Created by James Westby on 2009-07-27 and last modified on 2015-09-24
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13. By James Cowgill on 2015-09-24

Add patch to fix FTBFS with Cython 0.23 (Closes: #799893).

12. By James Cowgill on 2015-06-30

* New upstream development version.
  - No released version of python-sfml builds properly with SFML 2.3
    at the moment.
* Use Files-Excluded instead of the get-orig-source target to exclude
  non-dfsg files. Re-add example resources which are dfsg but were

* debian/clean:
  - Only clean _api.h files (not the new hacks.h file).
* debian/control:
  - Bump required SFML version to 2.2.
* debian/rules:
  - Don't try to run unittests - upstream removed them.
* debian/watch:
  - Revert watch changes which were needed to handle the 1.5.1... version.

11. By James Cowgill on 2015-06-07

Add 05_Fix-documentation-errors-causing-build-failures-with.patch to fix
FTBFS with Sphinx 1.3 (Closes: #787855).

10. By James Cowgill on 2015-05-18

* debian/README.Debian
  - Add with information about removed non-dfsg files (see #732139).
* debian/control:
  - Bump standards version - no changes.
  - Use cgit Vcs-Browser URL.
* debian/copyright:
  - Update debian/copyright and readd Christoph Egger's copyright.
* debian/patches:
  - Add numbers to patch names.
  - Add patch to fix sf.Rectangle.intersects (LP: #1400906).
* debian/rules:
  - Fix arch-independent build failure.
* debian/watch:
  - Fix watch file to work with 1.5.1 version number.

9. By James Cowgill on 2013-12-09

* New upstream version 1.3 (from python-sfml.org)
  - This is a complete rewrite of the Python bindings for SFML2, and
    the new maintainer is using a different version numbering scheme.
* Added myself to the list of uploaders
* Change package priority from extra to optional
* Bumped standards version (to 3.9.5) and debhelper compat (to 9)
* Added Python 3 and documentation packages
* Improve package description for debug packages

8. By Christoph Egger on 2010-05-09

* Update for SFML 1.6
* Change my E-Mail Address
* Switch to source 3.0 (quilt)
* Bump debhelper compat from 6 to 7
* Bump standards Version from .3 to .4 (no changes)

7. By Christoph Egger on 2009-08-24

* New Upstream Version
* Bump standards Version to 3.8.3
* replace (C) by © in Copyright
* Take patch from Ubuntu to build with python 2.6
  * Needs minimum python Version for python.mk

6. By Jamie Strandboge on 2009-06-12

regenerate with LP orig.tar.gz

5. By Matthias Klose on 2009-03-22

No-change rebuild to fix lpia shared library dependencies.

4. By Alessio Treglia on 2009-03-14

* Python 2.6 transition:
  - debian/rules:
    + Include /usr/share/python/python.mk.
    + Use $(py_setup_install_args) macro to install all python stuffs

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