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27. By Andreas Beckmann on 2015-07-26

* QA upload.
* debian-mta.m4: Switch between the two spellings of
  'GroupReadable{a,}DefaultAuthInfoFile', the typo was only corrected
  in 8.15. (Closes: #792162)
* sendmail-bin: Tighten dependencies on sendmail-{base,cf}.

26. By Andreas Beckmann on 2015-07-10

* QA upload.
* Use a deterministic object directory for fully reproducible builds.
* update_mc: Insert masquerading options before mailer definitions.
  (Closes: #293017, #354055)
* debian-mta.m4: Fix typo 'GroupReadableaDefaultAuthInfoFile'.
  (Closes: #790968)
* sendmail-base: Add Depends: netbase for /etc/services.
* Drop Breaks+Replaces against package versions predating oldstable.

25. By Andreas Beckmann on 2015-07-01

* QA upload.
* Preserve changelog timezone for timestamps to make build reproducible in
  case of changing TZ.
* Fix another spelling-error-in-manpage discovered by lintian.
* Do not check for invoke-rc.d existence before calling it.
* sendmail-bin: Switch from suidregister to dpkg-statoverride.
* Add lintian overrides for command-with-path-in-maintainer-script, these
  are only checks for command availability.

24. By Andreas Beckmann on 2015-05-11

* QA upload.
* New upstream release.
* Remove sendmail-8.14.9.diff.
* manpage-section.patch: Refresh.
* Switch from tar-in-tar to regular source layout.
* Switch patch application from cdbs to dpkg source format 3.0 (quilt).
* d/patches: Convert old-style context diffs to unified diffs.
* Finally drop the last bits of cdbs usage.
* Perform more checks in /etc/cron.d/sendmail to skip running commands (and
  failing) if any of the sendmail-base, sendmail-bin packages have been
  removed. (LP: #1421329)
* Import "Sendmail Signing Key/2015 <email address hidden>" from
  ftp://ftp.sendmail.org/pub/sendmail/PGPKEYS into
* Use the changelog timestamp for @sm_date@ and @sm_time@ substitutions to
  make the build reproducible.
* fhs.patch: New. Move path adjustments in documentation from sed calls in
  d/rules to a proper patch.
* Upload to unstable.

23. By Andreas Beckmann on 2014-10-02

* QA upload.
* Move patches from debian/patches/8.14/8.14.4/ to debian/patches/.
* Rename the series file to series-quilt since the patches cannot be applied
  by dpkg-source but are applied by quilt after unpacking the tar-in-tar.
* Fix hyphenation errors in manpages.
* Remove the m4 step from d/control generation.
* Convert most of the build process from cdbs to dh. Only unpacking the
  tarball and applying the patches is still done with cdbs.
* Simplify d/rules.
* Convert d/copyright to DEP5 style.
* d/changelog.Debian.8.*: Restore Debian changelogs from sendmail 8.8, 8.9,
  8.12, 8.13 series.

22. By Andreas Beckmann on 2014-05-25

* Remove timestamp from bug-script. (Closes: #749177)
* libmilter.symbols: Mark shm-specific symbols as linux-any and add the
  !linux-any counterparts.

21. By Andreas Beckmann on 2014-05-24

* QA upload.
* Set maintainer to Debian QA Group. (See: #740070)
* Add systemd socket activation support for libmilter, thanks to Mikhail
  Gusarov. (Closes: #741257)
* Add _FFR_TLS_EC support, thanks to Fredrik Pettai. (Closes: #740792)
* Add support for OpenSSL options SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_1 and SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_2
  (backported from 8.14.8), thanks to David F. Skoll. (Closes: #747910)
* Apply manpage corrections from Ubuntu. (Closes: #747551)
* libmilter-assert.patch: Fix an incorrect assertion in libmilter,
  cherry-picked from sendmail 8.14.7. (LP: #1299571)
* close_on_exec.patch: Properly set the close-on-exec flag for file
  descriptors before executing mailers, cherry-picked from sendmail 8.14.9.
* libmilter: Convert into a 'Multi-Arch: same' package.
* libmilter: Add symbols control file.
* libmilter-dev: Move static libraries from /usr/lib/libmilter to /usr/lib.
* Remove outdated documentation and other cruft.
* Don't re-generate d/changelog during build.
* Abort build if debian/control got regenerated and differs.
* Create directories during 'd/rules install' instead of using .dirs.
* Patch sendmail build system to install libraries.
* Install files via debian/tmp and use dh_install/dh_installman.
* Update to Standards-Version: 3.9.5.
* Update Lintian overrides. (Closes: #553293)
* Import ftp://ftp.sendmail.org/pub/sendmail/PGPKEYS ($Revision: 8.46 $,
  $Date: 2014-01-18 00:20:24 $) into debian/upstream/signing-key.pgp.
* d/watch: Enable PGP signature checking.

20. By Andreas Beckmann on 2014-02-16

* Team upload.
* Switch from deprecated 'find -perm +xxx' to 'find -perm /xxx'.
  (Closes: #724772)
* Start sendmail after bind9 (or any other named) if it is installed.
  (Closes: #714184)
* Update watch file to ignore symbolic links in the ftp directory listing,
  thanks to Masatake YAMATO. (Closes: #615477)
* kFreeBSD: Enable HASURANDOMDEV, thanks to Brian M. Carlson.
  (Closes: #366087)
* Really fix FTBFS on HURD, thanks to Samuel Thibault. (Closes: #608525)
* Update logcheck patterns to match high precision timestamps, thanks to
  Ralf Döblitz (Closes: #638952)
* conf.c-ipv6.patch: Fix A-only MX CNAME interface binding issues when using
  IPv6, thanks to David F. Skoll. (Closes: #737164) (LP: #1223633)
* debian/*/Makefile.am: Recover from Makefile.in.
* debian/rules: refresh-debian-configure: Refresh all Makefile.in, too.
* debian/build/: Update automake helper scripts to automake 1.14.
* debian/configure.ac: Fix libdb-dev autodetection.
* Simplify managing the bug control files.
* Let dh_lintian install the overrides.
* Simplify managing generated control files by placing the templates
  directly in debian/.
* sendmail-base.postrm: Do not mess with conffiles and other shipped files
  during purge. (Closes: #736982)
* Switch to debhelper compat level 9.
* Use source format 3.0 (quilt).
* Fix some problems reported by lintian.
* Update Lintian overrides.

19. By Andreas Beckmann on 2013-09-13

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix infinite loop in update_db, thanks to Flo. (Closes: #717951)
* Do not ship duplicate sendmail.8 manpage. (Closes: #709895, #597781)
* Use [linux-any] instead of hardcoded list. (Closes: #634378)
* Fix FTBFS with ld --as-needed, thanks to Firas Kraiem.
  (Closes: #608011, #609606)
* sendmailconfig: Add missing quoting, thanks to Stuart Sheldon.
  (Closes: #692047)
* Raise MAXDAEMONS from 10 to 64, thanks to Kees Cook. (Closes: #720435)
* Enable all hardening flags, thanks to Simon Ruderich. (Closes: #687708)
* Fix FTBFS on HURD, thanks to Samuel Thibault. (Closes: #608525)
* Drop obsolete NEWS entries.
* Use canonical Vcs-* URLs.
* Fix duplicate and incorrect Section and Homepage settings.
* Add missing ${misc:Depends} and predepends.
* Update Lintian overrides.

18. By Jakub Safarik <email address hidden> on 2013-02-06

* New maintainer. (Closes: #699117)
* New patch: lock-mail-local (thanks to Tim Marston)
  - fix order of fcntl and dotlock in mail.local. (Closes: #684645)

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