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132. By Matthias Klose on 2015-10-10

* Update to 20151010, taken from the 2.7 release branch.
* Adjust setting DH_COMPAT for dh_movefiles with updated debhelper supporting
  globbing of arguments. Closes: #800301.
* pydoc: use the pager command if available. Closes: #799555.

131. By Matthias Klose on 2015-09-13

* Remove byte-code for _sysconfigdata_d.py in /usr/lib/python2.7.
  Closes: #793528.
* Make derivatives builds the same as the parent distro. Closes: #797667.

130. By Matthias Klose on 2015-07-01

* Revert issue #24134 changes, taken from the branch.
* Add hint to install the idle package when trying to run the turtle demo.
  Closes: #788621.

129. By Matthias Klose on 2015-06-01

* Cherry-pick some changes from the 2.7 branch:
  - Issue #24264: Fixed buffer overflow in the imageop module.
  - Issue #24115: Update uses of PyObject_IsTrue(), PyObject_Not(),
    PyObject_IsInstance(), PyObject_RichCompareBool() and _PyDict_Contains()
    to check for and handle errors correctly.
  - Issue #22095: Fixed HTTPConnection.set_tunnel with default port. The port
    value in the host header was set to "None".
  - Issue #4753, backport computed gotos.
* Configure --with-computed-gotos.
* Make the build reproducible (Jérémy Bobbio). Closes: #786978.
  - Pass time of latest debian/changelog entry to sphinx via SPHINXOPTS.
  - Do not store a timestamps when compressing devhelp.
* Pass DATE and TIME macros matching the current debian/changelog entry
  when building getbuildinfo.o.
* Don't run the test_io test on sparc.

128. By Matthias Klose on 2015-05-26

Python 2.7.10 release.

127. By Matthias Klose on 2015-05-10

* Python 2.7.10 release candidate 1.
* Re-enable running the tests, re-enable the pgo/lto build.

126. By Matthias Klose on 2015-05-06

* Update to 20150507, taken from the 2.7 release branch.
  - Issue #24134: assertRaises() and assertRaisesRegexp() checks are not
    longer successful if the callable is None.
  - Issues #24099, #24100, and #24101: Fix free-after-use bug in heapq's
    siftup and siftdown functions.
  - Backport collections.deque fixes from Python 3.5. Prevents reentrant
    badness during deletion by deferring the decref until the container has
    been restored to a consistent state.
  - Issue #24125: Saved error's line and column numbers when an error
    occured. Fixes python-docutils. Closes: #784270.
  - Issue #23842, SystemError in os.minor, os.major. Closes: #782081.

125. By Matthias Klose on 2015-04-29

Fix installation of the optimized interpreter. Closes: #766877.

124. By Matthias Klose on 2015-04-29

* Update to 20150429, taken from the 2.7 release branch.
  - Issue #23629: Fix the default __sizeof__ implementation for
    variable-sized objects.
  - Issue #21526: Tkinter now supports new boolean type in Tcl 8.5.
  - Issue #23838: linecache now clears the cache and returns an empty
    result on MemoryError.
  - Issue #23742: ntpath.expandvars() no longer loses unbalanced single
  - Issue #21802: The reader in BufferedRWPair now is closed even when
    closing writer failed in BufferedRWPair.close().
  - Issue #23671: string.Template now allows to specify the "self" parameter
    as keyword argument. string.Formatter now allows to specify the "self"
    and the "format_string" parameters as keyword arguments.
  - Issue #21560: An attempt to write a data of wrong type no longer cause
    GzipFile corruption.
  - Issue #23647: Increase imaplib's MAXLINE to accommodate modern mailbox
  - Issue #23539: If body is None, http.client.HTTPConnection.request now
    sets Content-Length to 0 for PUT, POST, and PATCH headers to avoid
    411 errors from some web servers.
  - Issue #23136: _strptime now uniformly handles all days in week 0,
    including Dec 30 of previous year.
  - Issue #23138: Fixed parsing cookies with absent keys or values in
  - Issue #23051: multiprocessing.Pool methods imap() and imap_unordered()
    now handle exceptions raised by an iterator.
  - Issue #22928: Disabled HTTP header injections in httplib.
  - Issue #23615: Module tarfile now can be reloaded with imp.reload().
  - Issue #23799: Added test.test_support.start_threads() for running and
    cleaning up multiple threads.
  - Issue #22390: test.regrtest now emits a warning if temporary files or
    directories are left after running a test.
  - Issue #23583: Added tests for standard IO streams in IDLE.
  - Issue #23583: Fixed writing unicode to standard output stream in IDLE.
  - Issue #22853: Fixed a deadlock when use multiprocessing.Queue at import
  - Issue #23476: In the ssl module, enable OpenSSL's
    X509_V_FLAG_TRUSTED_FIRST flag on certificate stores when it is available.
  - Issue #23576: Avoid stalling in SSL reads when EOF has been reached
    in the SSL layer but the underlying connection hasn't been closed.
  - Issue #23504: Added an __all__ to the types module.
  - Issue #23367: Fix possible overflows in the unicodedata module.
  - Issue #23055: Fixed a buffer overflow in PyUnicode_FromFormatV.
  - Issue #23048: Fix jumping out of an infinite while loop in the pdb.
  - Issue #23458: On POSIX, the file descriptor kept open by os.urandom() is
    now set to non inheritable.
  - Issue #22113: struct.pack_into() now supports new buffer protocol (in
    particular accepts writable memoryview).
  - Issues #814253, #9179: Warnings now are raised when group references and
    conditional group references are used in lookbehind assertions in regular
  - Issue #23215: Multibyte codecs with custom error handlers that ignores
    errors consumed too much memory and raised SystemError or MemoryError.
  - Issue #5700: io.FileIO() called flush() after closing the file.
    flush() was not called in close() if closefd=False.
  - Issue #21548: Fix pydoc.synopsis() and pydoc.apropos() on modules with
    empty docstrings.
  - Issue #22885: Fixed arbitrary code execution vulnerability in the dumbdbm
  - Issue #23481: Remove RC4 from the SSL module's default cipher list.
  - Issue #21849: Fixed xmlrpclib serialization of non-ASCII unicode strings
    in the multiprocessing module.
  - Issue #21840: Fixed expanding unicode variables of form $var in
    posixpath.expandvars(). Fixed all os.path implementations on
    unicode-disabled builds.
  - Issue #23363: Fix possible overflow in itertools.permutations.
  - Issue #23364: Fix possible overflow in itertools.product.
  - Issue #23365: Fixed possible integer overflow in
  - Issue #23366: Fixed possible integer overflow in itertools.combinations.
  - Issue #23191: fnmatch functions that use caching are now threadsafe.
  - Issue #18518: timeit now rejects statements which can't be compiled
    outside a function or a loop (e.g. "return" or "break").
  - Issue #19996: Make :mod:`httplib` ignore headers with no name rather than
    assuming the body has started.
  - Issue #20188: Support Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) in the
    ssl module.
  - Issue #23248: Update ssl error codes from latest OpenSSL git master.
  - Issue #23098: 64-bit dev_t is now supported in the os module.
  - Issue #23063: In the disutils' check command, fix parsing of reST with
    code or code-block directives.
  - Issue #21356: Make ssl.RAND_egd() optional to support LibreSSL. The
    availability of the function is checked during the compilation.
  - Backport the context argument to ftplib.FTP_TLS.
  - Issue #23111: Maximize compatibility in protocol versions of
  - Issue #23112: Fix SimpleHTTPServer to correctly carry the query string
    and fragment when it redirects to add a trailing slash.
  - Issue #22585: On OpenBSD 5.6 and newer, os.urandom() now calls
    getentropy(), instead of reading /dev/urandom, to get pseudo-random bytes.
  - Issue #23093: In the io, module allow more operations to work on detached
  - Issue #23071: Added missing names to codecs.__all__.
  - Issue #23016: A warning no longer produces an AttributeError when
    sys.stderr is None.
  - Issue #21032. Fixed socket leak if HTTPConnection.getresponse() fails.
    Original patch by Martin Panter.
  - Issue #22609: Constructors and update methods of mapping classes in the
    collections module now accept the self keyword argument.
  - Issue #23006: Improve the documentation and indexing of dict.__missing__.
    Add an entry in the language datamodel special methods section.
    Revise and index its discussion in the stdtypes mapping/dict section.
    Backport the code example from 3.4.
  - Issue #21514: The documentation of the json module now refers to new
    JSON RFC 7159 instead of obsoleted RFC 4627.
  - Issue #6639: Module-level turtle functions no longer raise TclError after
    closing the window.
  - Issue #22314: pydoc now works when the LINES environment variable is set.
  - Issue #18905: "pydoc -p 0" now outputs actually used port.
  - Issue #23345: Prevent test_ssl failures with large OpenSSL patch level
    values (like 0.9.8zc).
  - Issue #23392: Added tests for marshal C API that works with FILE*.
  - Issue #18982: Add tests for CLI of the calendar module.
  - Issue #19949: The test_xpickle test now tests compatibility with installed
    Python 2.7 and reports skipped tests.
  - Issue #11578: Backported test for the timeit module.
  - Issue #22943: bsddb tests are locale independend now.
  - Issue #20577: Configuration of the max line length for the FormatParagraph
    extension has been moved from the General tab of the Idle preferences
    dialog to the FormatParagraph tab of the Config Extensions dialog.
  - Issue #16893: Update Idle doc chapter to match current Idle and add new
  - Issue #23180: Rename IDLE "Windows" menu item to "Window".
  - Issue #15506: Use standard PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG autoconf macro in the
    configure script.
  - Issue #22079: PyType_Ready() now checks that statically allocated type has
    no dynamically allocated bases.
* Re-apply the fix for issue #22079. This is now a warning instead of an
  error. LP: #1426294.
* Fix issue #23842, SystemError in os.minor, os.major. LP: #1435242.
* When using GCC versions older than 4.9 for extension builds, automagically
  mangle -fstack-protector-strong to -fstack-protector.
* debian/tests: Use init system agnostic "service" command instead of
  upstart specific "stop". Also drop unnecessary "status" call right after
  stopping apport.
* Refresh patches.

123. By Matthias Klose on 2015-03-01

* python2.7-minimal: Make Pre-Depends mangling more robust. Closes: #779294.
* python2.7-doc: Depend on libjs-underscore. LP: #1424538.
* Remove LTO sections from the static libraries. Closes: #698395.

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