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9. By Andreas Henriksson on 2014-09-06

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Make package build with default valac (Closes: #709703)
  - Add debian/patches/fix-ambiguous-reference.patch
  - Use valac build-dependency instead of valac-0.16
* Fix broken Homepage url
* Drop obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed control field.

8. By Maia Everett on 2012-06-30

* New upstream release.
  - Now uses vala 0.16. (Closes: #675666)
  - Fixes broken Dutch translation. (Closes: #677465)
  - Clicking the tray icon shows the application window. (Closes: #642669)
* debian/control:
  - Updated dependencies (Vala 0.16, GTK3, GLib 2.30, removed libunique).
* Dropped all patches, merged upstream.

7. By Maia Everett on 2012-05-07

* Integrate prepared patches by Michael Biebl <email address hidden>
  for vala 0.14 compatibility. (Closes: #663321)
  + debian/control:
    - Depend on valac-0.14.
  + debian/patches/vala_executable.patch:
    - Search for valac-0.14 as the executable.
  + debian/patches/vala-0.14.patch:
    - Fix compilation errors with valac-0.14.
* Add DEP-3 headers to patches.
* debian/control:
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes needed.

6. By Maia Everett on 2011-07-13

Remove libappindicator-dev | hello build-dependency; confuses Debian
buildds even though the second alternative exists. (Closes: #633696)

5. By Maia Everett on 2011-07-10

* First upload to Debian. (Closes: #624765)
* Add vala_executable.patch: Force using valac-0.12 even when another version
  of valac is installed in parallel.

4. By Maia Everett on 2011-05-22

New upstream release.

3. By Maia Everett on 2011-05-21

* debian/control:
  - Remove Vcs- headers.
  - Remove libnotify4-dev dependency, removed from Ubuntu.

2. By Maia Everett on 2011-05-08

Initial release. (LP: #779413)

1. By Maia Everett on 2011-05-08

Import upstream version 0.1.6

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