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21. By Barry Warsaw

[ Felix C. Stegerman ]
* d/patches/0006-bug-785787.patch: Allow pip 1.5.6 to handle the PEP 440
  "epoch" field. (Closes: #785787)

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* d/control:
  - Update Vcs-* header for conversion to git-dpm.
  - Add myself to Uploaders.
* d/watch: Update to pypi.debian.net redirector.
* wrap-and-sort

20. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* Use the .whl files for de-vendorized dependencies both inside and
  outside the virtual environments. (Closes: #744145)
* d/control: Bump Standards-Version with no other changes necessary.
* d/patches/use-venv-wheels.patch: Renamed to use-wheels.patch

19. By Scott Kitterman

* Team upload.
* Backport upstream fix to use non-predictable download directories
  - Fixes denial of service vector (CVE-2014-8991) (Closes: #725847)
  - Fixes retry failures (Closes: #769930)
* Add patch (reviewed by upstream, but not commited there yet) to prevent
  pip from removing system python packages (Closes: #771794)

18. By Stefano Rivera

* Team upload.
* Remove d/patches/format_egg_string.patch. This was worked around,
  upstream, in 1.0. And this patch now breaks pip uninstall in virtualenvs.
  (Closes: #751827)

17. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* d/patches/use-venv-wheels.patch: Use OSError and check errno
  instead of using FileNotFoundError, since the latter doesn't
  exist in Python 2.

16. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* New upstream release.
* d/control:
  - Update python-pip-whl dependencies.
  - Add python-docutils to Build-Depends.
  - Add python{,3}-wheel to Recommends in order to enable the `pip
    wheel` command. (Closes: #733286)
* d/patches
  - de-vendorize.patch: Refreshed.
  - use-venv-wheels.patch: Handle virtualenv created venvs.
  - better-error-message.patch: Added.
* d/pip.dependencies: Added. (Closes: #749692)
* d/python-pip-whl.install: Updated.
* d/README.debian: Added.
* Updates to the pip manpage. (Closes: #687938)
  - Rewrote using reStructuredText.
  - Fleshed out with more options.
  - Removed pip.1
  - Use pip-manpage.rst as the source for both pip and pip3 commands.

15. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* New upstream release.
* d/patches/de-vendorize.patch: Refreshed.
* d/patches/use-venv-wheels.patch:
  - When inside a virtual environment, prepend to sys.path any wheels found
    in <venv>/lib/python-wheels
  - Adjust setup.py's test_requires since python-virtualenv is enough to
    satisfy the requirement, but the tools aren't smart enough to know this.
* d/compat: Bump to version 8.
* d/control:
  - Add python-pip-whl binary package.
  - Add to Build-Depends: python{,3}-mock, python{,3}-test,
    python{,3}-scripttest, python-virtualenv, python3-wheel
  - Update other Build-Depends.
  - wrap-and-sort
* d/rules:
  - Build and install the pip universal wheel.
  - Use --build-system=pybuild.
  - Remove unnecessary files here instead of in d/*.pyremove.
* d/python-pip-whl.install: Added.
* d/python-pip.install: Removed.
* d/python-pip.pyremove: Removed.
* d/python3-pip.install: Removed.
* d/python3-pip.manpages: Updated.
* d/python3-pip.pyremove: Removed.

14. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* New upstream release.
* d/patches:
  - system-ca-certificates.patch: Removed. This is obsoleted by the
    vendorizing (and on Debian, de-vendorizing) of the requests library.
  - no-python-specific-scripts.patch: Removed. Upstream renamed pip-X.Y
    to pipX.Y but adopts our pipX name as well. I don't think it hurts
    to also have pipX.Y.
  - de-vendorize.patch: Added, in order to use Debian packages instead
    of vendorized packages.
* d/control:
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 with no other changes needed.
  - Update Depends for the vendorized packages.
* d/python{,3}-pip.pyremove: Remove pip/_vendor directory from binary

13. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* d/control:
  - Move ca-certificates from Recommends to Depends since
    certificate checks are now turned on by default. Without this,
    default usage of pip will just error with an informative message
    telling you to install ca-certificates anyway. (Closes: #722295)
  - wrap-and-sort
* d/python{,3}-pip.install: wrap-and-sort

12. By Barry Warsaw

* Team upload.
* New upstream release.
  - d/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.4 with no additional
    changes required.
  - d/patches/no-python-specific-scripts.patch: Refreshed.
  - d/patches/format_egg_string.patch: Refreshed.
  - d/patches/system-ca-certificates.patch: Refreshed.

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