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9. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-10-15

* d/control: Canonicalize the Vcs-* headers as per team standard.
* d/patches/bump-wheel-requirement-version.patch: Added.
* d/README.pex: Removed; upstream now includes the docs directory.
* d/python-pex-docs -> python-pex-doc.docs; fix the path.
* d/rules:
  - Added override_dh_installdocs to build the Sphinx documentation.
  - Added override_dh_auto_clean to remove the doc build directory.
* d/tests:
  - Rewrite the execution test so that it's compatible between both
    Ubuntu and Debian, negating the need for an Ubuntu delta. The extra
    required package is now conditionally installed depending on the
    dpkg-vendor. Also, by setting http_proxy and https_proxy to the
    discard port, we ensure that pex cannot install from PyPI (it must
    use system packages to resolve dependencies in the test).
  - d/t/execute.sh: Added.
  - d/t/control: Call execute.sh instead of using a Test-Command, and
    add the needs-root Restriction (for the conditional `apt-get
    install` in the script).

8. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-10-12

* New upstream release.
* d/control: Added python3-pkg-resources to pex Depends.

7. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-10-06

* d/control:
  - Rename python-pex-cli binary package to pex. This now replaces/breaks
    earlier versions of python-pex-cli. (Closes: #801246)
  - Reintroduce python-pex-cli binary package as a virtual package.
* d/rules:
  - Updated for binary package rename.
* d/python-pex-cli.manpages -> d/pex.manpages.
* d/tests/control:
  - Use Test-Command instead of a separate script.
  - Bump pex verbosity in the execution test.
  - Add "Restrictions: allow-stderr" for verbose execution test.
  - Add import tests for Python 2 and 3.
* d/tests/smoketest: Remove.

6. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-08-13

* New upstream release.
* d/patches/bump-setuptools-max-version.patch: Bump the maximum allowed
  setuptools version to coincide with what's in Debian, which allows the
  manpages to be built. (Closes: #792521)
* d/rules: Remove the overrides for upstream issue #51, which has been
  fixed released.

5. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-07-17

New upstream release.

4. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-06-02

* New upstream release.
* d/control, d/tests: Add a simple DEP-8 smoketest.
* d/copyright: Reorganize to make lintian happy.

3. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-03-25

* d/patches/handle-pkg_resources-devendorization.patch: Work around
  the Debian devendorization of pkg_resources, which wreaks havoc
  with the manipulations of sys that pex employs. (Closes: #781130)
* d/patches/modern-install-requires.patch: Allow for setuptools
  12.2, fixing the manpage build. (LP: #1435598)

2. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-02-19

Initial release. (Closes: #778708)

1. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-02-19

Import upstream version 0.8.6

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