Michael Vogt

[ Jonathan Dowland ]
* Support parallel building.

[ Luke Drummond ]
* fix crash when no SUDO_USER is set (closes: #725885, #728714)

[ Hans Joachim Desserud ]
* lp:~hjd/synaptic/bug1242219:
  fix "Untranslatable '_Contents' string in help menu (LP: #1242219)

[ Rafaël Carré ]
* po/fr.po:
  - fix typo in "%d packages will be upgraded\n" string

[ Igor Pashev ]
* portability fixes for rindex/bzero/fcntl (closes: #734473)
  to make it build on "dyson"

[ Michael Vogt ]
* replace rindex() with strrchr() (thanks to Igor Pashev for the
* change refreshTable() code to avoid "jumping" around on the
  screen when a package gets marked

33. By Michael Vogt

* gtk/rgdebinstallprogress.cc:
  - add workaround for vte terminal not resizing to 80x24,
    thanks to Filipus Klutier (closes: #710030)
* gtk/rgterminstallprogress.cc:
  - force terminal size to 80x24 (closes: #710030)

32. By Michael Vogt

* gtk/rgmainwindow.cc, gtk/gtkbuilder/window_main.ui:
  - workaround "Gtk-WARNING **: GtkNotebook 0x998580 is mapped but visible
    child GtkLabel 0x9ac140 is not mapped" by setting "show_tabs=True" in
    the GtkBuilder file and then setting it in buildInterface() again
    (closes: #721539)
  - fix warning" Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_row_reference_new_proxy:
    assertion `path->depth > 0' failed" (closes: #721539)
* gtk/rgpreferenceswindow.{cc,h}:
  - make button colored in the preferencess window again, this broke
    because gtk3 and gtk_widget_override_background() does not work
    (see gtk bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=656461)

31. By Michael Vogt

* gtk/gtkbuilder/window_repositories.ui:
  - fix overly big combobox for repo type
* gtk/rgrepositorywin.cc:
  - fix display of repository sections (closes: #709351)
  - fix bug caused by no longer supported vendor id support

30. By Michael Vogt

fix default distribution combo box (closes: #707544)

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